Five Modern Wedding Invitation Designs that We love for 2020


The latest trends in wedding invitations mirror the latest trends in weddings themselves (obvi). It’s all about creating a look that is seemingly effortless and entirely unique. We’re bringing you five of the hottest trends in wedding invitations for 2020 and showing you how to execute each one in a way that will leave your guests awed and amazed. Pin these to your wedding fantasy Pinterest board, because you’re about to be wowed.

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The Modern Bride’s Get Beautiful Checklist

Your wedding is six months away (squeal!), which means it’s time to start beautifying every aspect of your appearance from your hair to your complexion to your nails. Any woman who has ever made a beauty transformation knows that these things take time (your hair, for example, only grows about a half-inch per month), so we’ve got your preparation checklist. We’re bringing you everything you need to be the perfect glowing bride on game day—we mean your wedding day.

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