Say “Thank You” to your #Squad with These Bridal Party Gift Ideas

You chose your nearest and dearest to stand beside you on your big day. They celebrated with you, they cried with you, they fixed your train, and they helped to make sure your crazy cousin Jeremy from Hoboken didn’t start a conga line during your reception. They deserve a thank you gift (and a hug)! Here are 13 ideas for saying thank you to your bridal party.Bridesmaids gifts alex and ani

  1. A Memorable Piece of Jewelry. Your bridesmaids have likely invested a lot of time and money in your wedding. Say thank you with a tasteful piece of jewelry that is reminiscent of your wedding theme. (Photo Courtesy: Alex and Ani).
  1. Floral Candles. Choose a scent that will remind your bridesmaids of the flowers they carried down the aisle. 
  1. Bubbly Champagne and Classic Stemware. After you have stamped your passport for your honeymoon, leave your bridesmaids celebrating with bottles of Chardon champagne and engraved champagne flutes.
  1. bridesmaids gifts mani pediMani-Pedis Gift Certificates. Your bridesmaids have spent months making sure you look perfect on your big day. Let them treat themselves to a manicure, pedicure or both! (Photo Courtesy: ISTOCKPHOTO/THINKSTOCK).
  1. A Beautiful Handbag. Help your girls to carry a reminder of your wedding with them every day with a tasteful handbag.
  1. An Elegant Robe. Let your bridesmaids relax and indulge with a signature bathrobe. Whether you chose comfortable cotton or monogrammed silk, a tasteful robe will show them how much you appreciate all of their hard work!
  1. bridesmaids gifts cookies new JerseyA Memorable Framed Photo. Give the gift of memory with a framed photo of you and each of your bridesmaids.
  1. Sweet Treats. Encourage your bridal party to indulge in fabulous, decadent treats, like these colorful macaroons of the month from from Dana’s Bakery.
  1. Comfy Sleepwear. Your team worked hard getting you to your big day. Encourage them to relax with a signature sleepwear set. Choose colors that reflect your wedding theme.
  1. A Beauty Box Subscription. Give the gift that keeps giving. Subscribe your bridesmaids to a monthly beauty box subscription from Ipsy, Boxycharm, or Yuzen.
  1. Romantic Perfumes. The perfect scent can help set the perfect mood, relax, calm, rejuvenate, or strengthen. Pick the perfect scent for each girl based on what makes her unique.
  1. Do Not Disturb RSVP to meA Lavender Sachet for Beautiful Dreams. Encourage you bridesmaids to dream relaxing dreams with a lavender-scented sachet. We love Peaceful Dreamzzz from Do Not Disturb.


  1. Monogrammed flasks for your groomsmen. We didn’t forget the men! An engraved flask will leave your new husband’s groomsmen with a classy reminder of your wedding and your friendship.

Custom Thank You Notes New JerseyWhatever gifts you choose, remember to include a hand written thank you note. Remind each bridal party member why it was important for you to have them beside you during your wedding, and how special they are to you, now and always.


Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. How to Pick the Wedding Colors Best Suited for You.

When we think of weddings, we think of white. White dress, white flower petals, and white tablecloths. While white is traditional, classic, and a beautiful reflection of true love and purity, weddings, like life, should be experienced in color. If you’re feeling the pressure to have a traditional white wedding, but deep down you are craving color, then answer the call of the color wheel.

