Finding The Perfect Wedding Invitations

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding invitations and stationery, many brides-to-be find it a daunting task. There are many important choices to make, after all…this is the guests’ first insight into the wedding. All brides want to make a great first impression, and beautiful invitations are the perfect way to do so.

The first choice you must make is whether you want unique invitations or you want to choose from a book or template with a design that has already been used, and will be used again, countless times. The answer, I think, is pretty obvious. Custom invitations can be specifically designed to reflect your style and theme, and these invites will be designed just for you. No one else will have the same invitations – they will be as unique as you are. So once you choose to go custom over generic, how do you make sure you get the perfect invitations? Below you will find 5 simple steps that can help you to ensure that you get nothing but the best when it comes to your wedding invitations and wedding day stationery.

1. Research – Spend some time doing your homework on custom wedding invite designers in your area. Feel free to ask your friends and family for recommendations, or simply do an internet search. When you do find a few in your area take the time to look at their samples, review their process, and read the reviews of past customers. Meet with the designer in person and make sure you and the designer actually click. Does the designer understand what you need and want? Is the designer easy to work with? Of course you want the designer to have the skills and talent but you also want to make sure that you mesh well. Take your time when choosing a designer and go with your gut on this one. Set realistic time lines with your designer.

2. Choose the right style – Are you a ‘traditional’ bride? Or are you a more ‘modern/contemporary’ bride with trendy ideas? Maybe you don’t actually KNOW which type you are? Your invitation designer should be able to show you a variety of previous samples, in various styles, that can help put you on the right path. Traditional invitations are usually done in beautiful scripts, centered layout, and possibly a simple motif or monogram on top. If you prefer invitations with clean lines, creative colors, possibly all lowercase text and more on the artistic side – you may like more of the modern style invitations. Spend some time going over the different samples and see what fits for you and your wedding. This is your special day, make it all you want it be. This is the beauty of going with custom designed invitations – the sky really is the limit.

3. Choosing from custom options – When you have your initial consultation, you will be presented with many unique options. First you will choose what TYPE of invitation you would like (i.e. flat card, pocket fold, a ‘Couture’ silk box invitation, etc.). Next, you will be able to choose the types and colors of paper you would like for the invitations. Then you can choose from custom embellishments (i.e. ribbon, rhinestones, etc.). And finally, the ideas for fonts and design are discussed. After all these steps are completed, you end up with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind invitation – unique to only you!

4. Budget – Plan your budget ahead of time. Set a realistic budget, and discuss it with your designer on first meeting. Be upfront with your designer and expect the same from them.

5. Consider additional wedding day stationery – When choosing your wedding invites try and think about the big picture of all your wedding day stationery needs. Do you want all your wedding day stationery to be of the same style as your invitations? Wedding day stationery includes menus, programs, escort cards, table numbers, favors, etc. Also, think about thank you cards that are also cohesive with your whole stationery look. Talk with your designer and let them know the plans of the big picture and consider designing wedding day stationery on that initial consultations as well. You can always place the order for the wedding day stationery closer to the wedding, but at least you will have an idea of style and budget all at once.

Having your wedding day invites done by a custom designer should be a fun and exciting experience. Of course, there may be moments when it is stressful but if you have a designer that understands those wedding day stresses, you will be able to rest assured that your wedding day invites will be perfect. Be unique, be creative and choose to go custom for all your wedding day invitation and stationery.


Timing is everything when it comes to sending out your wedding invites

There is no question about it…planning a wedding is a very exciting, but stressful experience. With so many different things to do – from finding the perfect location for the nuptials to purchasing your beautiful dress, and everything in between – wedding planning can often drive one a little crazy.

As a custom wedding invitation and wedding day stationery designer, I often get asked about the proper time line to send out wedding stationery. While everyone is a little different and some things will depend on how much time is allotted for planning…let’s take a look at a typical timeline to help you with your wedding planning process.

Save-the-Date: When to send

A save-the-date card is a great way to start the wedding process. These cards ask your friends and family members to reserve the day for your upcoming wedding. Generally speaking, I advise brides to send these reminders approximately 8-12 months prior to the wedding day. However, do keep in mind that if you are planning your wedding during peak times (such as summer, holidays, or valentine’s day) more notice may be needed. It will also depend on how large your wedding will be and if you have friends and family members who have to travel a great distance to attend your wedding.

Save-the-dates should be sent to all people who you wish to attend your wedding. It is also a good idea to include hotel accommodations information with your save-the-date for “destination” weddings, or weddings during “peak” times in your specific venue location (i.e. the Jersey Shore, during the summer) – this will allow your guests to book their rooms way in advance, and not lose out on the special rates offered, as well as the “preferred” hotels.

Custom save-the-dates take up to 4-6 weeks to create from scratch, so be sure to time your order accordingly. Click here to see some of our previous creations for save-the-dates.

