9 Tips for Planning a Budget-Friendly Baby Shower


Whether you are a soon-to-be aunt or grandmother, a cousin, or a best friend, if someone special in your life is about to welcome their first little angel into the world, you will want to throw a baby shower that is worthy of this once-in-a-lifetime arrival. If budget is a concern, do not put too much pressure on yourself to incur significant debt just to throw a memorable celebration. There are many, simple ways to control the costs of a baby shower, without compromising on the quality of the affair. Follow these tips to save money while still impressing all of your guests.

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Bridal Shower Etiquette You (and Your Guests) Should Know


There are many traditions surrounding weddings and all of their associated events and activities. Also, standards in etiquette encompass every wedding-related element, from how you should organize your seating chart, to behaving like a proper wedding guest. There is even essential etiquette to follow, both as the party planner, and as a guest, surrounding a bridal shower. If you are unsure if you know all the rules and requirements of a well-organized and executed bridal shower, we have ten essential etiquette tips you should know before planning (or attending) a bridal shower.

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