In an article written for Bridal Guide, celebrity wedding planner (andCustom wedding invitations one of our favorites to work with!) David Tutera (@DavidTutera) explains “Color is actually an extension of you, as a bride, and the hues you choose will affect everything — from the ink and paper choices of your invitations to your bridesmaids’ dresses to your bouquets and floral centerpieces to your tablecloths, your specialty cocktails and even your favors.” We couldn’t agree more (especially about the invites!). One of the first conversations we have with brides is about their wedding color themes. Our goal is to reflect the nuances of a bride’s color pallet in her custom invitations. To help you choose the colors that will reflect the essence of your wedding, keep the following tips in mind:

Consider the Atmosphere of your Venue

Hosting a beach wedding on the Jersey Shore? Consider shades of ocean blue, sea foam green, pewter gray, and sunny yellow. Planning a rustic barn wedding? Think natural wood beige, mint green, and sunflower yellow. Going vintage at the elegant Ramsey Country Club? Think champagne, blush, rose, and sage green. Your colors should fit the setting. If a location speaks to you, draw inspiration from the surrounding colors.

Think Seasonally

There is a reason why we are drawn to dark colors in the winter and light colors in the summer. Dark colors make us feel safe, enveloped, and warm. Light colors feel breezy, effervescent, and light. For your winter wedding, consider the comfort of deep burgundy, navy, and eggplant. For your spring wedding, consider a pallet that promises new life and the reawakening of nature, like clover green, robin’s egg blue, and daffodil yellow. If you’re getting married in the summer, keep your guests feeling cool in taupe, sky blue, and lilac. If your big day is planned for the autumn, choose colors that feel like they are still holding on to the last remnants of summer heat. Choose bunt orange, coffee brown, and royal blue.

Remember the Dress

pink wedding dress choose your wedding colors New Jersey
Photo Credit:

According to premiere celebrity wedding planner Yifat Oren, it’s okay to break from traditional white wedding rules when it comes to your wedding dress too. In an interview with Los Angeles Racked, Oren states: “Gone are the days where you have to stick to basic white, cream or ivory for your wedding wear. Choose a color that more suits your personality. Blush, coral or a soft peach gown breaks the traditional white-dress-only mold and offers a great start to a more unique day.” Get inspired by this pink wedding dress by Isaac Mizrahi featured on (photo credit:

Draw inspiration from celebrities.

Celebrities are often on the cutting edge of the latest trends. They are style visionaries, rule-breakers, and fashion muses. Find inspiration in their wedding color schemes. We adored the color pallet chosen by Dancing With the Stars Pro Lindsay Arnold Cusick (@lindsayarnold). When we designed her wedding invitations, we used blush pink, champagne, and ivory. (Photo Credit: Anna Hurt Photography)

Lindsay Cusick Wedding
Photo Credit: Jessica Janae Photography


Lindsay Cusick Wedding RSVP to me
Photo Credit: Anna Hurt Photography

For those who want to follow what’s trendy, there are two colors of the year for 2016 – a first ! Imagine yourself walking down the aisle surrounded by rose quartz and serenity.


For more wedding color inspiration, check out the Perfect Pallette. Pick one color swatch you feel drawn to, and the site will provide you with a photo gallery of inspiring wedding imagery that reflects your chosen color.

Whatever you choose, make sure your color pallet resonates with you. When you see your wedding color theme reflected in your invitations, flowers, and place settings, it should feel as perfectly you as the man standing beside you.

Happy 10 Years To Us!!!!!!

The saying “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun” certainly holds true as we are ecstatic and sit in awe as we celebrate our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Firstly we want to thank each and every one of our clients. With your vision, patience and trust in us, you allowed us to be a part of each and every wedding, baby shower, holiday and all of your special milestones. To honor this very special year we will be holding “top ten” throughout the entire year of 2016 with special giveaways, offers and even a celebration, so be sure to stay tuned and continue to follow us on Facebook.

Now how did it all start…

‘RSVP to me’ was created around the time of my own wedding, in August of 2006. I began a search for invitations that would absolutely “WOW” my guests. I was looking for something non-traditional, yet elegant; unusual, but not “over-the-top”. after a long, unsuccessful search, I decided to experiment with various papers, prints and embellishments – trying to fashion what I would have liked to have found, but couldn’t. After many days of hard work and trial and error, I created not only my own invitations, but also my save-the-dates, programs, escort and favor cards, and even thank you cards!

