Don’t Make These Six Mistakes with Your Save-the-Dates

When you say your I Dos, your closest friends and family will want to be there to see every tear-jerking moment and breathless moment of romance. Whether they live near or far, they will need several months advance notice to ensure they can clear their calendar for your wedding day (or weekend). That means you need to tell them to Save-the-Date, but you also have to do it right. Don’t make these six mistakes when you send your save-the-date notices.

1. Not Sending a Save-the-Date Card

The biggest mistake you can make with your save-the-date notices is not sending them at all. For busy family and friends, not sending proper notification may not allow them to clear their calendar for your big day. Give them advance notice by sending save-the-date cards to ensure they can be there.

2. Sending Them Too Late

People can’t save-the-date if you don’t give them enough notice. Etiquette says that save the date notices should be sent four months before the wedding if it’s local, or eight to 12 months if you’re planning a destination wedding. Your formal wedding invitation suite should be sent about eight weeks before the wedding.

3. Sending Someone a Save-the-Date Card and then Cutting Them From Your List

Your save-the-date announcements are one of the first official wedding steps you’ll complete, and indeed, things may change during your planning process. Perhaps you switch to a smaller venue, or you make budget constraint decisions that impact your guest list. However, if you sent someone a save-the-date notice, make sure they receive an invitation; otherwise, they’ll be left wondering what happened to your plans. Your stationer can help you keep track of your guest list.

4. Not Making it Personal

Your Save-the-Date announcement is the first preview of your wedding theme that your guests will see. Make sure its design and theme match your wedding aesthetic, and it’s designed by the same stationer who will create your invitation suite and day-of stationery for a consistent appearance.

5. Sending Your Save-the-Dates Before You Confirm Your Venue

The availability of your desired venue will impact your wedding date. If you haven’t yet signed a contract for your wedding venue, hold off on your save-the-dates, just in case something changes. If people save the wrong date for your wedding, they may not be able to make it on the revised day.

6. Sending Via Email

Your once-in-a-lifetime wedding deserves a formal presence. Even in the modern era of social and digital everything, etiquette still prevails when it comes to your wedding. Also, sending electronic save-the-date notices, or emails to a master list, puts you at risk of a notification not being received, being inadvertently deleted, or winding up in a junk mail folder. With notices that you send through snail mail, you can be sure to confirm what invitations are received, and which were returned as undeliverable.

Before you share your wedding news with the world, contact us for a free consultation. We’ll be thrilled to help you design the perfect save-the-date cards and day-of-stationery for your special day.


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