Fall 2016 Wedding Color Trends

Labor Day is now behind us, and you know what that means: The Fall season is upon us! Breathe in the scent of pumpkin spice lattes, pull your fuzzy boots out of the back of your closet, and line up your fantasy football draft! We loved the pale pinks, opulent golds, and ethereal greens of our summer wedding color pallets, but it’s now time to turn toward the color combos that are going to rock weddings this Fall. Whether you are planning a Fall wedding, or simply planning to attend, we have the rundown on all you need to know about this season’s hottest color trends.

Trend # 1: Earth Tones – Lime Green, Aqua, and Cappuccino

Earth Tones Wedding 2016









Earth Tones Custom Wedding Invites




Custom wedding invites green earth tones








Custom dessert table blue aqua oreosWhat we love about earth tones is how natural and organic they make everything feel. After all, there is nothing artificial about true love, right? Expect to see tasteful brides wearing creams and eggshell whites accompanied by bridesmaids wearing sage greens, or jeweled blues. Look for bouquets with lots of greenery, and invitations with subtle coffee browns and pops of lime and aqua. It makes us want to pull a cozy sweater over our heads just thinking about these cool, classic color combos!

Trend # 2 Elegant Inspiration – Eggplant, Periwinkle, and Mint
periwinkle_mint_eggplant wedding colors

The pale lavenders we loved so much this summer are being upgraded to deep, bold, opulent eggplants. Expect to see floral bouquets with shades of dark purple and pops of white, and bridesmaids wearing jewel-toned, richly hued purples. Watch for stationery sets with bold purples offset by gentle pinks and periwinkle blues. This color pallet makes us think of grandiose ballrooms, decadent desserts, and sparkler sendoffs!

Dark Purple and mint green custom wedding invites






Trend # 3 Bold Romance – Royal Blue, Raspberry, and Pale Pink


 For the boldest brides, expect to see vibrant royal blues, coupled with sweet raspberries and soft, pale pinks. This non-traditional Fall color pallet will allow brides to extend the Summer season while still evoking thoughts of cooler nights, and impending frosty mornings. Look for royal blue bridesmaids’ dresses, brides carrying vibrant pink bouquets with pale pink cheeks and lips, and stationery that pops shades of pink offset by warm tans and browns. This pallet makes us want to give our strappy summer sandals one more chance to show-off our hot pink Pedis!pink and blue custom wedding invite

pink and blue custom wedding invite

Are you planning a Fall wedding?  What colors will send you down the aisle this season? Tell us in the comments below!

RSVP to me Celebrates Its Diamond Anniversary with a Facebook Pop-up Party

Join us on September 13th at 8:30 p.m. for Your Chance to Win!

When you hit a major milestone like a ten-year diamond anniversary, you simply can’t celebrate for only one day! That’s why we have been celebrating our anniversary all year long! To keep the party going, we will be celebrating our tenth anniversary on September 13 from 8:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. with a Facebook Pop-up Party!

Online pop-up parties are the latest trend in home shopping! No need to travel, or even leave the comfort of your own home! Just view our Facebook page at 8:30 p.m. on September 13th to virtually attend our event. Stay in your PJs and pop-in, and pop-out of the event as many times as you want, but we think you’ll want to stay tuned-in for a chance to win one of many free prizes that we’ll be giving away!

The hour long event is just another way that RSVP to me is thanking our past and current clients, colleagues, fans, and friends who have supported us and helped us to grow over the past ten years. During the digital celebration we will be playing trivia, sharing information about our latest RSVP to me endeavor – our online retail store – and giving away free prizes!

We will be featuring our relaxing spa products, personalized Heavenly Hands Kit Spa Giftstationery products and customizable special occasion gifts and keepsakes throughout the event. Several lucky trivia players will win a free Spa gift from our line of soothing bath products. In addition, one lucky attendee will win a free massage from The Fountain Spa, just for attending!

We will also provide information on how to place an online order for one of our new online products, which include:

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We hope to see you there!

Introducing RSVP to me on Shopify

RSVP to me is thrilled to announce that you can now purchase customizable, personalized special occasion gifts from our new Shopify website! We believe in celebrating special occasions all year long, in memories that last a lifetime, and in giving gifts that are personal and special. To help you celebrate all of life’s special occasions, we offer customizable special occasion gifts!

Customized Wedding & Special Occasion Albums and Guest Books
These special occasion album and guest books can be customized and personalized in every possible way! Choose a silk color for your padded photo album. From tasteful ivory, to elegant gold, to fun and funky mauve, you can choose from a wide variety of silk colors. Next, choose your adornment. From lace ribbons to cashmere moire frills, to silk bows, choose the adornment that you love the most. Add a jeweled brooch for a glimmer of flair! Finally, monogram the item with any of our available monogram styles to truly make the memorable piece your own. Each item in this collection is customizable, from albums, to photo frames, to guest books to ring bearer pillows! These pieces make great gifts, or treat yourself to something special!

