You’re Engaged! Now it’s Time to Plan.

10 First Steps for Planning Your Dream Wedding

You’ve just said yes to the man of your dreams, and the proposal was more special than you could have imagined. Now it’s time to plan a wedding that is equally as unforgettable. What woman hasn’t pictured walking down the aisle in a white gown, with rose petals at her feet, and the love of her life waiting to take her hand? You can see it all clearly in your mind, but how do you possible get there? The first question brides always ask when they start planning their wedding is “what do I need to do first?” I’ve met with hundreds of brides who’ve all asked the same question. Here is our list of the ten steps every bride should take first when planning her wedding.

  1. Tell your immediate friends and family — in person. It may be tempting to post a photo of the ring to Instagram minutes after you say yes, but you will want to experience the reactions of your closest friends and family members before broadcasting your news to your social media circle. Make sure your grandmother hears your news from you, before she sees it on Facebook.
  2. Decide size, location, budget and theme — together. Before you start tasting cake samples and auditioning bands, make sure you both agree on some fundamentals: the size of your wedding, where you want to say your I do’s, how much you want to spend, and the theme. You may be envisioning a garden wedding in River Vale with 200 guests, and he may want to get married at a golf club in Ramsey surrounded by only your 50 closest friends and family. If you don’t agree right from the start, don’t worry. This will be your first lesson in marital compromise.
  3. Decide your theme. Your wedding theme should be a reflection on who you and yourCustom Invitations New Jersey
    fiancé are as individuals and as a couple. Your theme should reflect your relationship and your lives together. Whether it’s vintage to reflect your classic, traditional love story, or rustic to reflect your outdoorsy lifestyle, decide a theme that will guide decisions on venue, floral arrangements, colors, and invitations.
  4. Choose Your Squad. Your bridal party should include those people who have been the most integral part of your lives as individuals, and as a couple. Inviting someone to be part of your wedding is a true honor; so choose only those people who have proven they will support you on your big day and throughout your marriage.
  5. Placecards Wedding New JerseyBuild a guest list. Guest lists can easily grow larger than expected, especially when you start handing out plus ones. Take the time to truly envision who you want to be a part of the most important day of your lives, and resist the urge to send an invitation to everyone that you can think of.
  6. Set a budget.Once you know the total amount you want to spend on your wedding, prioritize the key elements. Do you want a specific venue, or can you be flexible? Do you want a lavish, one-of-a kind gown, or is your style more casual chic? Do you want a band, or a DJ? Deciding what aspects will make your day the most special will help you prioritize your budget line items.
  7. Select a venue. Wedding reception halls, banquet facilities, gold clubs, resorts, and even barns have limited availability, especially during wedding season. Lock in your venue as soon as possible since it will dictate so many other factors, like options for caterers and whether or not you have room for that ten-piece band you love.
  8. Save the date. Before you can book a venue, a caterer, or a photographer, you need aSave the Date Cards New Jersey
    date. Once the date is set, send everyone on your guest list a save the date notice. Especially if you have chosen a date during the peak of wedding season, which is June through September, you will be competing for attendance with family vacations, graduations, and other weddings. Make sure your loved ones have time to plan ahead so that they can be a part of your special day.
  9. Hire priority vendors. Wedding season never really ends for those of us in the industry, and unfortunately our calendars are limited. If you know of must have photographers, caterers, or stationers (*wink*) let us know as soon as possible so that we can plan to be a part of your special day.
  10. Custom Stationery New JerseyRevel in your engagement. Planning a wedding can be stressful due to all of the details that need to be considered, and because want your wedding to live up to the vision you have had in your mind since you were a little girl. Try not to let the tasks involved distract you from what’s most important. You have made a lifelong commitment to the man of your drams. Make sure you spend time during your engagement remembering why you fell in love, and thinking about what will come after your wedding.

Ten I Dos and Do Knots for Every Bride

You’ve said “yes” to the man of your dreams! You’ve cried, celebrated, and posted photos of the ring to Facebook. Take a deep breath, because now it’s time to plan!

Planning every detail of the biggest day of your life can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to turn your greatest joy into your greatest stress. I’ve been privileged to help hundreds of brides over the past ten years to make their wedding personal and unique, and have learned a special lesson from every special occasion. If you feel like you’re drowning in cake samples, RSVP cards, and place setting options, take a moment to reflect on my list of ten “I Dos” and “Do Knots” for planning the perfect wedding.

DO: Make it Personal

Your wedding day should be a reflection on the special relatioWedding Invitations New Jerseynship you have with your fiancé. Think about what makes your love unique. Every couple has a story, so make sure your wedding helps to showcase your past, present, and future. Choose colors, a venue, fabrics, materials, and flowers that are meaningful. If you and your fiancé love your life in the city, plan a wedding that reflects your urban chic lifestyle. If you met in the park, consider a color scheme that reminds you of how you met, with lush greens, sky blues, and tan accents reflected in your wedding invitations, flowers, and place settings. If you both dream of living on the coast some day, incorporate nautical design elements into your theme to be reminded of everything the future holds.

