Wedding Color Combination: Spotlight on PURPLE!

One of the first things brides must decide on when planning their weddings is a color scheme, usually one that fits with the season or time of year when she is getting married. What I’ve noticed after working in the “wedding business” for several years is that PURPLE is often a popular choice when choosing color combinations for a wedding! In fact, when sorting through and organizing my stacks and stacks (and stacks!) of leftover invitation paper recently, I came across SO many shades and variations of the color purple. This gorgeous color needed far more storage space than some others. So… you may be wondering what is so special about PURPLE?

What I think makes PURPLE such a perfect color for weddings is that it is so versatile, meaning you can pair it with just about ANY other color. Even if PURPLE is not your favorite color, put it next to your favorite color and you will have a great combination! Just browse Pinterest to see what I mean… check out how PURPLE can be used with all of these other colors to make a fabulous palate for your wedding! Click on any photo to see more ideas of how to use these awesome color combinations!

PurpleBlue PurpleTurquoise PinkPurple

PurpleGreen MintPurple PurpleB&W

Purple:Yellow purple-and-orange-wedding-colors

PurpleSilver GoldPurple

 Red&PurpleRedPurpleCake  PurpleGray

As you can see, PURPLE looks amazing with so many different colors and shades!!! You can’t go wrong with this color choice. No matter the month, season, or style of your wedding, purple is sure to work in some way. If you want to talk more about colors for your wedding invitations or wedding day stationery, hit me up! I LOVE this stuff! Here are some invitations we have designed using PURPLE! Maybe one will inspire you to use PURPLE in a new way for your own wedding or upcoming celebration!

alana_mark_invite amy_andrew_invite ashley_brian_invite cara_jacob_invite carly_dayn_invite jessica_scott_invite kaitlyn_stephen_invite karolyn_gavin_invite


Why NOT to DIY Wedding Invitations!

A friend recently shared this photo with me and I burst out laughing because it is SO TRUE!

I can’t tell you how many brides come to me with the same story … “I tried to make my own invitations, but it was just too frustrating!”  Or…”I tried to do my save-the-dates…I will NEVER do THAT again!”

While Pinterest is a great tool for brides, it can also be very deceiving. Everything is made to look “simple.” How many pins have you seen for “Easy DIY Wedding Invitations?” The wedding invitations in the picture look amazing, so you click the link only to discover that the title is misleading. A more appropriate title would be:

“101 Steps for Creating Mediocre Wedding Invitations”

Some brides aren’t scared by a long list of steps, so they decide to carve out the necessary time and energy to attempt their own wedding invitations thinking “How hard can it be?” What they don’t expect is the headache that comes with it… there are so many things that can go wrong! Every step becomes an obstacle…

Just see what this bride had to say about her DIY experience!

“I spent hours in Word trying to design the perfect invite (if I only knew then…) and fighting to try and get it to do what I wanted … I came up with this elaborate (and looking back on it, kinda ridiculous) design that involved snowflake printed clear wrap, vellum, standard paper, etc.  My only option for adhesive seemed to be spray glue. I spent a huge amount of time assembling these invitations, making a mess of pretty much everything, getting cat hair stuck to my invites, everything stuck to my floor, and generally using any and every curse word I could come up with to describe this project. I spent hours and hours printing a myriad of different inserts, wasting tons of paper because of my crappy printer and lack of proofreading, alternately wanting to cry and run away. But, I was stuck with it. (And that’s not all!) Having to design completely different invites because we decided to invite work friends and I had no more paper. Having invitations start falling apart before they were even sent because of using spray glue. Having to send envelopes out with spelling mistakes because I hadn’t bothered to order extra. It went on and on…

When it was all over I swore I would NEVER, EVER do it again (and to this day I often say to clients that if I were to have another wedding, I would hire someone else to create my invitations). I had spent somewhere around $1500-2000 on my wedding stationery, and WAY too much time, and I could have easily used that same amount of money to have something fantastic done by an honest-to-goodness stationer. I hadn’t taken into consideration the real cost of DIY.” (Click here for the complete disaster story from The Invitation Blog at Hip Ink.)

BUT WAIT, there’s more! Many other brides share similar DIY experiences… I couldn’t help but smirk while reading “The Great Wedding Invitation Disaster of 2009.” And ANOTHER…”You’re Invited (Part I): A DIY Invitation Disaster.” This bride had so much trouble with her “DIY adventure” that she had to write about it in TWO parts!! See “You’re Invited (Part II): Assembling the Troops” to read about the rest of the mess she endured! The list of DIY invitation disasters is endless!

In just those three stories alone, the list of potential problems for DIY wedding invitations is a long one: spending hours in word processing, reformatting templates again and again and again, having to completely re-do initial designs, paper colors not what expected, having to re-order (for a fee), spray glue (enough said), messy assembly, spending more hours printing, wasting paper, spelling errors due to lack of proofreading, running out of supplies, invites falling apart before they even reach the mailbox, problems with printing companies, text smudging, throwing away invitations, paying for a second printing, and even invitations blown away in the wind!!