Customizable three-tiered wedding card boxmonogram_styles copyCustom special occasion picture frames and photo albums

Customizable special occasion gifts linen colors

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Personalized baby book

Guest book customizable Personalized coffee mug

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How to Plan a Stress-Free Mitzvah

Your son or daughter’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a beautiful, memorable event in your lives. Planning an event of such scale and importance can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. As with any large-scale event planning, the most important thing you can do to remain stress-free is to stay organized. With proper planning and by following a goal-oriented timeline, you’ll be able to plan and execute a memorable event that honors your child while remaining stress-free. To stay organized and plan a memorable Mitzvah, follow our recommended planning timeline below.

  • Schedule the date of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah with your Synagogue at least two years in advance. It won’t be too early to book a date on its calendar.
  • Set your budget. Your budget will help you make choices on all other factors from your total number of guests, to your venue, to your meal selection.
  • Form your guest list. Depending on the scale of the event, be sure to include family, friends, and everyone who has impacted your son or daughter’s path to adulthood.
  • Reserve your venue, caterer, photographer, and stationer at least 18 months in advance. You can typically wait to reserve your DJ or band until a year prior to the event. Make sure that you choose a venue that is appropriately sized, based on your guest list.
  • Decide on a theme. The theme of the Mitzvah should reflect the unique personality of Bat Mitzvah invitations custom New Jerseyyour son or daughter, so be sure to get your child’s input. Remember a theme is more than just a color scheme. Consider incorporating your child’s hobbies or favorite sports teams. Provide your theme to the reception hall, caterer, and stationer so they can help to provide you with inspiration and creative ideas.
  • If you expect to have a lot of family and friends who will be traveling from out of town, reserve a block of hotel rooms 9 months in advance.
  • Send save the date cards eight to twelve months in advance. A Mitzvah is a special event, and you want as many loved ones in attendance as possible. Encourage your guests to plan in advance for the day of the event so that they can make arrangements to attend.
  • Book with a florist six months in advance. Share with your florist information about your theme, including colors and style preferences. Show your florist your save the date invitation so he/she can get a sense of your theme and coordinate decorations accordingly.
  • Plan and order your favors. Make sure all of your guests leave with a memorable souvenir of your son or daughter’s special day.
  • Six to eight weeks before the event, send your formal invitations. Include RSVP cards or instructions to make sure you can track final attendance. Ask for all responses to be received three weeks before the day of the event.

Bar Mitzvah invitations custom New Jersey

  • One-month prior, create hotel packages for out-of-town guests. Include candy and sweets that are locally made, maps of the area, brochures and coupons for local activities and attractions, and bottles of water.
  • Start working with your child to practice for the ceremony. Have him/her practice in front of several family members in different settings. It will help him/her to get comfortable reading the prayers and passages. Schedule a rehearsal with your Synagogue to make sure everyone involved in the ceremony knows how the event will play out.
  • Plan your seating chart. Place family members and friends from out of town who don’t often see each other at the same table so that they can spend extra time together.
  • Compile a list of songs for your DJ or band. Ask for input from your son or daughter to make sure his/her friends hear songs that make them excited to dance.
  • Confirm your final guest list and provide your final total number of guests to your caterer.
  • Write your speech. If you will be giving a speech for your child during the event, spend some time crafting your message in advance. Practice reading your speech out loud as well. Speaking at your son/daughter’s event may be an emotional experience, so the more familiar you are with your speech, the more comfortable you will feel presenting during the event.

Custom Mitzvah Invitations New Jersey

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah marks a coming of age for young people in the Jewish community. Mitzvahs are incredibly proud moments for parents. Make sure you get to enjoy each and every moment by staying organized and identifying the key steps in your planning process and the timing for completion of each item. By managing your time, you can make sure your son or daughter is celebrated and honored at a memorable ceremony you will never forget.

Summer 2016 Wedding Color Trends

Is your summer calendar booked for every available weekend with invitations to bridal showers and weddings? Will you have the honor of serving as a bridesmaid in any of this summer’s festivities? Or, will you be the one walking down the aisle and saying “I do?” Whether you will be a guest, an attendant, or the bride-to-be, we are in the midst of wedding season! If you are a trend spotter (or a trend setter), then you likely want to know what colors you should expect to see gracing the runways (or rather, the flower-petal-strewn carpets) of wedding events this summer. Be in the know with our 2016 Summer Wedding Color Trend Guide.