Do Knot Just Follow the Trends

Think twice before letting a vendor encourage you to do “what everyone is doing this season.” Unless you feel a connection with the colors, styles, and themes of the moment, remember that trends pass, but your marriage will last forever, and your wedding should reflect the key element in your relationship that makes your love eternal.

Do Incorporate The Ones You Love

Wedding guest lists can expand like taffeta before you know it. Sit down and think about everyone who has been an important part of your life. When you look around the rooCustom Invitations Bergenm on your wedding day, you want to see the faces of everyone you and your fiancé love and everyone that has influenced the people you have become. When it comes to choosing a bridal party, ask yourself who you want standing beside you when you take your vows. Who has always stood beside you and who will always stand beside you when life becomes challenging? Those are the people who should be part of your bridal party.

Do Knot Let Others Decide Your Guest List

When planning your guest list try not to be influenced by others. If you can’t remember the last name of your mother’s father’s cousin’s niece twice removed, don’t feel guilty for not extending her a wedding invitation. The same goes for your bridal party. Choose only the people you want to be an intimate part of your special day.

Do Say Individual Thank Yous

You are likely going to form a long list of friends and family who help make your dream wedding a reality. Say a personal thank you in your own words to your parents, soon to be in-laws, chloe_jameson_day_ofbridal party members, and guests for helping you to celebrating the start of your new lives. Choose personal and unique gifts for your bridal party members that reflect the theme of your wedding, and that will serve as a permanent reminder of the important role they play in your life. Send thank you cards timely and include a personal message on each one that expresses your gratitude for the role the recipient has played in your life and in your wedding.

Do Knot Forget the Importance of Saying it Out Loud

Don’t take it for granted that your friends and family know how much they mean to you. Telling them in your own words will mean more to both of you, and will give you even more special memories of your wedding day that will last forever.

Do Plan Your Place Settings

Your wedding will be a day that brings people together. Use your place settings as an opportunity to reunite cousins who now liveisabel_aaron_escort_cardson other sides of the country, college classmates who haven’t seen one other in years, and even to bring together two sides of your new family. Remember that the one thing that all of your guests have in common is you. That’s all they need to enjoy celebrating with one another.

Do Knot Forget to Enjoy Your Dinner

Do mingle during dinner to thank your guests, but do not miss the opportunity to sample the meal you painstakingly selected! You will have plenty of time to celebrate with your guests out on the dance floor after dinner too.

Do Focus On One Another

With so much to orchestrate on your wedding day, so many people to thank, so many guests, and so much to do, your big day will fly by before you know it. Be sure that once you say, “I do” that you spend the rest of your wedding day with your new husband. Hold hands, pose for photos, mingle together, dance, and celebrate your love.

Do Knot Forget The Day’s True Meaning

Your wedding will last one day, but your marriage will last forever. As you make decisions about flowers, appetizers, RSVP cards, music, and dessert tables, take comfort in knowing that you have already made the most important decision in your lives: you chose each other.

Happy 10 Years To Us!!!!!!

The saying “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun” certainly holds true as we are ecstatic and sit in awe as we celebrate our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Firstly we want to thank each and every one of our clients. With your vision, patience and trust in us, you allowed us to be a part of each and every wedding, baby shower, holiday and all of your special milestones. To honor this very special year we will be holding “top ten” throughout the entire year of 2016 with special giveaways, offers and even a celebration, so be sure to stay tuned and continue to follow us on Facebook.

Now how did it all start…

‘RSVP to me’ was created around the time of my own wedding, in August of 2006. I began a search for invitations that would absolutely “WOW” my guests. I was looking for something non-traditional, yet elegant; unusual, but not “over-the-top”. after a long, unsuccessful search, I decided to experiment with various papers, prints and embellishments – trying to fashion what I would have liked to have found, but couldn’t. After many days of hard work and trial and error, I created not only my own invitations, but also my save-the-dates, programs, escort and favor cards, and even thank you cards!

At my wedding, I received so many unbelievable compliments on my invitations and stationery. It was great to hear that my friends and family loved my work. Then it occurred to me – wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could create great invitations and stationery for my family and friends? as I took on a few small orders, my budding venture expanded. By word of mouth the orders grew and my venture rapidly evolved into ‘RSVP to me’, a small but thriving business.


Years later, and as a result of my continued success, I’ve established a “new look” for ‘RSVP to me’…which brings forth a contemporary and sophisticated style for wedding and special occasion invitations, while keeping up with styles and trends.