Flower Girl Dress Ideas that Will Make You Squeal

On a wedding day, we cannot wait to see the dress. No, not that one, the flower girl’s dress! We know that the bride will be outstandingly gorgeous and one-hundred percent Insta-worthy.  What we want to see is the flower girl with her little tiny feet wrapped up in patent leather shoes frolicking down the aisle, dropping rose petals in preparation for the bride’s big entrance. Can we all please pause to remember Princess Charlotte and her crown of white roses walking down the aisle during Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan Markle’s wedding?

*wipes tear from eye*

We’re bringing brides everywhere our list of the modern flower girl dress ideas that will give you all the feels.

White Wedding Meets Traditional Baby Doll

You’ve seen it before, but there’s a reason why it’s on the top of our list. As Princess Charlotte showed us, a white flower girl dress, with a poufy tulle skirt and a big, beautiful silk bow on the back is what we imagine when we think about a quintessential flower girl. We love bows in blush and neutral colors to give the dress a modern-day aesthetic.

Ballerina-Inspired Tu-Tu Skirts

If you’ve ever been to a dance recital, then you know that magical moment when the curtain lifts to reveal the youngest cohort of dancers. The “awws” are nearly tangible. We love flower girl dresses that allow us to relive this magical moment. The flouncier the skirt, the better. Plus, most little girls will take soft-soled ballerina slippers over patent-leather, buckled shoes any day, so that’s a win for everyone.

Magical Fairy Vibes

Your little flower girl looks like she just stepped out of the pages of a fairy tale book with her natural ringlets, rosy cheeks, and bright eyes. Add some jewel-tipped wings to her wedding day outfit, and OMG.

Pop a Color

The flower girl’s dress is often white, like the bride’s, but it’s 2020, friends. Your flower girl was born to stand out, so send her down the aisle in hot pink, cobalt blue, or cherry red. Bonus points if her dress matches the petals she sprinkles at your feet.

Unexpected Formality

If you want your little lady to wow your guests, dress her in a gown worthy of a young lady. Consider trading satin bows for wrist-length lace sleeves, a high neck, and a floor-length skirt. Pair her dress with an up-do, and you can almost imagine what she’ll look like on her own wedding day.

Make Her a Princess

Choose the dress—any dress—and then give her a crown. From the perspective of a little girl dressed in formal wear, who understands that she is playing a part in a momentous day, why shouldn’t she have a crown? The day seems magical, so give her every opportunity to sparkle and shine.

Sequence and Bare Shoulders

Is there anything as soft and smooth as baby skin? Choose a dress with a touch of formality that still feels like your girl could be playing dress-up. We love the idea of gowns covered in a shimmering sequence that showcase that precious, perfect skin not yet touched by the sun.

Final Tip

No matter what you choose, make sure the flower girl will be comfortable. No one wants their flower girl ripping her sash off minutes before the wedding or refusing to wear shoes she finds unacceptably uncomfortable. Make shopping for her dress with you a special event so that she appreciates the pivotal role she’s going to play on the most beautiful day of your life.


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