Sweet by RSVP to Me: Edible Party Favors!

“Don’t forget your favor!” We’ve all attended and/or hosted celebrations where favors are given out at the end as a small way of saying thanks for coming! If you could choose what the favor would be at the end of your next party, what would it be?

I bet you didn’t say one of these: candle, matches, coasters, key chain, mini picture frame, hand soap, seeds, bookmark, playing cards, mug, shot glass, letter opener, or trinket box. Instead, I bet you’d chose something that you can EAT! Who doesn’t love a tasty treat?

This is why candy buffets are becoming popular for all kinds of celebrations! A candy buffet is a gorgeous display of candy that is personally designed to complement the theme and/or colors of your event. Guests fill up bags with goodies to eat on the spot or take home with them!

Take a peek into two candy buffets that we have set up recently… the first was for a First Communion celebration.IMG_4511a  IMG_4518a IMG_4521a IMG_4525a IMG_4526a IMG_4534a IMG_4539a

And this one for a special Bat Mitzvah celebration!

IMG_4457aIMG_4447a IMG_4451a  IMG_4461a IMG_4464a IMG_4474a IMG_4484a IMG_4487a IMG_4488a

No matter what the occasion, a candy buffet is an awesome option! Consider contacting us for your next event, whether it be a wedding, bridal/baby shower, bar/bat mitzvah, birthday, anniversary, graduation, holiday, first communion, sweet sixteen/quinceanera, welcome home, or bon voyage celebration. We would love to design and assemble a candy buffet that is just right for your special event!


Something Sweet to Welcome their Long-Awaited Sweetheart!

I was honored when Emily, of Emily Photography, asked for my help as she was planning a “Welcome Home” party for their recently adopted daughter, Lyla. I was beyond happy for this amazing family! I just have to share a glimpse into their story…

I met Emily back in 2013 at a wedding that we were both working and we hit it off right away! I learned a bit about her that evening … how she had two adorable and spunky boys at home, but a piece of her heart was overseas. Emily and her husband were in the process of adopting Lyla from Africa. They knew it would be a long and difficult journey, but had no idea of the emotional roller coaster that was in store for them over the next 2 years.

Emily and I stayed in touch, and every time I saw or spoke with her, I hoped for good news on the adoption front! I was excited with her when gains were made, and when Emily went to meet and visit with Lyla for the first time. But, I shed tears on her behalf when I heard of delays and the roadblocks they faced in trying to bring their daughter home. I stood in awe of Emily and her family as they worked through each hardship and sacrificed so much of their time, energy, and resources to do whatever they could to bring this sweet girl home to her forever family.

That’s why, over TWO YEARS later, I was SO THRILLED to learn that Lyla was finally HOME! This was certainly something to CELEBRATE!

So a princess-themed celebration was planned! Emily chose some of her favorite colors, pink and gold, and asked for my help with glittery invitations and a table full of gorgeous goodies for the party! I had so much fun with this custom invitation design, and choosing sweet treats for all of the guests to take home as favors. I loved seeing pictures from this event, especially Lyla’s incredible SMILE! She is where she belongs and you can see it all over her face!

All photos by Emily Photography of course!

EW3_0177 EW3_0171EW3_0295a EW3_0327

EW3_0210 EW3_0175




EW3_0188 EW3_0192

EW3_0180 EW3_0418a

I am over-the-moon excited for this special family, especially Emily, whose heart is whole again! (And is NOW bursting with love and joy as they look forward to welcoming another baby boy into their family very soon!) I LOVED working with them for this special event, and I look forward to watching their family grow in numbers and LOVE for one another.

Every Special Event In Your Life deserves to shine

Every milestone in your life should be celebrated with unique style.

These milestones are cause for celebration and custom invitations give you the opportunity to really let your personality shine through. No matter if you are throwing a 50th birthday party for your loved one ,or planning your daughter’s Sweet 16 party, personalized custom invitations are a great way to create those lasting memories.

As a custom invitation designer, I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of different clients for a wide range of special milestones in their life. I wanted to share with you some of these occasions that needed that special touch. After all, there are many times in our lives when simple and pre-designed invitations will simply not do.

Make it Sweet and Unique
No question about it, planning your daughter’s sweet 15th or 16th party can be a challenging, yet fun task. What a great way to take your daughter’s vibrant personality and sense of style and create a custom invitation that she will simply love. Remember being that age and one thing that you always wanted to do was impress your friends, right? Will those invitations that you grab off the shelf leave her friends with that WOW factor? She has been counting the days to this milestone. Why not let her start her celebration a little early with personalized and one of kind invitations.
Milestone Birthday’s deserve a special touch
Who knew that turning 50 could be so stylish and fun?
 Custom invitations are a great way to showcase your unique personality and also a great way to take the sting out of aging. No one wants to get older, but it is life and it happens, so why not embrace it and throw a spectacular party with invitations designed to  match your personality. 
Go ahead and make that milestone birthday one that no one will soon forget. Custom invitations also become a keepsake and allow one to look back on the memories for many years to come. 

Bar/Bat Mitzvah done with personalization

Custom designed invitations are a great way to ensure that all your friends and family members will RSVP to your child’s coming of age celebration. Match your invitations to decor of the place where you will be holding this celebration. Being able to add your own touch can make this joyous occasion feel even more special. If you want to WOW your guest before the actual event, choose to have custom invitations done.

Announce your special event your own way

What better way to announce an important and exciting change in your life than with personalized and custom announcements and invitations. Expecting a new baby? Buying a new house? Recently got engaged? Planning a bridal shower for your best friend? All of these are special occasions in our lives that we want to share with everyone we know. Sure, you could go to the corner store and grab some boring and stale invitations but where is the excitement in that? You have waited so long for these magical events to happen, so know it is time to spread the word of your good news in style!

At RSVP to me, We work one on one with each client to ensure that every detail of your special event is covered. The ability to choose your own color schemes, your own paper, your own sense of style and design are a sure fire way to add that personal touch to your special event. After all, every milestone in your life should be celebrated with unique style.

* All photos courtesy of Anna Hurt Photography

A sweet response to ‘Sweet’

I am so happy with the response I’m getting to the new ‘sweet’ candy buffet business. In the few short weeks it’s been around, I’ve had some MAJOR venues interested in contracting my services.

A few weeks ago, I displayed a full candy buffet table at the Celebrate Party Showcase in Tarrytown, NY. Elise and Flora put on a great show, thanks!! There was enough candy for 200 people – and I brought along some custom decorated chocolates too! The response was overwhelmingly positive. People literally stopped in their tracks to take a look (and a taste) of the blue and green themed candy. I brought along 200 special chocolate favors to hand out to the guests of the show. They were completely gone in two hours. Unfortunately, the show lasted for five hours and I had to fight off the crowd the rest of the time to keep my display intact. Went through 150 brochures also….I’ll bring more next time.

At the end of the show, I handed out the custom chocolates that I brought for the display. They were a HUGE hit. Of course, I had to eat some too…the brownie pops are the best!!! There also were chocolate covered oreos, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate lollipops and chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick (my husband’s favorite). I met some great people at the show, including some venues that are interested in ‘Sweet’.

I’ve got the new brochure up on the web. It tells you all about ‘Sweet’. Click HERE to see it.

The website is under construction, but it should be up and running soon. The web address is www.rsvp-to-me.com/sweet.htm .