When to Send Your Announcements and Other New Baby Etiquette

Whether you’ve just had your first or your fourth baby, you’re doubtless thrilled and ready to share your news (and the first photos!) with the world. To help you stay on schedule, and ensure you’re following new baby announcement etiquette, we have everything you need to know about creating and sending announcements. From timing, to the details to include, to your recipient list.

When to Send Your Birth Announcements

Even if you decide to share those post delivery room photos via social media, it’s still best to send formal announcements to friends, family, and loved ones to share the news of your latest addition. Remember that not everyone is on social media, and even those who are, may not check frequently. The best way to let the world know about your newest plus one is with a custom birth announcement.

Birth announcements should be sent immediately following the birth. Understanding that taking care of a new baby is time consuming, realistically, it’s still proper etiquette to send your announcements within the first six months of baby’s arrival. For holiday babies, consider a joint holiday greeting/baby announcement to send a special message of joy and love to your friends and family.


Plan Ahead

To help expedite your announcements, talk to your stationer to plan your overall design concept, look and feel, and messaging before baby arrives. Start planning in your final trimester. At RSVP to me, we work with new moms to plan colors, messages, paper stock, and overall design themes before baby arrives. Once we have your beautiful photos, and/or the birth details, we will finalize your layouts and help you get your announcements in the mail as soon as possible.


Your Recipient List

Remember how hard it was to compile your wedding invitation list? Don’t worry, this will be easier! Approximately one to two months before baby is scheduled to arrive, start compiling names and addresses of your announcement recipients. Include key friends, family members, and close relatives. Consider using your annual holiday list as a starting place, or as the list.


What to Include in Your Birth Announcement

Feel free to be creative with your birth announcement and include messages, sentiments, quotes, or sections of poems that are meaningful to you. As a best practice however, plan to include the following standard information:

  • Parents’ names
  • Baby’s (or babies’!) name
  • Baby’s birth date
  • Baby’s birth weight
  • Baby’s birth length

Optional Information, depending on how creative and detailed you’d like your announcements to be may include:

  • Sibling’s names
  • Grandparents’ names
  • Location of the birth (e.g., share if your baby was born at home or at a specific hospital)
  • Name of the individual who delivered baby (e.g., a doctor or midwife)


Other Birth Announcement Etiquette Dos and Don’ts

  • Don’t feel the pressure to add a handwritten message to each individual announcement before they are mailed. You’ll be working on a limited number of hours of sleep and baby needs your attention. Your friends and family will be thrilled just to receive the formal announcement.
  • Don’t include a gift registry. Whether or not you had a baby shower, you’ll likely find that some people will choose to send you a gift, but it shouldn’t be expected that a birth announcement should be followed-up with a gift.Baby-Announcement-Pink-Silver-Polkadots-Sheep-Baby-Photo
  • Do send thank you notes for any gifts you do receive as a result of your birth announcement (P.S.: We can help you with custom thank you notes that match your baby announcements too!).
  • Do send a joint announcement if you are welcoming twins.
  • If your baby was adopted, do include the adoption date, and the baby’s birth location, especially if you have completed an international adoption.
  • Do consider creating some celebratory candies or chocolates that you can hand out to friends and family members who visit you in the hospital and immediately when you arrive home.


If baby is on the way and you’re ready to start pre-planning your announcements, contact RSVP to me! We’ll create a completely unique, one of a kind baby announcement that you will cherish for years to come.


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