At my wedding, I received so many unbelievable compliments on my invitations and stationery. It was great to hear that my friends and family loved my work. Then it occurred to me – wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could create great invitations and stationery for my family and friends? as I took on a few small orders, my budding venture expanded. By word of mouth the orders grew and my venture rapidly evolved into ‘RSVP to me’, a small but thriving business.


Years later, and as a result of my continued success, I’ve established a “new look” for ‘RSVP to me’…which brings forth a contemporary and sophisticated style for wedding and special occasion invitations, while keeping up with styles and trends.

Wedding Color Combination: Spotlight on PURPLE!

One of the first things brides must decide on when planning their weddings is a color scheme, usually one that fits with the season or time of year when she is getting married. What I’ve noticed after working in the “wedding business” for several years is that PURPLE is often a popular choice when choosing color combinations for a wedding! In fact, when sorting through and organizing my stacks and stacks (and stacks!) of leftover invitation paper recently, I came across SO many shades and variations of the color purple. This gorgeous color needed far more storage space than some others. So… you may be wondering what is so special about PURPLE?

What I think makes PURPLE such a perfect color for weddings is that it is so versatile, meaning you can pair it with just about ANY other color. Even if PURPLE is not your favorite color, put it next to your favorite color and you will have a great combination! Just browse Pinterest to see what I mean… check out how PURPLE can be used with all of these other colors to make a fabulous palate for your wedding! Click on any photo to see more ideas of how to use these awesome color combinations!

PurpleBlue PurpleTurquoise PinkPurple

PurpleGreen MintPurple PurpleB&W

Purple:Yellow purple-and-orange-wedding-colors

PurpleSilver GoldPurple

 Red&PurpleRedPurpleCake  PurpleGray

As you can see, PURPLE looks amazing with so many different colors and shades!!! You can’t go wrong with this color choice. No matter the month, season, or style of your wedding, purple is sure to work in some way. If you want to talk more about colors for your wedding invitations or wedding day stationery, hit me up! I LOVE this stuff! Here are some invitations we have designed using PURPLE! Maybe one will inspire you to use PURPLE in a new way for your own wedding or upcoming celebration!

alana_mark_invite amy_andrew_invite ashley_brian_invite cara_jacob_invite carly_dayn_invite jessica_scott_invite kaitlyn_stephen_invite karolyn_gavin_invite

Something Sweet to Welcome their Long-Awaited Sweetheart!

I was honored when Emily, of Emily Photography, asked for my help as she was planning a “Welcome Home” party for their recently adopted daughter, Lyla. I was beyond happy for this amazing family! I just have to share a glimpse into their story…

I met Emily back in 2013 at a wedding that we were both working and we hit it off right away! I learned a bit about her that evening … how she had two adorable and spunky boys at home, but a piece of her heart was overseas. Emily and her husband were in the process of adopting Lyla from Africa. They knew it would be a long and difficult journey, but had no idea of the emotional roller coaster that was in store for them over the next 2 years.

Emily and I stayed in touch, and every time I saw or spoke with her, I hoped for good news on the adoption front! I was excited with her when gains were made, and when Emily went to meet and visit with Lyla for the first time. But, I shed tears on her behalf when I heard of delays and the roadblocks they faced in trying to bring their daughter home. I stood in awe of Emily and her family as they worked through each hardship and sacrificed so much of their time, energy, and resources to do whatever they could to bring this sweet girl home to her forever family.

That’s why, over TWO YEARS later, I was SO THRILLED to learn that Lyla was finally HOME! This was certainly something to CELEBRATE!

So a princess-themed celebration was planned! Emily chose some of her favorite colors, pink and gold, and asked for my help with glittery invitations and a table full of gorgeous goodies for the party! I had so much fun with this custom invitation design, and choosing sweet treats for all of the guests to take home as favors. I loved seeing pictures from this event, especially Lyla’s incredible SMILE! She is where she belongs and you can see it all over her face!