The Official Wedding Invitation

I always advise brides to send wedding invitations 2 months (8 weeks) prior to the date of the wedding. You do not want to send them to early as people may forget about it and you also do not want to send them to late as people already may have prior engagements. Two months prior is a perfect time to send them out, giving your guests plenty of time to respond – especially if you’ve already sent out save-the-dates.

By adding the special and elegant touch of having custom wedding invitations designed, you will be setting the style and tone of your wedding. Give your guests a sneak peek as well as get them excited to attend your special day.

Custom invitations can take up to 6-8 weeks to create from scratch, so again…plan accordingly.  Click here to see some of our previous creations for wedding invitations.

Thank you Cards

Don’t forget to include your thank you card as part of your wedding day stationery. Most timelines will say to send out thank you cards one month after your wedding; however, being in the wedding industry – I know that is almost unreasonable!  Figure you will be on your honeymoon 1-2 weeks after the wedding…and if you want to include a wedding photo in the thank you, those are certainly not ready in one month! I think a more feasible timeline is anywhere from 2-4 months after the wedding.  Sending a beautiful custom thank you card, with a handwritten note will surely make your guests feel special!

Hopefully this timeline helps alleviate some of the wedding planning stress. After all, timely planning will help ensure that your wedding day is everything you dreamed about.

Every Special Event In Your Life deserves to shine

Every milestone in your life should be celebrated with unique style.

These milestones are cause for celebration and custom invitations give you the opportunity to really let your personality shine through. No matter if you are throwing a 50th birthday party for your loved one ,or planning your daughter’s Sweet 16 party, personalized custom invitations are a great way to create those lasting memories.

As a custom invitation designer, I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of different clients for a wide range of special milestones in their life. I wanted to share with you some of these occasions that needed that special touch. After all, there are many times in our lives when simple and pre-designed invitations will simply not do.

Make it Sweet and Unique
No question about it, planning your daughter’s sweet 15th or 16th party can be a challenging, yet fun task. What a great way to take your daughter’s vibrant personality and sense of style and create a custom invitation that she will simply love. Remember being that age and one thing that you always wanted to do was impress your friends, right? Will those invitations that you grab off the shelf leave her friends with that WOW factor? She has been counting the days to this milestone. Why not let her start her celebration a little early with personalized and one of kind invitations.
Milestone Birthday’s deserve a special touch
Who knew that turning 50 could be so stylish and fun?
 Custom invitations are a great way to showcase your unique personality and also a great way to take the sting out of aging. No one wants to get older, but it is life and it happens, so why not embrace it and throw a spectacular party with invitations designed to  match your personality. 
Go ahead and make that milestone birthday one that no one will soon forget. Custom invitations also become a keepsake and allow one to look back on the memories for many years to come. 

Bar/Bat Mitzvah done with personalization

Custom designed invitations are a great way to ensure that all your friends and family members will RSVP to your child’s coming of age celebration. Match your invitations to decor of the place where you will be holding this celebration. Being able to add your own touch can make this joyous occasion feel even more special. If you want to WOW your guest before the actual event, choose to have custom invitations done.

Announce your special event your own way

What better way to announce an important and exciting change in your life than with personalized and custom announcements and invitations. Expecting a new baby? Buying a new house? Recently got engaged? Planning a bridal shower for your best friend? All of these are special occasions in our lives that we want to share with everyone we know. Sure, you could go to the corner store and grab some boring and stale invitations but where is the excitement in that? You have waited so long for these magical events to happen, so know it is time to spread the word of your good news in style!

At RSVP to me, We work one on one with each client to ensure that every detail of your special event is covered. The ability to choose your own color schemes, your own paper, your own sense of style and design are a sure fire way to add that personal touch to your special event. After all, every milestone in your life should be celebrated with unique style.

* All photos courtesy of Anna Hurt Photography

‘RSVP to me’ launches new "COUTURE" line of silk & box invitations!

ALLENDALE, NJ (January 2012) — Your guests will certainly RSVP ‘yes!’ to our “couture” line of silk & box invitations! These unique “gifts” they receive in the mail will set the tone for your magnificent event. This new line of invitations is just as customizable as our otherlines – you can choose from a wide variety of silk colors & textures, and box papers & patterns to create FABULOUS invitations that will really “wow” your guests!
SILK invitations are offered in several different sizes and styles – padded boxes, gate folios, panel folios just to name a few. Add gorgeous satin ribbon and “bling” for that extra special wow-factor! Inside panels or pockets add the extra space needed to display response, reception cards, and other informational cards – such as directions, accommodations, wedding weekend itineraries, etc.
BOX invitations are also offered in many different sizes, and come in over fifty colors & patterns! You can mix and match the lids to the base, and use coordinated crinkle-cut filling or a platform insert to enhance the invitation. You can even add pockets to the inside lid to neatly display all of your invitation extras.
The options are ENDLESS!!
To create your stunning “COUTURE” silk or box invitation, contact us today! Visit or call 201.825.RSVP (7787).
(all rights reserved – all invitation designed copyrighted – 2011-2012)
(photos by Anna Hurt Photography)
(designs for box invitations by Kelly Samm Adams & Cassie Garcia)