Not to mention other problems I’ve heard brides lament about when attempting to DIY: printing invitations upside down, making millions of trips to the craft store, frustrations over learning new design software, assembly taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r, printers jamming and/or running out of ink, and of course many tears shed over these seemingly-menial-but-still-so-important-wedding-details.

The list could go on and on and on! Think you’re saving time and money?? THINK AGAIN!

Brides who contact me quickly realize that allowing a professional to handle the job allows them to relax, knowing that the finished product will look far better than anything they could make on their own! Plus, it frees them up to focus on other important wedding decisions. There’s just so much to do — why add the stress of designing and assembling invitations too? Take it from me (I know how much time and energy it takes to make beautiful invitations!)… this is one thing you will be glad you didn’t take on yourself!

It’s your special day! Let your invitations reflect how important your wedding truly is. We at ‘RSVP to me’ would love to assist you by creating custom wedding invitations for your upcoming celebration! Share your vision with us and we can create it!

Finding The Perfect Wedding Invitations

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding invitations and stationery, many brides-to-be find it a daunting task. There are many important choices to make, after all…this is the guests’ first insight into the wedding. All brides want to make a great first impression, and beautiful invitations are the perfect way to do so.

The first choice you must make is whether you want unique invitations or you want to choose from a book or template with a design that has already been used, and will be used again, countless times. The answer, I think, is pretty obvious. Custom invitations can be specifically designed to reflect your style and theme, and these invites will be designed just for you. No one else will have the same invitations – they will be as unique as you are. So once you choose to go custom over generic, how do you make sure you get the perfect invitations? Below you will find 5 simple steps that can help you to ensure that you get nothing but the best when it comes to your wedding invitations and wedding day stationery.

1. Research – Spend some time doing your homework on custom wedding invite designers in your area. Feel free to ask your friends and family for recommendations, or simply do an internet search. When you do find a few in your area take the time to look at their samples, review their process, and read the reviews of past customers. Meet with the designer in person and make sure you and the designer actually click. Does the designer understand what you need and want? Is the designer easy to work with? Of course you want the designer to have the skills and talent but you also want to make sure that you mesh well. Take your time when choosing a designer and go with your gut on this one. Set realistic time lines with your designer.

2. Choose the right style – Are you a ‘traditional’ bride? Or are you a more ‘modern/contemporary’ bride with trendy ideas? Maybe you don’t actually KNOW which type you are? Your invitation designer should be able to show you a variety of previous samples, in various styles, that can help put you on the right path. Traditional invitations are usually done in beautiful scripts, centered layout, and possibly a simple motif or monogram on top. If you prefer invitations with clean lines, creative colors, possibly all lowercase text and more on the artistic side – you may like more of the modern style invitations. Spend some time going over the different samples and see what fits for you and your wedding. This is your special day, make it all you want it be. This is the beauty of going with custom designed invitations – the sky really is the limit.

3. Choosing from custom options – When you have your initial consultation, you will be presented with many unique options. First you will choose what TYPE of invitation you would like (i.e. flat card, pocket fold, a ‘Couture’ silk box invitation, etc.). Next, you will be able to choose the types and colors of paper you would like for the invitations. Then you can choose from custom embellishments (i.e. ribbon, rhinestones, etc.). And finally, the ideas for fonts and design are discussed. After all these steps are completed, you end up with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind invitation – unique to only you!

4. Budget – Plan your budget ahead of time. Set a realistic budget, and discuss it with your designer on first meeting. Be upfront with your designer and expect the same from them.

5. Consider additional wedding day stationery – When choosing your wedding invites try and think about the big picture of all your wedding day stationery needs. Do you want all your wedding day stationery to be of the same style as your invitations? Wedding day stationery includes menus, programs, escort cards, table numbers, favors, etc. Also, think about thank you cards that are also cohesive with your whole stationery look. Talk with your designer and let them know the plans of the big picture and consider designing wedding day stationery on that initial consultations as well. You can always place the order for the wedding day stationery closer to the wedding, but at least you will have an idea of style and budget all at once.

Having your wedding day invites done by a custom designer should be a fun and exciting experience. Of course, there may be moments when it is stressful but if you have a designer that understands those wedding day stresses, you will be able to rest assured that your wedding day invites will be perfect. Be unique, be creative and choose to go custom for all your wedding day invitation and stationery.

Timing is everything when it comes to sending out your wedding invites

There is no question about it…planning a wedding is a very exciting, but stressful experience. With so many different things to do – from finding the perfect location for the nuptials to purchasing your beautiful dress, and everything in between – wedding planning can often drive one a little crazy.

As a custom wedding invitation and wedding day stationery designer, I often get asked about the proper time line to send out wedding stationery. While everyone is a little different and some things will depend on how much time is allotted for planning…let’s take a look at a typical timeline to help you with your wedding planning process.

Save-the-Date: When to send

A save-the-date card is a great way to start the wedding process. These cards ask your friends and family members to reserve the day for your upcoming wedding. Generally speaking, I advise brides to send these reminders approximately 8-12 months prior to the wedding day. However, do keep in mind that if you are planning your wedding during peak times (such as summer, holidays, or valentine’s day) more notice may be needed. It will also depend on how large your wedding will be and if you have friends and family members who have to travel a great distance to attend your wedding.