All photos by Emily Photography of course!

EW3_0177 EW3_0171EW3_0295a EW3_0327

EW3_0210 EW3_0175




EW3_0188 EW3_0192

EW3_0180 EW3_0418a

I am over-the-moon excited for this special family, especially Emily, whose heart is whole again! (And is NOW bursting with love and joy as they look forward to welcoming another baby boy into their family very soon!) I LOVED working with them for this special event, and I look forward to watching their family grow in numbers and LOVE for one another.

Puzzle Perfect Invitations

The greatest part of using a professional service to create and print your invitations is that when it comes to ideas and customization, the sky is the limit. If you can think of it…we can deliver your dreams.

Thinking outside the box (or envelope) makes your invitation that much more special and gives it that WOW factor to all of your guests. Recently we were given the opportunity to collaborate with a vendor that we have always worked with very closely with. We had so much fun designing and coming up with our creation, we just had to share/brag!

Proving invitations can be both elegant and fun at the same time, we made invitations that were puzzles. Yes, you read correctly. Each invitation was a small puzzle and when properly put together revealed all the information of the party. Double matted with our new summer paper added a special and unique touch because obviously we couldn’t send out just a single layer card, lol. The individual pieces were broken up and placed in a see-through envelope and sealed with the latest craze (washi tape).

Can you think of a more exciting way to invite a guest to your event??  Yeah, neither could we. We think this is absolutely perfect for a kids birthday invitation or a fun Save the Date. This was a very special 13 year birthday party but of course the mom had to embarrass her new teenager with a cake smash picture from her first birthday party (yes that part was a surprise to even the birthday girl, lol).
We are always looking for ways to push the envelope (ok, seriously we’ll stop now with the puns) and this is one of our favorites so far! Some imagination, our love for our work and your next special event are the perfect ingredients, so contact us and let’s cook something up together.

For us…Fall Is Right Around The Corner

As we are full steam into our summer season events, we never stop thinking ahead! To us, that means Fall’s events are right around the corner!!!!

We love fall and all it’s natural colors of the season. With all the yellows, burnt oranges, reds, browns, greens available, it truly makes all your special stationery needs pop!

We have already begun ordering and designing for our fall season and we cannot wait to start pushing out our orders for the upcoming Fall season!!

As Calvin Harris sings in his song, “Summer”… You meet in the summer…but you fall in love when the leaves turn brown!

Not just with fall but when designing your wedding invitations and/or day of stationery, you may want to incorporate your colors and a motif for a cohesive look. Let us at RSVP to me help create and design YOUR perfect invitation that is both classic, sophisticated and personalized.

Scooooooby Dooooby Dooo Candy Buffet

Our guests were relieved of all their Mystery guessing skills once they got the invites for the celebration.  The invite was riddled with clues that they were in for one Scooby-riffic party! The tag on the outside of the envelope was the custom dog-tag with our guest of honor’s initials.
The card on the inside was accented with Scooby’s fur pattern along with “Scooby-riffic” to ensure all the guests knew they were attending a one-of-kind Scooby Doo Extravaganza! LIKE ZOINKS!!!

We did it again, another fabulous “mini” dessert table!  We tried to get as much on the table as possible…we would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling kids and mangy mutt! A special THANK YOU to our friends over at Anna Hurt Photography for capturing these amazing photos and to Sweet & Flour Confections for these yummy treats.

Keeping with the Scooby theme, we had a tower of cookies designed like Scooby’s fur and cookies designed like Scooby’s dog-tag, but of course customized for our special birthday boy!!
It wouldn’t be Scooby Doo without ghosts, right?  Well, we put some spooky flair to Rice Krispie pops and had them as ghoulie ghosts in typical “sheet ghosts” fashion.

What way to top of the treats other than a bag of Scooby snacks?? It was a must-have!  It completed our look and was a huge hit with the kids.

