Wedding Invitations: Why NOT to DIY

Putting a unique spin on wedding details is great way to not only showcase your personality, but to make your day one-of-kind, especially if you’re a crafty person. However, when it comes to planning and designing your wedding, there are just certain things you should absolutely leave to the pros. Of course you can gather “team bride” and allocate jobs to your bridesmaids, but let’s face it, chances are you’re not an expert on everything from invitations and wedding day stationery to floral design, and even catering. While we know you’re ecstatic to begin planning the wedding of your dreams, take some time to enjoy the new bling on your finger and begin gathering inspirations before tackling your wedding details head on. Even if you think DIY is your forte, there a several reasons why it might be in your best interest to contact an expert, especially when it’s time to send out your save the dates, wedding invitations, and other items you might need. We’ve had many bride’s contact us late in the planning process after their great idea to DIY quickly turned from wedding bells to wedding hells. If you’re worried that the only way to make your wedding stationery truly unique, then contact a custom invitation designer. We, along with other professionals in the business will work with your budget, style, and guide you through all elements from style and etiquette to ensure the design process is a breeze. After all, you should enjoy every minute of the planning process with your fiancé, rather than stressing out over printing issues.

Custom pocket fold invitations in champagne metallic, a plumed patterned back, and ivory metallic. The insert cards alternates champagne and gold metallics.
Etiquette– Custom invitation designers know exactly how to incorporate all imperative details from the “anatomy of an invitation” and appropriate wording of parents to the use of social titles and special details. The context of your invitation is much more complex than just informing guests where and when the event will take place. Keep in mind the style of your wedding, titles (Mr. Miss, Mrs., Doctor, etc) and parental roles. A traditional wedding invitation hosted by the bride’s parents who are married, would be worded much differently than if the bride’s, groom’s, or both set’s of parent’s were divorced and even remarried. 
Design & Programs– If you’re not proficient in Indesign, Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop, or any other software, you will have to take the time to learn the in’s and out’s of these design programs. Once you figure out how to use these programs (if you haven’t given up by then), you will then have to worry about line spacing, alignment, and fonts. So you might have found and downloaded some pretty calligraphy fonts for free, but you probably won’t have access to the full version.
Custom brown pocket fold invitations with green and orange accent colors
Time– You have many things to check off your to-do list, as well as attend many appointments in between working full time and other daily life. After putting in long hours at the office, you would much rather spend time with family, friends, or even relieve stress at the gym or attend a fitness class, like yoga rather than frantically stressing over designing, printing, and assembling invitations. At the end of the day you’re a busy bride trying to accomplish a myriad of tasks (sorry ladies, some will be more daunting than others) and it can be easy to procrastinate. Pushing your wedding invitations off to the side thinking it will be an easy DIY project and can be completed with a few hours is a cause for alarm.  The time it takes to design, print, and assemble invitations is a LOT longer than you may think!
Money- If you think creating your wedding invitations and stationery will save you money, that’s not necessarily true. You may purchase more supplies than you actually needed or worse, you absolutely hate what you created. If the end result isn’t what you hoped, you’re likely to call on a pro to help last minute, which will result in added rush fees for new invitations designed by a trusted professional and initial wasted costs.

Custom gold metallic pocket fold invitations and wedding programs
Give your family and friends a glimpse into your wedding celebration with the help of a stationer who will happily RSVP and design invitations that will truly wow your guests.


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