When to Send Your Announcements and Other New Baby Etiquette

Whether you’ve just had your first or your fourth baby, you’re doubtless thrilled and ready to share your news (and the first photos!) with the world. To help you stay on schedule, and ensure you’re following new baby announcement etiquette, we have everything you need to know about creating and sending announcements. From timing, to the details to include, to your recipient list.

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Wedding Etiquette: Tips for Writing Thoughtful Thank You Notes

Writing and sending thank you notes is the final aspect of your wedding. It may feel hard to believe that after months, or even years of planning, you’re about to check the last wedding-related item off your to-do list. Don’t be tempted to rush the process of writing your thank you notes. Keep in mind that your friends and family spent time and money traveling to attend your wedding and supporting the start of your new lives together.

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Top 36 Wedding Love Songs of All Time


The lights dim. A hush falls over the room. Camera lights flicker. The DJ speaks into his microphone.

“And now, I’m proud to introduce, for the first time, the new Mr. & Mrs….”

The ballroom erupts in applause. You see a few members of the crowd wiping tears out of the corners of their eyes. It’s time for your first dance as husband and wife. What song do you hear? What rhythm carries your footsteps along the dance floor? What words perfectly summarize your love for one another, and the commitment you’ve just sworn in front of all of your loved ones?

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Three Spring 2017 Wedding Color Trends

This spring, we expect to see more of the elegant, feminine, and romantic colors that walked down the aisle in spring and summer of 2016, including pallets of sage, blush, and rose, as well as aqua, blush, and cream. We are also expecting a few new trends for spring 2017, however. For brides looking to be beautiful, and a trendsetter on their wedding day, here are three fresh, new, colorful spring wedding color themes to consider.

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Five Tips for Being the Best Maid of Honor


Being asked to serve as someone’s maid of honor is truly… an honor! Standing as a witness, and a supporter as two lives are joined means you are to becoming a permanent party of an event, and a memory, that will last forever. Being a maid of honor is also a huge responsibility. The bride will be relying on you for support and assistance not only with day-of tasks like train maintenance and photo taking, but coordinating events and details during the months that lead-up to the event.

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