How to Look Like a Model in Photos


You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, and you come across a latergram from your bestie’s wedding the weekend before. You and the rest of the bridal party are standing in a row, your floor-length, rose-colored chiffon bridesmaids’ gowns just grazing your pink painted toes. Every bridesmaid looks effortlessly gorgeous, with glossy ringlets of hair just barely blowing in the breeze, and peony-pink lips smiling to reveal perfect white teeth.

Then there’s you.

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It’s Thanksgiving, So We’re Looking Back at the Origins of RSVP to me

In honor of Thanksgiving, we’re taking a minute to look back on everything we’ve done in the last 11 (WOW) years at RSVP to me. Really, what better time to reflect on our own origin story than on a holiday that launched some of America’s first traditions?

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