We are spotting three important color trends this summer: shades of pewter and silver, rustic, earth tones, and pale grays and pinks. Each one offers a softer, more natural, and more feminine and sophisticatedly refined color theme than we have seen the past few summers.

        pewter and silver 2016 wedding trends new jersey

Pewter and Silver

Pewter and silver wedding themes allow the bride to shine. Surrounded by soft, muted shades of gray, white wedding dresses sing with elegance, rather than compete with bright, vibrant shades of poppy pinks, sunny yellows, and bold cobalt blues and deep jewel tones as we have seen the past few seasons. The idea of a bride being surrounded by shades of gray is reminiscent of engagement rings, modern tuxedos, and the comforting interior of traditional chapels and synagogues. Shades of gray weddings offer sophistication, simplicity, elegance and traditional style elements (Photo courtesy Fabmood.com).


Rustic Earth Tones 2016 wedding trends new jerseyRustic Earth Tones

Outdoor weddings are one of the blessings of the summer! For brides who want to be surrounded by the natural beauty of nature, rustic earth tones of deep greens, earthy rust, soft khakis, and warm sage compliment a bohemian dress, a farm-to-table catering approach, and elegant, but simple outdoor seating.

Rustic colors are the perfect complement to barn weddings, vineyard settings, and intimate backyard gatherings. (Photo courtesy Fabmood.com).




Pale Pink and Gray 2016 wedding trends new jersey

Pale Grays and Pinks

Cool summery grays are popping-up again this summer, this time, complementing romantic pale blush tones, pink hydrangeas, and silky ivory linens.

We love the look of gray groomsmen’s suits with pale pink ties. It is elegant, classy, and completely seasonally appropriate for warm summer afternoons and cool summer evenings. To add a special touch to your color pallet, add hints of gold. With vibrant, but minute sparkles of gold contrasting white, gray, and pale pink, your wedding theme will touch every heart in attendance (Photo courtesy Fabmood.com).

RSVP to me has partnered with some trendy brides in the past and has had an opportunity to design stationery sets with similar color pallets. Check out some of our favorite shades of gray, rustic, and pale pink dessert tables and day of stationery in the photos below!

Shades of Gray

Gray custom wedding invitations New Jersey

Gray and Pink

Gray and Pink custom wedding dessert table New Jersey Gray and Pink custom wedding invitations New Jersey

Pink and Gold

Gray and Pink custom wedding dessert tables New Jersey

Rustic Metallics

Metallic custom wedding dessert tables New Jersey

Sweet by RSVP to me Designs an Elegant, Peony and Parasol-Inspired Wedding Shower Dessert Table for a Special Bride to Be

Custom Wedding Shower Dessert Table Franklin Lakes,  NJ

Creative genius Kelly Adams and her unstoppable team of confectionary artisans recently created an elegant, peony and parasol-inspired dessert table for bride Melissa Poterala’s wedding shower brunch. Poterala, who is engaged to marry Daniel Bolger, celebrated her wedding shower on June 12, 2016 surrounded by friends and family at The Indian Trail Club in Franklin, Lakes, NJ. Sweet by RSVP to me’s dessert table proved that there is so much more to special occasion desserts than traditional cake. The ten-piece dessert table was adored by Poterala and her guests as they celebrated the forever love of a very special couple.

“I wanted something unique and special for my shower,” said Poterala. “Something more than a traditional white cake. I also wanted something that would complement the spring theme of the shower, and fit my color scheme of pink, olive green, and touches of glitter and gold. Kelly and her team more than exceeded my expectations!”

The team at Sweet by RSVP to me believes that every small detail matters in creating an unparalleled finished product. Poterala’s customized dessert table included individually wrapped pieces of bright pink and mint green taffy in large glass lidded vases. Chocolate lovers had their choice of milk chocolate-dipped pretzel rods or crunchy Oreo cookies drizzled with thin strips of white chocolate. Two trays of large decadent vanilla marshmallow pops stood on the table in neat tiers, reminiscent of a traditional white layered wedding cake. To add further pops of pink to Poterala’s event, the Sweet by RSVP to me dessert table included two trays of mini chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, topped with swirls of pink and white icing. All of the decadent desserts were created by the creative team at Sweet & Flour in Secaucus, New Jersey.

The centerpiece of the table was a rustic, nine-layer, naked pistachio wedding cake with an Italian raspberry Italian buttercream frosting created by the talented team at Sweet, Love & Cake. In between each spongy cake layer were think bands of pale pink frosting. The cake was adorned with fresh spring strawberries and was trimmed with exquisite fresh pink peonies. The finishing touches for the table included vases of fresh flowers, a white orchid garland, and a backdrop of parasols in rose pinks, soft peaches, gold and silver.

