Custom vs. NOT… How to know the difference

cus·tom : [kuhs-tuhm] – adjective 1. made especially for individual customers; 2. made-to-order goods

The word ‘custom’ gets carelessly thrown around much too often when it comes to invitations.

I’m not here to discuss my thoughts on other invitation/stationery vendors and how they chose to provide their work, but I want to make a CLEAR distinction between “custom” invitations vs. those REFERRED to as “custom” by a vendor with nothing but books!

It always bugs me when I hear some say that their work is custom as I see them displaying nothing but invitation sample books or sample invitations that came from a book. “custom” does not mean picking out of a book, and simply putting YOUR information on it – that’s just “personalization”. If you look at the definition listed above, each word describes EXACTLY what “custom” means.

  • “MADE” – yes, made BY hand – created, designed, assembled by a PERSON, NOT a machine!
  • “ESPECIALLY” – for YOU! – you will NEVER pick someone else’s invitation and they will never pick YOURS!
  • “FOR INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMERS” – starting from scratch, putting together papers, layers, embellishments to fit YOUR personal style, theme and budget.

Whenever I meet with one of my clients, you can be sure there will be no books present. I sit down with that person, talk to them and get to know what they are about, and what they want their event to be like. This gives me a better understanding of their taste and style. We then start to pull together their “custom” invitation based on this style, their colors, and any other ‘tidbits’ of information that will help create a truly unique CUSTOM invitation you cannot find in any invitation sample book! The possibilities in this process are endless!

Whether you choose my services or the services of another custom invitation vendor, please be aware that if you see a book being walked over to you, remember this very post…it is not custom if there is a design already in place with colors already picked for you. If you are looking for “custom” invitations, make sure you’re getting the real thing!

Photo credit: Anna Hurt Photography