Terms to Know When Talking to Your Wedding Stationer

Part II: Wedding Invitation Material Terms

Material terms to know for wedding invitations

If you just got engaged (congrats!) and are in the early stages of planning your wedding, then we hope you’ve already read Part I in our blog series that defines all those confusing wedding theme terms, like shabby chic and modern vs. classic. You’ll need a solid understanding of wedding theme terms as you begin planning your big day and talking to your stationer. Your wedding stationery—and more specifically your save the date announcement and wedding invitations—will set the tone for what your guests should expect to see on your wedding day.

In Part II of this blog series, we’re getting into the details. Since your wedding invitation should never come off a shelf or come in the form of an evite, you’ll need to know the terms associated with the materials your stationer will use to create your invitations. If your stationery supply knowledge starts with glitter and ends with ribbon, read on for the terms you need to know to collaborate on a truly distinct invitation suite.

Material Terms

If you have specific ideas for the materials you want to use in your stationery, refer to this list to help you give your vision its proper name.

Organza – A thin, plain weave, sheer fabric traditionally made from silk.

Terms to know when talking to your stationer organza

Tulle – A soft, delicate silk, cotton, or nylon material like a net,  often used for making veils and dresses.

terms to know when talking to your stationer tulle

Scalloped – A series of small curves along the edges of the stationery.

terms to know when talking to your stationer scalloped


Pintuck – A narrow fold or pleat that runs in lines or crisscrosses. Reminiscent of Victorian-era clothing.Terms to know when talking to your stationer pintuck

Brocade ­– A richly decorative shuttle-woven fabric, often made in colored silks and with or without gold and silver threads



Filigree – Any ornamental openwork of delicate or intricate design or a pattern or design resembling such openwork.

Terms to know when talking to your stationer filigree

Belly Band – A functional and decorative tool used to hold together all the components of your wedding invitation suite, or just specific pieces. A belly band can be created using any material, from silk ribbon to burlap, to sateen paper.

terms to know when talking to your stationer belly band Now that you are prepared to work with your stationer to plan a wedding stationery suite that your guests will talk about for years to come, give us a call. We’ll help you design the perfect stationery for your perfect day.

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