Every Special Event In Your Life deserves to shine

Every milestone in your life should be celebrated with unique style.

These milestones are cause for celebration and custom invitations give you the opportunity to really let your personality shine through. No matter if you are throwing a 50th birthday party for your loved one ,or planning your daughter’s Sweet 16 party, personalized custom invitations are a great way to create those lasting memories.

As a custom invitation designer, I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of different clients for a wide range of special milestones in their life. I wanted to share with you some of these occasions that needed that special touch. After all, there are many times in our lives when simple and pre-designed invitations will simply not do.

Make it Sweet and Unique
No question about it, planning your daughter’s sweet 15th or 16th party can be a challenging, yet fun task. What a great way to take your daughter’s vibrant personality and sense of style and create a custom invitation that she will simply love. Remember being that age and one thing that you always wanted to do was impress your friends, right? Will those invitations that you grab off the shelf leave her friends with that WOW factor? She has been counting the days to this milestone. Why not let her start her celebration a little early with personalized and one of kind invitations.
Milestone Birthday’s deserve a special touch
Who knew that turning 50 could be so stylish and fun?
 Custom invitations are a great way to showcase your unique personality and also a great way to take the sting out of aging. No one wants to get older, but it is life and it happens, so why not embrace it and throw a spectacular party with invitations designed to  match your personality. 
Go ahead and make that milestone birthday one that no one will soon forget. Custom invitations also become a keepsake and allow one to look back on the memories for many years to come. 

Bar/Bat Mitzvah done with personalization

Custom designed invitations are a great way to ensure that all your friends and family members will RSVP to your child’s coming of age celebration. Match your invitations to decor of the place where you will be holding this celebration. Being able to add your own touch can make this joyous occasion feel even more special. If you want to WOW your guest before the actual event, choose to have custom invitations done.

Announce your special event your own way

What better way to announce an important and exciting change in your life than with personalized and custom announcements and invitations. Expecting a new baby? Buying a new house? Recently got engaged? Planning a bridal shower for your best friend? All of these are special occasions in our lives that we want to share with everyone we know. Sure, you could go to the corner store and grab some boring and stale invitations but where is the excitement in that? You have waited so long for these magical events to happen, so know it is time to spread the word of your good news in style!

At RSVP to me, We work one on one with each client to ensure that every detail of your special event is covered. The ability to choose your own color schemes, your own paper, your own sense of style and design are a sure fire way to add that personal touch to your special event. After all, every milestone in your life should be celebrated with unique style.

* All photos courtesy of Anna Hurt Photography

Why Choose Custom Designed Wedding Invitations and Stationery for your Special Day?

Your wedding day is one of the most magical and special days of your life. You hope that your wedding will leave a lasting impression on your friends and family members. There is no doubt about it, you will spend hours and hours planning and preparing your wedding in order to make your dreams become a reality. From the countless wedding gowns you try on, to the numerous entertainment options you consider…you want every detail of your wedding to be unique. THIS is often one of the biggest reasons why people choose to have custom wedding invitations designed for their special day. After all, shouldn’t your wedding invitations be as unique and special as you are?
Custom wedding invitations set the stage and tone for your wedding. If you think about it, a custom wedding invitation not only allows your guests a sneak peek into how memorable your wedding will be, but it also gives your guests a special glimpse into how personal and stylized your wedding will be.

There are many reasons to choose custom invitations for your wedding day, but let’s just a look at some of the top ones…


  • ONE OF A KIND – You have dreamed of this day since you were a little girl. Are you dreaming of a tropical themed wedding? A glamorous and extravagant wedding? Casual yet romantic wedding? No matter what style or theme you envision for your wedding, a custom designed wedding invitation and stationery are sure fire ways to capture your uniqueness. There is no reason to spend countless hours going through premade templates and books of invitations that just don’t quite pull together your vision, when you can have your very own custom designed wedding invitations.

  • PERSONALIZATION – Custom wedding invitations allow you the chance to take your ideas, your personality and visions and have them shine on paper. This high level of personal service allows your unique style to shine through in every detail of your wedding. Your wedding invitations set the mood and the tone for your special day and no bride should ever have to settle for invitations that have been used before, or will be used again.

  • YOUR OWN COLOR SCHEMES – You have finally decided on the colors for your upcoming nuptials. From matching the flowers to the dresses to the doilies and everything else in between, have you thought about matching your invitations as well? Custom designed invitations allow you to use your own color schemes for all your wedding invitations and wedding stationery. No need to settle for boring white invitations when the rest of your wedding is filled with colors. By choosing to have your wedding invitations custom designed, you get the assurance that the right color pallettes and patterns are used. So be bold, be creative and rest assured that whatever theme or colors you choose for your wedding, there will be custom designed wedding invitations to match.

  • CREATE LASTING MEMORIES – One way to ensure that your guests will never forget your wedding day is to provide them with memories that last a lifetime. Why not start with one of kind wedding invitations that will leave your guests breathless? Custom wedding invitations will be a wedding keepsake that friends and family will reflect on for years to come.
At ‘RSVP to me’, we work with you on every detail to ensure that your wedding invitations and stationery are a perfect for you and your special day. We understand that your wedding invitations set the stage for the upcoming event and due to this fact, we aim to ‘WOW’ the guests even before they step foot in the event. So ask yourself this question when it comes to wedding invitations, why settle for stale when you can have style? 


‘RSVP to me’ launches new "COUTURE" line of silk & box invitations!

ALLENDALE, NJ (January 2012) — Your guests will certainly RSVP ‘yes!’ to our “couture” line of silk & box invitations! These unique “gifts” they receive in the mail will set the tone for your magnificent event. This new line of invitations is just as customizable as our otherlines – you can choose from a wide variety of silk colors & textures, and box papers & patterns to create FABULOUS invitations that will really “wow” your guests!
SILK invitations are offered in several different sizes and styles – padded boxes, gate folios, panel folios just to name a few. Add gorgeous satin ribbon and “bling” for that extra special wow-factor! Inside panels or pockets add the extra space needed to display response, reception cards, and other informational cards – such as directions, accommodations, wedding weekend itineraries, etc.
BOX invitations are also offered in many different sizes, and come in over fifty colors & patterns! You can mix and match the lids to the base, and use coordinated crinkle-cut filling or a platform insert to enhance the invitation. You can even add pockets to the inside lid to neatly display all of your invitation extras.
The options are ENDLESS!!
To create your stunning “COUTURE” silk or box invitation, contact us today! Visit http://www.rsvp-to-me.com or call 201.825.RSVP (7787).
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(photos by Anna Hurt Photography)
(designs for box invitations by Kelly Samm Adams & Cassie Garcia)