“It felt like spring,” said Poterala. “It felt bright, and warm, and cheerful, and hopeful, and most importantly, it felt like me. It was completely unique, which was exactly what I wanted!”

The dessert table was not the only creative, customized touch that Kelly and the RSVP to me team leant to Poterala’s shower. They also created customized invitations, favors, a seating chart, and place cards. Each stationery element was hand crafted to further complement Poterala’s spring them.

“Our goal with every stationery and dessert table or candy buffet project is to create something completely unique and personal,” said Kelly Adams, founder of RSVP to me. “For Melissa’s shower it was important to us that we created something that complimented her theme. Melissa told us to concept a dessert table and stationery set around the theme of spring flowers using pinks, and greens. Creating something special and timeless for Melissa’s spring-themed shower was an absolutely delight!”

Poterala and Bolger will marry on October 7, 2016 at The Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ.

Visit us online for more information on RSVP to me’s custom wedding and day-of stationery, and Sweet by RSVP to me’s customized dessert tables.

Photo Credits: Anna Hurt Photography

A Bride’s Secret Weapon

How to Find the Right Wedding Planner

Tips to find the right wedding planner

The most important person on your wedding day is your fiancé. The second most important person, may just be your wedding planner. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, so for many, working with an experienced professional may help to alleviate some of the burden and stress of organizing all of the details that surround a large scale event. There are three types of professional wedding planning assistants, so your first step should be to decide what level of assistance you need. Consider if you could benefit from either:

  • A full-service planner – Someone who will guide you every step of the way and help you plan every single detail surrounding your wedding
  • A venue assistant – Someone who will assist you only in choosing your venue and vendors, but all the other details (e.g.: the dress, the logistics, the schedule) will be on you
  • A day-of coordinator – Someone who will assist you for the thirty days leading up to your big day, and the day of, in coordinating logistics and sticking to the day’s schedule

To help you choose the right wedding planner, you and your fiancé should ask yourself the following questions:

• What is your budget? How much could you spend on a planner?
• Are you planning a large or small wedding?
• When do you want to get married and how much time do you have to plan?

Wedding Planner
Photo Credit: Brides.com

If you have the budget, and are planning a large scale event, or don’t have much time to plan, you may want to consider a planner. Create a short list of local planners in your area and schedule time to interview each one. Ask each prospective planner the following questions to determine if their wedding planning approach will suite your needs and your style:

  1. Are you available on the day of our wedding?
  2. Are you a full-time wedding planner?
  3. Are you a certified wedding planner? If so, where did you earn your certification?
  4.  Do you carry personal liability and professional indemnity insurance?
  5. Is your specialty wedding design or coordination?
  6. How many weddings have you planned/how long have you been a wedding planner?
  7. How many weddings do you typically plan in a year?
  8. What was the most unique wedding you ever planned?
  9. What is the most challenging wedding you ever planned and what approach did you take you overcome obstacles?
  10. How do you communicate with your clients?
  11. Are you a member of any wedding associations?
  12. Do you work with an assistant(s)? If so, how many and what is their experience?
  13. Do you have a recommended timeline that you follow to ensure all deadlines are met?
  14. (If you are planning an outdoor wedding) Have you ever planned an outdoor wedding? What back-up plan do you recommend to deal with inclement weather?
  15. (If you are planning a destination wedding) Have you ever planed a destination wedding? Would you plan to travel to our destination the day of the event?
  16. How do you deal with stress, particularly on event day?
  17. How do you charge for your services? Hourly rate? Percentage of the wedding cost? Flat fee?
  18. What is your payment policy? Do you require a down payment? When is final payment due? Do you accept credit cards?
  19. Do you have preferred vendors that you typically work with?
  20. Are we required to book with your preferred vendors, or can we choose whoever we want?
  21. Will you invoice us for all the vendor fees or will we pay each vendor directly?
  22. Will you help us to plan the rehearsal dinner as well?
  23. Will you help us to plan our honeymoon as well?
  24. Do you have a portfolio that we can review?
  25. Can you provide references?

The most important thing to look for when meeting with planners is someone who you feel like you connect with personally. If during your conversation you feel inspired by a planner’s creativity, comforted by their organizational skills, or reassured that they truly care about you and your vision, then they just may be destined to become your wedding day secret weapon.

Choosing the right wedding planner

If you’re looking for a planner in the greater Bergen County region, we recommend meeting with these exceptional wedding planners and consultants:

Kim Myl – Lulu’s Event Design

Christine Fox – Fox Event Planning & Floral Design

Christine Figliuolo – Creations by Christine