Top Ten Bachelorette Wedding Theme Ideas


You’re the maid of honor for your best friend’s wedding. The M.O.H. You’ve got big responsibilities. The train, the speech, and…the bachelorette! We believe every milestone event deserves its own theme. Themes help you to organize. They tie the details together, give everyone inspiration, and offer a color combination with which to coordinate your outfit. No matter who’s in your squad, or where you’ve set your bachelorette budget, we have the top ten bachelorette party themes that are sure to send any bride down the aisle with an evening of memories she will never forget.


  1. Gambling on Love. Take your girl to the casino, or DIY your own games at home. Choose red, white, black, and green for your color theme and make sure your invitation features the queen of hearts. Up the ante by asking your guests to wear roaring twenties themed attire, because every girl looks good in plumage.


  1. Uncorked. Keep it classy with a wine tasting party. Reach out to the restaurants in your area to find out who offers wine tastings, or bring the bubbly home and pair with cheese and crackers. We recommend that guests wear their best LBD to a wine tasting party, and that you choose a black, white, and silver color theme with a pop of purple.


  1. Sing for Love. Singing karaoke can be exhilarating! It encourages you to set your nerves down and be bold—sort of like that feeling you get when you walk down the aisle. Ask everyone in your bridal party to choose a favorite love song and be prepared to belt it out for the bride. No convenient karaoke bar in your neighborhood? Set up a portable set at home and really let loose on that chorus.


  1. Dance Party Remix. A night of dancing may be just what your bride needs. Consider a 70’s disco, or 80’s mixed tape theme. We think black, white, and hot pink are the best colors to inspire cha-cha-worthy outfits. Buy a bunch of pairs of inexpensive flip flops and pass them out to your guests at the end of the night. After several hours of dancing in heels, you’re all going to want to walk home in flats.


  1. A Day at the Spa-ahhh. Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be stressful. The bride needs an afternoon of rest, relaxation and pampering. Make reservations at your favorite local spa, or bring the spa home with at home kits everyone can enjoy. The most important thing is that your bride feels well-rested and ready for her big day. Soul, soothed.


  1. Lasso Your Love. If your girl loves a cowboy, consider a western romance theme. Find a dance hall that offers line dancing, and encourage your bridal party to sport cowboy boots, hats, and their best denim. We like a color pattern that incorporates bright red, white, and blue, and is accented by a paisley pattern.


  1. Mysterious Masquerade. Sometimes love keeps you guessing. Celebrate the mysteries of love with a masquerade themed bachelorette. Encourage your guests to dig out their old prom dresses and elbow-length gloves for this party. The most important costume requirement, however, is that all ladies wear a mask throughout the evening. We’re seeing a color theme of black, white, red, and glitter everywhere.


  1. High Tea. Who says a bachelorette party has to take place at night? If your bride is looking for something non-traditional, gather your girls at noon for high tea. Ask your guests to wear pale, lacy pastels and their bets chapeaus, and enjoy one another’s company over tea, biscuits, and scones.


  1. Go Glamping. If you’re celebrating with a bride who loves the great outdoors, treat her to a weekend of glamping. Bring posh tent accoutrements, a thermos of margarita mix, your cutest camo, and all the fixings needed for s’mores. Spend the night sitting around the camp fire sharing stories of love, friendship, and fun.


  1. Searching for Love. Make your guests earn their fun with a bachelorette themed scavenger hunt. You write the clues and set teams of two to four around your home town searching for the local places that are most memorable to the bride and groom. The team that comes back first with a selfie taken at every correct location wins a gift. We suggest a customized photo folder to remember the afternoon.

 No matter your theme, RSVP to me will design the bachelorette party invitations that perfectly set an expectation for your truly thoughtful, truly extraordinary event. Contact us today and let us help you start planning.


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