Mitzvah Etiquette for Guests

Bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs are significant coming of age events for young men and young women. These once-in-a-lifetime events should be given the care, respect, and consideration they deserve from all involved. Perhaps you are of a different faith, or maybe you will be attending your first mitzvah. Regardless of your familiarity with this powerful event, take the time to familiarize yourself with these critical etiquette best practices to help the family celebrate this momentous occasion.

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Ten I Dos and Do Knots for Every Bride

You’ve said “yes” to the man of your dreams! You’ve cried, celebrated, and posted photos of the ring to Facebook. Take a deep breath, because now it’s time to plan!

Planning every detail of the biggest day of your life can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to turn your greatest joy into your greatest stress. I’ve been privileged to help hundreds of brides over the past ten years to make their wedding personal and unique, and have learned a special lesson from every special occasion. If you feel like you’re drowning in cake samples, RSVP cards, and place setting options, take a moment to reflect on my list of ten “I Dos” and “Do Knots” for planning the perfect wedding.

DO: Make it Personal

Your wedding day should be a reflection on the special relatioWedding Invitations New Jerseynship you have with your fiancé. Think about what makes your love unique. Every couple has a story, so make sure your wedding helps to showcase your past, present, and future. Choose colors, a venue, fabrics, materials, and flowers that are meaningful. If you and your fiancé love your life in the city, plan a wedding that reflects your urban chic lifestyle. If you met in the park, consider a color scheme that reminds you of how you met, with lush greens, sky blues, and tan accents reflected in your wedding invitations, flowers, and place settings. If you both dream of living on the coast some day, incorporate nautical design elements into your theme to be reminded of everything the future holds.

Do Knot Just Follow the Trends

Think twice before letting a vendor encourage you to do “what everyone is doing this season.” Unless you feel a connection with the colors, styles, and themes of the moment, remember that trends pass, but your marriage will last forever, and your wedding should reflect the key element in your relationship that makes your love eternal.

Do Incorporate The Ones You Love

Wedding guest lists can expand like taffeta before you know it. Sit down and think about everyone who has been an important part of your life. When you look around the rooCustom Invitations Bergenm on your wedding day, you want to see the faces of everyone you and your fiancé love and everyone that has influenced the people you have become. When it comes to choosing a bridal party, ask yourself who you want standing beside you when you take your vows. Who has always stood beside you and who will always stand beside you when life becomes challenging? Those are the people who should be part of your bridal party.

Do Knot Let Others Decide Your Guest List

When planning your guest list try not to be influenced by others. If you can’t remember the last name of your mother’s father’s cousin’s niece twice removed, don’t feel guilty for not extending her a wedding invitation. The same goes for your bridal party. Choose only the people you want to be an intimate part of your special day.

Do Say Individual Thank Yous

You are likely going to form a long list of friends and family who help make your dream wedding a reality. Say a personal thank you in your own words to your parents, soon to be in-laws, chloe_jameson_day_ofbridal party members, and guests for helping you to celebrating the start of your new lives. Choose personal and unique gifts for your bridal party members that reflect the theme of your wedding, and that will serve as a permanent reminder of the important role they play in your life. Send thank you cards timely and include a personal message on each one that expresses your gratitude for the role the recipient has played in your life and in your wedding.

Do Knot Forget the Importance of Saying it Out Loud

Don’t take it for granted that your friends and family know how much they mean to you. Telling them in your own words will mean more to both of you, and will give you even more special memories of your wedding day that will last forever.

Do Plan Your Place Settings

Your wedding will be a day that brings people together. Use your place settings as an opportunity to reunite cousins who now liveisabel_aaron_escort_cardson other sides of the country, college classmates who haven’t seen one other in years, and even to bring together two sides of your new family. Remember that the one thing that all of your guests have in common is you. That’s all they need to enjoy celebrating with one another.

Do Knot Forget to Enjoy Your Dinner

Do mingle during dinner to thank your guests, but do not miss the opportunity to sample the meal you painstakingly selected! You will have plenty of time to celebrate with your guests out on the dance floor after dinner too.

Do Focus On One Another

With so much to orchestrate on your wedding day, so many people to thank, so many guests, and so much to do, your big day will fly by before you know it. Be sure that once you say, “I do” that you spend the rest of your wedding day with your new husband. Hold hands, pose for photos, mingle together, dance, and celebrate your love.

Do Knot Forget The Day’s True Meaning

Your wedding will last one day, but your marriage will last forever. As you make decisions about flowers, appetizers, RSVP cards, music, and dessert tables, take comfort in knowing that you have already made the most important decision in your lives: you chose each other.

