Terms to Know When Talking to Your Wedding Stationer

Part I: Wedding Theme Terms

You have a vision for how you want your wedding invitations and day-of stationery to look, but you’re struggling to articulate your ideas using precisely the right words. At RSVP to me, there are no piles of books to sort through or pre-designed restrictions. Everything we design is custom-made and hand built to fit your wedding. To help you put into words what you see in your mind when you picture all the details that surround your big day, we’ve created a two-part blog series to define essential terms you should know when talking to your wedding stationer. Here in Part I, we’re breaking down wedding theme terms. In Part II, we’ll get specific with material names, paper styles, and adornment types.

Wedding Theme Terms Defined
Here are six common terms used to describe wedding themes. Your wedding stationer will need to know the theme you have in mind for your wedding so she can design wedding invitations that reflect and align with your overall style.

Rustic – A term used to describe all things countryside. Think barn weddings, fields of waving grass, and shades of green and tan with integrated natural, earthy elements like leaf patterns, twine, and burlap.


Vintage – This style typically refers to a bygone era. Picture what your grandmother may have worn on her wedding day. You can accomplish this theme through the use of pale colors, delicate lace, ivory satin, and delicate rhinestones.


Classic – Classic wedding themes are ideal for traditionalists. Classic weddings encompass everything that people typically envision today when they think about the wedding ceremony. A white gown, escort cards that are written in elegant scripts, off-white stationery, black bowties, bountiful bouquets of white roses, and sparkling champagne.


Modern – Modern weddings are sleek and polished. Think monochromatic colors, sheer, contoured gowns, non-traditional scripts, and minimal adornments.


Romantic – Romantic weddings are feminine, elegant, detailed, and show off the bride in all her beauty. Think pale pinks accented by blushes and peaches, hand-woven lace, glittering rhinestones, mermaid style wedding gowns, and a bridal party in flowing, light-as-air fabrics.


Shabby Chic – Perhaps the most intangible and challenging to define of all the terms, shabby chic is the theme of choice for eclectic coupes who want to be a little bit of everything. It encompasses a mix of modern and vintage in a way that offers balance and harmony. Think of traditional monograms juxtaposed with burlap, or scalloped edges paired with playful scripts.


Note: Your overall style may expertly combine multiple themes. For example, you may choose a wedding theme that is vintage chic, or classically romantic. Not sure what your look should be, or what design elements align with your couple-hood? Click here to view our gallery for inspiration. Then, give us a call, and we’ll help you not just define your style, but create wedding invitations and day-of stationery that will give your guests a sneak peek into what they can expect to see on your wedding day. Don’t forget to check back here next month for Part II in this series, where we define stationery material terms. Organza? Scalloped? Filigree? We’ve got all those baffling words defined!

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