Wedding Color Combination: Spotlight on PURPLE!

One of the first things brides must decide on when planning their weddings is a color scheme, usually one that fits with the season or time of year when she is getting married. What I’ve noticed after working in the “wedding business” for several years is that PURPLE is often a popular choice when choosing color combinations for a wedding! In fact, when sorting through and organizing my stacks and stacks (and stacks!) of leftover invitation paper recently, I came across SO many shades and variations of the color purple. This gorgeous color needed far more storage space than some others. So… you may be wondering what is so special about PURPLE?

What I think makes PURPLE such a perfect color for weddings is that it is so versatile, meaning you can pair it with just about ANY other color. Even if PURPLE is not your favorite color, put it next to your favorite color and you will have a great combination! Just browse Pinterest to see what I mean… check out how PURPLE can be used with all of these other colors to make a fabulous palate for your wedding! Click on any photo to see more ideas of how to use these awesome color combinations!

PurpleBlue PurpleTurquoise PinkPurple

PurpleGreen MintPurple PurpleB&W

Purple:Yellow purple-and-orange-wedding-colors

PurpleSilver GoldPurple

 Red&PurpleRedPurpleCake  PurpleGray

As you can see, PURPLE looks amazing with so many different colors and shades!!! You can’t go wrong with this color choice. No matter the month, season, or style of your wedding, purple is sure to work in some way. If you want to talk more about colors for your wedding invitations or wedding day stationery, hit me up! I LOVE this stuff! Here are some invitations we have designed using PURPLE! Maybe one will inspire you to use PURPLE in a new way for your own wedding or upcoming celebration!

alana_mark_invite amy_andrew_invite ashley_brian_invite cara_jacob_invite carly_dayn_invite jessica_scott_invite kaitlyn_stephen_invite karolyn_gavin_invite


Five Tips for Addressing & Mailing your Wedding Invitations

“How do I address my wedding invitations?” is a common question that nearly every engaged couple thinks about. Hiring a calligrapher is always an option, but may not be a possibility, especially when you’re on a budget. For those who are planning on writing out your invitation envelopes, today we’re sharing five tips to help you through the process.

Square pocket invitations embellished with a pretty purple ribbon

1. Traditionally, wedding invitations are placed in an inner and outer envelope, however this is becoming less common and is completely up to you. If you’re opting for only an outer envelope, it’s extremely important to include exactly whom you’re inviting to your wedding, as typically you would include the invitees names on the inner envelope.

*Married couples are written on one line: 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith

*Unmarried couples are written on separate lines
Mr. Paul Smith and
Ms. Katie Jones

*Family including those under the age of 18:
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith
Master Zachary and Miss Emily Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith
Zachary, Emily and Makayla Smith

Modern purple and yellow wedding invitations by ‘RSVP to me

2. Whether your wedding is formal or casual, it’s proper etiquette to spell out all words rather than abbreviating. For example, write out the word “Street’ rather than the abbreviated, “St.”.  

3. Include your return address on the envelopes back flap.

Elegant pocket invitations in a neutral color palette with pops of blush pink and lavender

4. Hand addressing can be very time consuming. Give yourself plenty of time, be patient, and don’t try to address all of your envelopes in one sitting.

5. Before you purchase your postage, bring a completed invitation to your local post office to have it weighed. This ensures that you will purchase the correct postage. You would hate to pay too much or worse, too little postage.

While it’s important to consider etiquette when addressing your wedding invitations, remember to do what’s best for you and your to-be. In the end, your special day should reflect your personalities and you should be 100% comfortable in all of the details along the way. Happy planning!

Five Things to Know Before Ordering your Wedding Invitations

If you’ve been invited to a wedding or special event, opening a beautifully addressed envelope to unveil a perfect invitation is an exciting part of the “wedding planning process”. As an invitee, you look forward to revealing the design, theme, and colors, as well as where the day’s events will take place. Invitations are one of the most important details of your wedding day as they not only set the tone for the event, but give your guests a glimpse of what to expect. Remember, this is your ONE and ONLY chance to make an everlasting first impression, so it’s important to make it count. To some couples, the thought of ordering invitations may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Before you rush into choosing a mediocre style, or even overlook the necessity of sending invitations that get your guests just as excited to celebrate, we’re sharing FIVE tips that will help alleviate the stress and headaches of the wedding invitation process.

Modern nautical/chevron wedding invitation

1. Define and decide on your wedding style: Do you vision an elegant formal affair or do you see your wedding being a casual celebration that’s more laid back? Search through wedding inspirations to get your creativity flowing. You may just start to see a pattern of a distinct style. Don’t forget to keep themes in mind (i.e. beach chic, seasonal, or art deco).

2. Start early: As soon as you choose a wedding date and book your wedding facility, you can begin the invitation design process. Start early by making appointments with potential invitation designers you’re interested in. This is the time to review their work, read testimonials from past clients, and ask questions! It’s important to give yourself enough time to research all options and choose the invitation designer that you feel most comfortable working with!

Custom monogram wedding invitation
3. Select your color palette: Choose shades that you want to carry throughout the wedding from the invitations to the bridesmaid dresses, flowers and decor. Knowing your color palette early will help keep all of your wedding details tied together in a sophisticated style. 
4. Budget: As with all vendors, be upfront (and realistic) with your allocated budget. It will help your invitation designer steer you in the right direction and explain all of your options (including printing methods, card stocks, and embellishments) to help you achieve the style you’re looking for that’s in your comfort zone.
Custom engagement invitation in mint green and gray

5. Understand wording etiquette: As we’ve said in part one of our wedding invitation wording etiquette series, verbiage has come a long way over the years! It’s important to keep in mind who is inviting (bride’s parents, bride & groom’s parents, or the couple), while understanding proper etiquette to keep both sides of the family happy. ‘RSVP to me‘ now offers an extensive wedding invitation word guide for all of our couples who need assistance in this area.
Keep these five tips in mind and your wedding invitation design process should be a breeze.                                    Now that we helped you prepare before you order your wedding invitations, be sure to visit our website at for more wedding invitation inspirations.

Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette: Part Three

Happy Monday! Over the last few weeks we’ve shared our expertise on wedding invitation and response card card wording. Today, we’re talking about reception cards. If you haven’t guessed it already, the reception enclosure card informs your guests where the party is going to take place, as well as time of events (i.e. cocktail hour and dinner). This is an important piece of your enclosure cards, especially if the ceremony will be held at another location. Have a little fun and put a twist on the traditional by playing with fonts, motifs, and various wording options.

Custom modern chandelier wedding invitations

225 ROUTE 202

225 ROUTE 202

Custom wedding invitations designed in navy and fucshia

Choosing your wedding invitations doesn’t have to be dreadful. Work with an experienced invitation designer for a fun and stress-free experience who can not only design and assemble your invitations, but can answer all questions and provide etiquette information. Don’t forget, ‘RSVP to me‘ offers an extensive invitation word guide for all of our couples who need assistance!