Wedding Color Combination: Spotlight on PURPLE!

One of the first things brides must decide on when planning their weddings is a color scheme, usually one that fits with the season or time of year when she is getting married. What I’ve noticed after working in the “wedding business” for several years is that PURPLE is often a popular choice when choosing color combinations for a wedding! In fact, when sorting through and organizing my stacks and stacks (and stacks!) of leftover invitation paper recently, I came across SO many shades and variations of the color purple. This gorgeous color needed far more storage space than some others. So… you may be wondering what is so special about PURPLE?

What I think makes PURPLE such a perfect color for weddings is that it is so versatile, meaning you can pair it with just about ANY other color. Even if PURPLE is not your favorite color, put it next to your favorite color and you will have a great combination! Just browse Pinterest to see what I mean… check out how PURPLE can be used with all of these other colors to make a fabulous palate for your wedding! Click on any photo to see more ideas of how to use these awesome color combinations!

PurpleBlue PurpleTurquoise PinkPurple

PurpleGreen MintPurple PurpleB&W

Purple:Yellow purple-and-orange-wedding-colors

PurpleSilver GoldPurple

 Red&PurpleRedPurpleCake  PurpleGray

As you can see, PURPLE looks amazing with so many different colors and shades!!! You can’t go wrong with this color choice. No matter the month, season, or style of your wedding, purple is sure to work in some way. If you want to talk more about colors for your wedding invitations or wedding day stationery, hit me up! I LOVE this stuff! Here are some invitations we have designed using PURPLE! Maybe one will inspire you to use PURPLE in a new way for your own wedding or upcoming celebration!

alana_mark_invite amy_andrew_invite ashley_brian_invite cara_jacob_invite carly_dayn_invite jessica_scott_invite kaitlyn_stephen_invite karolyn_gavin_invite

Something Sweet to Welcome their Long-Awaited Sweetheart!

I was honored when Emily, of Emily Photography, asked for my help as she was planning a “Welcome Home” party for their recently adopted daughter, Lyla. I was beyond happy for this amazing family! I just have to share a glimpse into their story…

I met Emily back in 2013 at a wedding that we were both working and we hit it off right away! I learned a bit about her that evening … how she had two adorable and spunky boys at home, but a piece of her heart was overseas. Emily and her husband were in the process of adopting Lyla from Africa. They knew it would be a long and difficult journey, but had no idea of the emotional roller coaster that was in store for them over the next 2 years.

Emily and I stayed in touch, and every time I saw or spoke with her, I hoped for good news on the adoption front! I was excited with her when gains were made, and when Emily went to meet and visit with Lyla for the first time. But, I shed tears on her behalf when I heard of delays and the roadblocks they faced in trying to bring their daughter home. I stood in awe of Emily and her family as they worked through each hardship and sacrificed so much of their time, energy, and resources to do whatever they could to bring this sweet girl home to her forever family.

That’s why, over TWO YEARS later, I was SO THRILLED to learn that Lyla was finally HOME! This was certainly something to CELEBRATE!

So a princess-themed celebration was planned! Emily chose some of her favorite colors, pink and gold, and asked for my help with glittery invitations and a table full of gorgeous goodies for the party! I had so much fun with this custom invitation design, and choosing sweet treats for all of the guests to take home as favors. I loved seeing pictures from this event, especially Lyla’s incredible SMILE! She is where she belongs and you can see it all over her face!

All photos by Emily Photography of course!

EW3_0177 EW3_0171EW3_0295a EW3_0327

EW3_0210 EW3_0175




EW3_0188 EW3_0192

EW3_0180 EW3_0418a

I am over-the-moon excited for this special family, especially Emily, whose heart is whole again! (And is NOW bursting with love and joy as they look forward to welcoming another baby boy into their family very soon!) I LOVED working with them for this special event, and I look forward to watching their family grow in numbers and LOVE for one another.

‘RSVP to me’ Best of 2013

We can’t believe 2013 has come and gone so quickly! Thanks to SO many wonderful clients, ‘RSVP to me‘ had an amazing year. To celebrate the last few hours of 2013, we’re taking a look back and highlighting some of our favorite moments. Sit back, relax, and countdown with us before the clock strikes midnight!

