The Dos and Do Nots of Enjoying an Epic, but Responsible Bachelorette Party

Your bachelorette party is your last chance to kick it with your ladies as a single woman. P-A-R-T-Y! Slow your roll, girlfriend. You can have an epic night with your besties without doing something you’ll regret, like waking up with a devastating hangover, or spending more than you should on a weekend’s worth of festivities. To help you have an outstanding and memorable evening with no regrets, we’ve compiled a list of dos and do nots for your bachelorette party weekend.

1. Do Not Throw Your Bachelorette Party the Night Before Your Wedding

The idea of spending the final night before your wedding party with your girlfriends saying goodbye to your single days is cinematic. In reality, the night before your wedding you don’t want to do anything that could leave you feeling overtired, hungover, or anything other than fully rested for what will inevitably be a long day of smiling, dancing, and celebrating. Instead, plan to celebrate your bachelorette party anywhere from two months to a few weeks before your wedding.

2. Do Collaborate with your MOH

Even if you’d love for some of the detail of your bachelorette night (or weekend) to be a surprise to you, still have a candid conversation with your maid of honor to set some limitations, guardrails, and expectations. Make sure she understands how much you want to spend—and think it’s fair for your guests to spend, and what you do and do not want to do on your big night (e.g., wine tasting, yes; male stripper, no). By ensuring that your party planner extraordinaire understands what will make or break your big night, she’ll be able to plan an evening you’ll always want to remember, instead of wishing that you could forget.

3. Don’t be Tempted to Fall for the Stereotypes

If you’re dreaming of a girls trip to Las Vegas, clubbing all night, and popping bottles for your last hurrah, then by all means, do it up big. Don’t, however, feel that you have to throw a bachelorette party that rivals what you see in the movies and on social media. Similarly, don’t try to plan a night to accommodate your single girl friends’ desire to party lavishly if what you really want is a paint and sip night, a wine tour, or a spa day and mimosa brunch. No matter what you dream, just do you.

4. Do be Transparent with Your Fiancé

Apply the golden rule to your bachelorette and bachelor party honesty. Tell your fiancé what you want him to tell you in return about his bachelor party. Most likely, this will include where you’re going, who you’ll be with, and how long you’ll be gone. If you plan to go wild, you shouldn’t have to hide it from him. If you’re getting married, it’s because you love and trust each other, and a night of partying won’t cause either of you to do something that you’d regret, so you have nothing to hide.

5. Don’t Try to Micromanage the Plan

You have plenty to do to plan your wedding. Let your best friends plan the details of your bachelorette party. It’s part of their responsibility as your bridal party, and it will give you one less time-consuming responsibility and reason to stress. It can be challenging to relinquish control at a time when you feel like you have a huge responsibility in front of you, but remember, it is a party aimed at honoring you. Let your best friends show you how much you are loved and appreciated by showering you with good times.

6. Do Provide a Guest List

Depending on your bridal party strategy, you might have extended members of your squad, family members, soon-to-be in-laws, co-workers, or out-of-town friends whom you’d like to attend your bachelorette party. Let your MOH know up-front who’s on your invite list before your stationer designs your custom invitations.

The expectations for once-in-a-lifetime bachelor and bachelorette parties have risen exponentially thanks to movies likes The Hangover and Brides Maids. Remember, however, that traditionally, a bachelorette party is intended to be an event to honor a soon-to-be-bride in a style enjoyable and comfortable to her and her social circle. All you need for the night to be memorable is for the most important women in your life to be with you. So, celebrate responsibly, and then say your I Dos to the partner of your dreams.


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