Like ZOINKS!!! We can’t leave Scooby’s bearded best friend off the table!  We snuck in some sugar cookies with Shaggy’s famous saying.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with this table. The smiles and cheers as the kids saw the goodies made all the planning and hard work worth it.
I hope as you read this, you find yourself both drooling over the yummy treats, and reminiscing about your favorite childhood mystery solvers!!

“Tee Hee Hee Heeeeee”
                    -Scooby Doo

Phtographer: Anna Hurt Photography  
Goodies: Sweet & Flour Confections

Kristen and James | Real Wedding

When Kristen and Jamie asked us to do their wedding invitations, wedding day stationery AND candy buffet for their special day, we were ecstatic! What a fun and charming couple…we knew right away that our soon-to-be newlyweds were full of elegance and shouted out sophistication! That, to us, is a great combination and recipe for greatness.

Kristen and Jamie chose neutral colors, coordinated ever so elegantly with gold glitter and a fun kaleidoscope pattern for the invitation – a perfect introduction to what would be an elegant and sophisticated fall wedding. The wedding day stationery followed suit and kept in perfect taste as they were so beautifully displayed for the guests. The table name cards displayed “wedding oriented” Hawaiian words with the English translation – a fun touch that was significant to Kristen and Jamie as a couple.

Gold glitter tented escort cards with kaleidoscope embellishment
Photo by Emily Photography

Kaleidoscope patterned tented table name card, with gold glitter accent
Kaleidoscope patterned card sign with gold glitter accent
Next came the delicious part….the candy buffet!! From mouth-watering salt water taffy, to the delectable chocolate covered pretzels, this table left nothing to the imagination!  The custom tags matched the invitations and wedding day stationery, and the gorgeous “pop” of orange, pulled together a candy buffet with plenty to feed the child in everyone!

With all the decorations on the table complimenting the color scheme chosen by the happy couple, it turned out to be an eye-stopper in the celebration. As the water cooler is in the office, the buffet table turned into the “hang out” of the reception as guests couldn’t help but indulge in all it’s wonderfulness.

Kristen and Jamie’s stationery, candy buffet and overall decor set forward a perfect example of how simple elegance, sophistication and a flair for “fun” all comes together to help create one happy wedding day! We wish you both a life full of love, laughter and bliss, xo

Glassware, Tags and Candy…Oh My!

So you’re thinking of having a gorgeous candy buffet at your next event? What a great idea! Oh??? What’s that? You’re thinking of doing it yourself to save money? Great!!! 

It’s fairly simple really…all you need is a table, some jars, candy and labels, right? Sadly, NO!

Agreeably, it’s an amazing idea, brings happiness to all your guests and brings the kid out of every adult attending. This is by far not the place to try to DIY to save money.  Between tables, decorations, glassware, supplies, tags/labels and of course the candy, with so much involved, it is not only time consuming, but gets extremely costly. Leave this one to the pros. Companies that offer such services are able to supply these items for far cheaper than you can on your own. We already have the tables, glassware and decorations in stock; therefore will be cheaper to use then buying your own. Since us “sweet” companies do this all the time, things like the professional tags/labels that will all be color coordinated and the candy which will be obtained with wholesale prices will come at a fraction of the cost.

With the day of the event finally here, I’m sure you will have all the free time possible to set up the table properly, paying attention to every tiny detail to ensure the professional look you undoubtedly saw in a magazine or online….oh, no?? You don’t have that free time?? Your candy buffet vendor has nothing else to do that day but to cater to all your candor needs. 

So don’t skimp out when it comes to bringing out the inner child in your guests, give them that thrilled feeling they have been missing for years!

Visit our “SWEET” website at and contact us CONTACT US if you are planning a special sweet treat for your event and don’t want the D.I.Y. hassle.

Here’s some “EYE CANDY” for you in the meantime….