10. It’s officially engagement season and we recently shared all types of wedding stationery to cover every step of your engagement. Save the Date cards are a great way to ask guests to mark their calendars ahead of time. This piece of stationery will be the very first piece of mail they’ll receive, so have fun with the design and set the tone for your big day! Below is a calendar style Save the Date designed in a bright shade of coral.
9. In addition to custom invitations and stationery for weddings and special events, we also design promotional material too! We LOVE how this pocket came out for EV Band. Inside, they added a CD sample of their amazing music. Thank you to one of our designers, Cassie Garcia, for putting together the logo and layout of this design!
8. Bridal shows are a great way for engaged couples to enjoy a night out and meet with some of the best vendors in the wedding industry! Here we are showcasing our beautiful custom invitations and stationery at the (201) Bride show, which was held at the Ramsey Golf and Country Club back in October.
7. Wedding invitations have come a long way over the years. Couple’s now have options to include just about anything they want to showcase their personalities and wedding theme. These boxed invitations embellished with starfish surely gave guests something to talk about!
6. We also began honoring some of our outstanding couples by sharing “Real Wedding Spotlights.”We first met Ashley and her fabulous mom back in November of 2012. We all worked together to create a beautiful invitation that incorporated the colors and style they had in mind. Below is their rustic, yet very elegant wedding invitation. You can read more about their wedding details and view more of the wedding photographs here!
5. Back in August, we announced a new addition to the ‘RSVP to me‘ family. Jen is one of our custom invitation designers, who we absolutely love working with us. Here’s one of the fabulous proofs Jen has worked on and don’t forget to read her Q&A here if you missed it!
4. When we’re not designing and assembling invitations and day-of stationery, we’re creating one-of-a-kind candy buffets and dessert tables with our sister brand, ‘SWEET by RSVP to me‘. Over the past year, we had so much fun [working alongside some of the best in the industry] creating eye-catching tablescapes. Below is a nautical candy buffet we designed for a very special fundraising event at The Old Mill Inn.
3. Glitter invitations has been a HUGE trend here at ‘RSVP to me‘! It’s modern, fun, elegant, and will really WOW your guests! Below is one of our custom glitter invitations adorned with lace and a rhinestone brooch all wrapped up in a pretty metallic pocket fold!
2. Hard work and dedication always pays off and it’s wonderful to be acknowledged. We’re always grateful when our designs are featured in top magazines and wedding blogs. This year, we’ve been blessed to be seen in Contemporary Bride Magazine’s Spring/Summer 2013 and Fall/Winter 2013 editions.
Contemporary Bride Magazine Spring/Summer 2013 Features
Contemporary Bride Magazine Fall/Winter 2013 Features
1. Although we shared in so many wonderful occasions, the birth of our daughter, Remy Alexandre, is the best moment that’s happened to us in 2013. We announced her arrival with polka dot pattern card stock, along with her photo and details. This custom birth announcement is one that will hold a very special place in our hearts forever.

Thank you to each and every one of our clients and friends for making 2013 an amazing year! Here’s to an even better 2014!

Five Tips for Addressing & Mailing your Wedding Invitations

“How do I address my wedding invitations?” is a common question that nearly every engaged couple thinks about. Hiring a calligrapher is always an option, but may not be a possibility, especially when you’re on a budget. For those who are planning on writing out your invitation envelopes, today we’re sharing five tips to help you through the process.

Square pocket invitations embellished with a pretty purple ribbon

1. Traditionally, wedding invitations are placed in an inner and outer envelope, however this is becoming less common and is completely up to you. If you’re opting for only an outer envelope, it’s extremely important to include exactly whom you’re inviting to your wedding, as typically you would include the invitees names on the inner envelope.

*Married couples are written on one line: 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith

*Unmarried couples are written on separate lines
Mr. Paul Smith and
Ms. Katie Jones

*Family including those under the age of 18:
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith
Master Zachary and Miss Emily Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith
Zachary, Emily and Makayla Smith

Modern purple and yellow wedding invitations by ‘RSVP to me

2. Whether your wedding is formal or casual, it’s proper etiquette to spell out all words rather than abbreviating. For example, write out the word “Street’ rather than the abbreviated, “St.”.  

3. Include your return address on the envelopes back flap.

Elegant pocket invitations in a neutral color palette with pops of blush pink and lavender

4. Hand addressing can be very time consuming. Give yourself plenty of time, be patient, and don’t try to address all of your envelopes in one sitting.

5. Before you purchase your postage, bring a completed invitation to your local post office to have it weighed. This ensures that you will purchase the correct postage. You would hate to pay too much or worse, too little postage.

While it’s important to consider etiquette when addressing your wedding invitations, remember to do what’s best for you and your to-be. In the end, your special day should reflect your personalities and you should be 100% comfortable in all of the details along the way. Happy planning!

