The Five Most Creative Wedding Themes We Expect to See in 2021

We love a traditional white wedding—the lace, the bow ties, the roses. Yes, we know that conventional just doesn’t work for everyone. For those couples whose tastes are as unique as their love, they want their wedding to reflect what brought them together and what keeps them together, including their passions, hobbies, favorite things, and favorite places. If you’re thinking about planning a themed wedding, get inspired by these five popular trends that we expect to see once COVID-19 is fully in our rearview mirror and wedding plans once gain have no limitations.

  1. Vintage Carnival

Do you love vintage dresses and antique silver and glass? Have you often dreamed about what life was like back at a quieter time in a small home town? Style your wedding in vintage style circa the 1920s. Think delicate lace, elegant beading, and three-piece suits. Then, treat your guests to an old-timey-themed wedding reception. Invite them to play carnival games, spin cotton candy, and invite them to dance under the stars to the soft crooning of Louis Armstrong. Pull it all together with a gorgeous candy buffet or dessert table filled with vintage treats.

2. Winter Wonderland

Fall and Summer are the most popular seasons for weddings, so if you want to be different, be the only wedding on anyone’s calendar for the whole season. Choose an outdoor venue that will allow you to walk down the aisle under glimmering lights, wrapped in a faux fur shawl, and carrying a lantern instead of flowers, and place warm, wool blankets on benches for your guests. For your reception, bring your guests inside to an area decorated with ice sculptures and winter greens. Treat your guests to ice cream instead of cake and bid everyone goodbye as you drive away in a horse-drawn carriage. Sigh.

3. Alternative Punk

If you wouldn’t be caught wearing white, why would you wear a big, fluffy gown at your wedding? Do it differently and do it your way. Walk down the aisle in a black dress, choose a moody, deep color palette, and hold a bouquet of deep red roses, deep amethyst gladiolas, and jade myrtle. Adorn your reception tables with tall, black candles, and serve your guests on ebony black plates.

4. Ancient Greece

Helen of Troy was so beautiful that hers was the face that launched a thousand ships. Oh, we know you can do better. Picture it: An outdoor wedding at a winery with rows of grapevines and olive trees. You say your I Dos under the palatial columns of the property’s mansion wearing a Grecian-inspired gown and wearing antique jewels, your hair crowned in a braid and falling in glossy ringlets. You and your guests dine on a Mediterranean inspired meal of fish and meat, bread, wine, and cheese. You and all your guests will feel like gods and goddesses.

5. Oktoberfest

October offers ideal weather for a wedding, but that doesn’t mean you need to fall in line with Fall-themed color pallets and pumpkins. If you and your new husband love an outdoor beer festival, recreate the fun and frivolity of German Oktoberfest for your wedding. Enjoy Bavarian pretzels, steins of beer, and roast chicken and dance the Schuhplattler folk dance. Stick to a traditional color palette with blue and white accented by some natural, rustic hues.

Did you host a non-traditional, one-of-a-kind wedding? What was your theme? Tell us in the comments.


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