Introducing… JEN

‘RSVP to me’ is SO excited and happy to announce our new addition, Jen – another custom invitation designer.  We love having Jen work with us and here’s a little bit about her….
Q: What attracted you to the custom invitations design world and ‘RSVP to me’?
a: While working full time as a graphic designer in the advertising industry, there was a part of me that felt that all of my creative energy wasn’t being utilized the way I wanted it to be. I started designing logos and greeting cards in my spare time and fell in love with design all over again. I felt my true abilities as a designer shined the most when I was doing this. I realized there were so many other outlets for my creative skills. I started designing baby announcements, birthday invitations, and wedding invitations for friends. I loved how each design had its own personality and was so personal to the person I was designing for. At times, I had free range to design with hardly any limits. So fun to let the imagination run wild with colors, fonts and layouts.
Q: When did you realize your creativity for design?
a: My friends were all playing on softball and soccer teams when I was young. I, on the other hand, was taking art classes at Rockland Center for the Arts. Everything from japanese painting to pottery classes. In school, I was always taking art classes too, and was even chosen to paint a mural on a wall in my Junior High School. I think from that moment on was when I realized I found something that I really loved to do.
Q. What are the 3 most invaluable tools or skills you have to have when creating custom stationery for ‘RSVP to me’?
a. Knowing how to place alot of copy on an invitation without making the invitation feel crowded. The beauty should come across in the colors/fonts/and layout. You should just see the invitation as a complete design. Designing custom invitations is something very personal and special and this is something to think about when designing too. I always look at my designs before presenting to a client and ask myself if these are options I’d have a hard time choosing between. 
Q. What is your inspiration when designing custom stationery?
a. The internet is an amazing tool. When I am looking for inspiration, I am all about google searches. Design sites are great for font inspiration, color combinations and creative layouts. I also have many books on design that I love going through.
Q. I believes quotes are incredibly inspiring. Which is your favorite quotes, famous or not, that has inspired you at one time or a noter to create your designs.
a. “A good design can feel like something you have always been waiting for without knowing”

“Create something people want to share”

Q. What is/are your favorite font(s) right now?
a. Depends what I am designing for, but some that stand out are: Century Gothic, Raleway, Avant Garde, Will & Grace, Carolyna Pro Black, Bickham (love the ampersand)
Here are a couple of the FABULOUS proofs Jen has worked up for ‘RSVP to me’:

Keep an eye out for some more beautiful designs by Jen!!