Five Things to Know Before Ordering your Wedding Invitations

If you’ve been invited to a wedding or special event, opening a beautifully addressed envelope to unveil a perfect invitation is an exciting part of the “wedding planning process”. As an invitee, you look forward to revealing the design, theme, and colors, as well as where the day’s events will take place. Invitations are one of the most important details of your wedding day as they not only set the tone for the event, but give your guests a glimpse of what to expect. Remember, this is your ONE and ONLY chance to make an everlasting first impression, so it’s important to make it count. To some couples, the thought of ordering invitations may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Before you rush into choosing a mediocre style, or even overlook the necessity of sending invitations that get your guests just as excited to celebrate, we’re sharing FIVE tips that will help alleviate the stress and headaches of the wedding invitation process.

Modern nautical/chevron wedding invitation

1. Define and decide on your wedding style: Do you vision an elegant formal affair or do you see your wedding being a casual celebration that’s more laid back? Search through wedding inspirations to get your creativity flowing. You may just start to see a pattern of a distinct style. Don’t forget to keep themes in mind (i.e. beach chic, seasonal, or art deco).

2. Start early: As soon as you choose a wedding date and book your wedding facility, you can begin the invitation design process. Start early by making appointments with potential invitation designers you’re interested in. This is the time to review their work, read testimonials from past clients, and ask questions! It’s important to give yourself enough time to research all options and choose the invitation designer that you feel most comfortable working with!

Custom monogram wedding invitation
3. Select your color palette: Choose shades that you want to carry throughout the wedding from the invitations to the bridesmaid dresses, flowers and decor. Knowing your color palette early will help keep all of your wedding details tied together in a sophisticated style. 
4. Budget: As with all vendors, be upfront (and realistic) with your allocated budget. It will help your invitation designer steer you in the right direction and explain all of your options (including printing methods, card stocks, and embellishments) to help you achieve the style you’re looking for that’s in your comfort zone.
Custom engagement invitation in mint green and gray

5. Understand wording etiquette: As we’ve said in part one of our wedding invitation wording etiquette series, verbiage has come a long way over the years! It’s important to keep in mind who is inviting (bride’s parents, bride & groom’s parents, or the couple), while understanding proper etiquette to keep both sides of the family happy. ‘RSVP to me‘ now offers an extensive wedding invitation word guide for all of our couples who need assistance in this area.
Keep these five tips in mind and your wedding invitation design process should be a breeze.                                    Now that we helped you prepare before you order your wedding invitations, be sure to visit our website at for more wedding invitation inspirations.

Wedding Invitations: Why NOT to DIY

Putting a unique spin on wedding details is great way to not only showcase your personality, but to make your day one-of-kind, especially if you’re a crafty person. However, when it comes to planning and designing your wedding, there are just certain things you should absolutely leave to the pros. Of course you can gather “team bride” and allocate jobs to your bridesmaids, but let’s face it, chances are you’re not an expert on everything from invitations and wedding day stationery to floral design, and even catering. While we know you’re ecstatic to begin planning the wedding of your dreams, take some time to enjoy the new bling on your finger and begin gathering inspirations before tackling your wedding details head on. Even if you think DIY is your forte, there a several reasons why it might be in your best interest to contact an expert, especially when it’s time to send out your save the dates, wedding invitations, and other items you might need. We’ve had many bride’s contact us late in the planning process after their great idea to DIY quickly turned from wedding bells to wedding hells. If you’re worried that the only way to make your wedding stationery truly unique, then contact a custom invitation designer. We, along with other professionals in the business will work with your budget, style, and guide you through all elements from style and etiquette to ensure the design process is a breeze. After all, you should enjoy every minute of the planning process with your fiancé, rather than stressing out over printing issues.