Save-the-dates should be sent to all people who you wish to attend your wedding. It is also a good idea to include hotel accommodations information with your save-the-date for “destination” weddings, or weddings during “peak” times in your specific venue location (i.e. the Jersey Shore, during the summer) – this will allow your guests to book their rooms way in advance, and not lose out on the special rates offered, as well as the “preferred” hotels.

Custom save-the-dates take up to 4-6 weeks to create from scratch, so be sure to time your order accordingly. Click here to see some of our previous creations for save-the-dates.

The Official Wedding Invitation

I always advise brides to send wedding invitations 2 months (8 weeks) prior to the date of the wedding. You do not want to send them to early as people may forget about it and you also do not want to send them to late as people already may have prior engagements. Two months prior is a perfect time to send them out, giving your guests plenty of time to respond – especially if you’ve already sent out save-the-dates.

By adding the special and elegant touch of having custom wedding invitations designed, you will be setting the style and tone of your wedding. Give your guests a sneak peek as well as get them excited to attend your special day.

Custom invitations can take up to 6-8 weeks to create from scratch, so again…plan accordingly.  Click here to see some of our previous creations for wedding invitations.

Thank you Cards

Don’t forget to include your thank you card as part of your wedding day stationery. Most timelines will say to send out thank you cards one month after your wedding; however, being in the wedding industry – I know that is almost unreasonable!  Figure you will be on your honeymoon 1-2 weeks after the wedding…and if you want to include a wedding photo in the thank you, those are certainly not ready in one month! I think a more feasible timeline is anywhere from 2-4 months after the wedding.  Sending a beautiful custom thank you card, with a handwritten note will surely make your guests feel special!

Hopefully this timeline helps alleviate some of the wedding planning stress. After all, timely planning will help ensure that your wedding day is everything you dreamed about.

My visit to the Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge, New Jersey

I recently had the privilege of touring the Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. I had attended a charity event for the Wish Upon A Wedding foundation a few weeks earlier and I met Marien Barker, the Sales Manager for the Inn. We hit it off and she graciously invited me to the Olde Mill Inn for a tour and lunch.

I had never been there before and I didn’t know what to expect. As I drove up, I was certainly impressed by the grandeur of the hotel with its beautiful columns and entryway. I parked my car and proceeded inside eagerly. I found that the inside of the hotel was even more impressive than the outside. The place just exuded warmth and charm. The decor, music and the roaring fireplace instantly shook off the freezing cold of winter. I was met by a very pleasant and professional desk attendant who alerted Marien to my arrival. Marien met me in the lobby and after exchanging pleasantries, she took me on a guided tour.

First, we visited the Bridal Suite where brides-to-be prepare for the big day. When they say suite they mean it. There was a beautifully appointed living area complete with antique furnishings, a kitchen/dining area, and a separate large bedroom with a very comfortable-looking king bed. The suite even had a fireplace! A full bath with a jacuzzi tub and another half-bath round it all out. It would definitely be a comfortable place for any bride to ready herself.

Next, we went to see a guest suite that was very tastefully decorated and warm. I could envision my husband and myself enjoying a long weekend at the Olde Mill. Maybe someday soon. The Olde Mill prides itself on being “green” and they offer their ‘Pure’ allergy friendly rooms. As an allergy sufferer, I was pleased to hear about this trend in hotel accommodations and that the Olde Mill is at the forefront.

After touring the rooms, Marien guided me to the Grand Washington Ballroom. It’s a large, neutral-colored venue that won’t overpower your wedding decor. It’s definitely not your “wedding factory” type of venue, it has a personal touch that just makes you comfortable – kind of like you belong there. I hope one of my friends gets married here – I’d love to attend!

We left the ballroom and went upstairs to the sales offices. Marien introduced me to Catherine, the director of sales for the Inn. She was very friendly and invited us into her office we chatted and I showed her some of my invitations. She loved them! Then the conversation turned to David Tutera. We all love him!

Marien then led me across the grounds to the Grain House, the Olde Mill Inn’s rustic styled restaurant. It’s an old farm house from the 18th century. It’s a really charming place with exposed wood beams and old-world colonial decor. It’s actually the original inn. The place was packed with a lunch time crowd. We sat down and chatted a little about the Inn and the weddings and events that are held there. The food was excellent!

After lunch, Marien took me to see the other wedding venue on the grounds. This one is located in the Grain House building. It’s named the “Hunt Room” and it’s a smaller ballroom than the Grand Washington. This room is perfect for a more intimate wedding and is again neutrally decorated and has an outdoor patio and gazebo. It goes right along with the comfort and charm of the whole place.

I’d been at the Olde Mill for two hours and it was time to get home to my family. I expressed my gratitude to Marien for the hospitality and I got on the road. On the way home, I kept thinking about how great the Olde Mill Inn is and I wished I would have known about it when I was planning my own wedding. I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends!