Six Modern Wedding Invitations We’re Loving in 2020

Confession: We love every invitation we’ve ever created, and choosing favorites is as impossible as picking a favorite cozy Fall sweater. Still, we’re elated to share some recent creations that reflect the hottest trends in wedding stationery designs. We hope these gorgeous invites inspire your wedding plans.

Thank you to the phenomenal Jill Swirbul Photography for her photography.

Monograms and Textured Belly Bands

This classically elegant invitation suite makes us feel like we’ve been invited to a palace for an evening of dinner and dancing. The custom monogram is stately, and the crisp white paper is elegant and refined. The simple wood grain texture incorporated into the belly band and border adds a natural, earthy simplicity to this gorgeous creation.

Pretty and Polktadotted

This whimsical invitation is fun and charming. The polka dot accents add a modern and welcoming touch to the formal invitation suite. By choosing natural, neutral colors, this invitation is the perfect complement to any wedding theme.

Marvelous Metals

Where do we begin with this rich, opulent design? Charcoal envelopes with gold foil script create an initial first impression that can only be described as the wow factor. Pairing platinum, onyx, and gold, this bold color pallet is extravagant and modern. The gold brush strokes drip with refinement, and the simple twine holding it all together keeps it approachable and inviting.

Timeless Grace

We love bold colors, but there is something so classically polished about the romantic script, black and white hues, and luxurious materials. The unexpected metallic border around the menu reminds us all that wedding bands are made of gold—a metal that reminds us that love is timeless and everlasting.

Satin and Ivory

What do we love most about weddings? Sure the promise of true love and the availability of delicious hors d’oeuvre are enticing, but it’s All. About. The. Dress. With an invitation this gorgeous, the bride and groom are telling their guests to expect a wedding defined by traditional satin, glitter, and glamour.

Whimsy and Romance

It’s the details in this design that create an overall fanciful aesthetic. The curved text, flourishing adornments, and scalloped envelope make us think of twirling around a dance floor and toasting the happy couple with gregarious laughter and heartfelt smiles. Again, we see an emphasis on bold colors, gentle neutrals, and sleek gold to pull it all together.

At RSVP to me, we don’t push templates or trends. We work with every couple to design a custom invitation suite and day-of stationery package to fulfill their vision. Whether you’re looking for romantic or classic, playful, or traditional, colorful or neutral, we guarantee that no one will ever have another invitation quite like yours. Contact us today to get started designing your perfect stationery set.


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