Custom pocket fold invitations in champagne metallic, a plumed patterned back, and ivory metallic. The insert cards alternates champagne and gold metallics.
Etiquette– Custom invitation designers know exactly how to incorporate all imperative details from the “anatomy of an invitation” and appropriate wording of parents to the use of social titles and special details. The context of your invitation is much more complex than just informing guests where and when the event will take place. Keep in mind the style of your wedding, titles (Mr. Miss, Mrs., Doctor, etc) and parental roles. A traditional wedding invitation hosted by the bride’s parents who are married, would be worded much differently than if the bride’s, groom’s, or both set’s of parent’s were divorced and even remarried. 
Design & Programs– If you’re not proficient in Indesign, Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop, or any other software, you will have to take the time to learn the in’s and out’s of these design programs. Once you figure out how to use these programs (if you haven’t given up by then), you will then have to worry about line spacing, alignment, and fonts. So you might have found and downloaded some pretty calligraphy fonts for free, but you probably won’t have access to the full version.
Custom brown pocket fold invitations with green and orange accent colors
Time– You have many things to check off your to-do list, as well as attend many appointments in between working full time and other daily life. After putting in long hours at the office, you would much rather spend time with family, friends, or even relieve stress at the gym or attend a fitness class, like yoga rather than frantically stressing over designing, printing, and assembling invitations. At the end of the day you’re a busy bride trying to accomplish a myriad of tasks (sorry ladies, some will be more daunting than others) and it can be easy to procrastinate. Pushing your wedding invitations off to the side thinking it will be an easy DIY project and can be completed with a few hours is a cause for alarm.  The time it takes to design, print, and assemble invitations is a LOT longer than you may think!
Money- If you think creating your wedding invitations and stationery will save you money, that’s not necessarily true. You may purchase more supplies than you actually needed or worse, you absolutely hate what you created. If the end result isn’t what you hoped, you’re likely to call on a pro to help last minute, which will result in added rush fees for new invitations designed by a trusted professional and initial wasted costs.

Custom gold metallic pocket fold invitations and wedding programs
Give your family and friends a glimpse into your wedding celebration with the help of a stationer who will happily RSVP and design invitations that will truly wow your guests.

Wedding Day Stationery 101

You finally selected and committed to your wedding invitations, and while you can certainly cross this task off your wedding to-do list, you’re not out of the clear just yet! Although you ordered the most important piece of paperie, there’s additional stationery products you need to purchase for your wedding day. Not sure what additional paper items you might need? Here’s the 411 on what wedding day stationery you should keep on your radar. Talk to your invitation designer about creating a wedding day suite to ensure all of your wedding day stationery essentials coordinates with your theme, color scheme, and of course wedding invitations.

Custom pocket fold invitations in orange & beige, with gorgeous paisley patterned background

Ceremony Programs provide usefully information that your guests will appreciate. Most often programs are made in a booklet form, however, couple’s have been showing a creative side by requesting fans. (etc.) Be sure to include information pertaining to the wedding ceremony such as the names of those in the bridal party, order of events, and titles of the readings. Some couple’s also like to include a note of appreciation for family and friends being a part of their lives.

 custom “stacked” ceremony program, complete with pocket for a tissue for those “tears of joy”! (these programs designed especially for Aime & David, as seen on ‘My Fair Wedding’ with David Tutera – the “Wizard of Oz” episode, WEtv)

Escort Cards direct guests to the table at which they will be seated at during the reception.

Custom purple, lime green and ivory escort cards, embellished with flowers, pearls and a ‘frame’ front panel

Reception tables are appropriately marked by Table Numbers  or Table Cards. You can mark your tables with numbers, phrases, locations that may have special meaning, or songs. This can be an ice breaker for guests who may not know others at the table.

this couple opted to name their table cards based on locations that were significant to them – i.e. city/state they met, got engaged, etc.

Menu Cards inform guests what they will be eating during the reception, including the choices for the main entree.

Custom aqua and fuchsia menu card embellished with a starfish; perfect for a summer/beach celebration!

Thank your guests for being a part of your special day and incorporate custom Favor Tags onto your wedding favors. You can include any saying like “Love is Sweet” or the couple’s names and wedding date.

Custom Love is Sweet favor tags

Don’t forget to thank your guests for not only their generous gifts but for being a part of your special day with custom Thank You Cards.

Custom thank you cards with a love bird motif to enhance this couple’s beautiful wedding portrait.

Whether you’re hosting a black tie affair or a relaxed soiree, your stationery is an important part of your event. Wedding day stationery that’s consistent will tie your event together and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

(all photos by Anna Hurt Photography)

‘RSVP to me’ Featured in Contemporary Bride Magazine

Happy March 1st! RSVP to Me has had an amazing year so far. We’ve not only been busy working on gorgeous custom designs for weddings and special events (that we can’t wait to share with you all), but we’ve also been blessed with being featured in Contemporary Bride Magazine’s latest Spring/Summer 2013 edition. You can view the entire magazine online, but we’re very excited to share the pages in which our work and comments are mentioned!

RSVP to Me, NY Real Weddings, Villa Barone Manor, Custom Wedding Invitations, Contemporary Bride Magazine
RSVP to Me, Custom Wedding Invitations, Brooch Wedding Invitations, 2013 Wedding Trends, Contemporary Bride Magazine

RSVP to Me, Custom Wedding Invitations, Contemporary Bride Magazine

RSVP to Me, Custom Wedding Invitations, Contemporary Bride Magazine