What to Do if You Have a Blowout With Your Bridesmaid Before Your Wedding

As a bride, you’ll need to consider many factors when choosing your wedding party. Often, women select their best friends, siblings, cousins, and women who have played a critical role in their lives at different points in life. They may be roommates from college, childhood friends, or current colleagues. If your bridal party includes your best friends and family, then nothing could go wrong, right? What happens if something comes between you and one of your besties in the months, weeks, or days before your wedding, and you end up having a total blow out? Don’t stress. Emotions are high during life’s transition moments, even for friends and family. Remember that the women in your bridal party love you and you can repair most misunderstandings. Here is what to do if you find yourself at odds with a member of your girl squad before your wedding.

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Your Go-To Wedding Table Setting Checklist

Real talk confession: When you’re seated at a formal dinner table, can you remember which fork to use first, and which water glass is yours? We get it. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options at a formal table setting, just like the feeling of understanding every single piece of cutlery, stationery, gifts, and favors that you will need to include on your wedding reception tables. To help you and your stationer account for every necessary element, we’ve compiled the following go-to checklist.

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