When to Send Your Announcements and Other New Baby Etiquette

Whether you’ve just had your first or your fourth baby, you’re doubtless thrilled and ready to share your news (and the first photos!) with the world. To help you stay on schedule, and ensure you’re following new baby announcement etiquette, we have everything you need to know about creating and sending announcements. From timing, to the details to include, to your recipient list.

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The History Behind Our Favorite Wedding Traditions

The_History_Behind_Our_Favorite_Wedding_Traditions_I_DoYou throw the bouquet, you wear something blue, and you definitely make sure your groom doesn’t see you before the ceremony… but why? We all know and love popular wedding traditions, but do you know where each superstition, lucky omen, and traditional best practice comes from? We have the truth behind your favorite wedding traditions below.

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