The 6 Top Wedding Trends of 2019 Every Bride Must Know

At RSVP to me, it has been an honor to work with couples to design the perfect wedding invitations and day-of stationery for their most special events for over a decade. During this time, we have seen many trends come, go, and evolve and yet we still find monitoring the latest trends to be one of the most important (and fun!) parts of our job. If you’re planning a 2019 wedding, we’ve compiled the six hottest tips and trends you will need to know to ensure your ceremony and reception are modern, memorable, and personal.

1. Dark, Non-Traditional Color Palettes
There will always be a place for pale pinks, red lips, sparkling metals, and something blue in wedding pallet design, but in 2019, we expect to see weddings become edgier as couples make a statement by choosing pallets that are dark, rich, moody, and like nothing their friends and family have seen before.

Photo Credit: Jill Swirbul Photography

2. Shades of Coral
On the opposite side of the spectrum from moody, edgy colors, many brides are embracing Pantone’s color of 2019: Living Coral. This sunny, summertime shade is perfect for beach weddings, backyard ceremonies, barn receptions, and…okay, we can’t think of a time when shades of corals wouldn’t complement a gorgeous bride!

Photo Credit: Jill Swirbul Photography

3. Asymmetrical Wedding Gowns
This style says, “I’m a princess for a day, and I’m going to rock it!” Expect to see off-the-shoulder necklines, long, off-center slits, diagonal hemlines, and just one bear arm. Love!

4. Peppy Patterns of Polka Dots
Expect to see these feminine additions of color, texture, and dimension everywhere from veils to gowns and trains, to the ribbons that wrap around bouquets to bridal parties and grooms ties, and of course—invitations.


Photo Credit: Jill Swirbul Photography

5. Natural Green Surroundings in Unexpected Places
The movement toward natural, earthy textures and accouterments is reaching a peak. Plan to see creative wedding planners bring natural, lush outdoor ambiance indoors with cascading ivy, flowing decorative trellises, simple, earthy tablescapes and centerpieces, and bridal party bouquets with hints of jade, emerald, and mixed leafy foliage.

6. A Return to Classic Designs and Simple Styles
Some wedding elements never go out of fashion, like flowing white trains, crisp black and white tuxedoes, matching chiffon bridesmaids dresses, bouquets of roses, and dancing around a chandelier-lit ballroom. Think tapered candles, monogrammed napkins, lace details, crystal stemware, bubbling golden champagne, and invitations designed with ivory cardstock and elegant scripts.


7. Statement Wedding Cakes
Why stop at a traditional three-tiered wedding cake of luscious buttercream and decadent chocolate when your wedding cake can make a statement? We expect that this trend of eye-popping desserts will extend beyond the cake as well. Dessert tables are becoming more lavish than ever before, and confectionary geniuses are adding more interactivity than divine chocolate fountains. Expect to see opulent dessert tables, hand-fired marshmallows, and custom sundae bars in addition to skyward reaching wedding cakes dripping with adornments and even monogrammed touches. And the colors on these statement cakes will be anything but traditional. Expect to see bold bronzes, Nantucket mist grays, pale blues, and shimmering golds.


8. Three-Piece Groomswear with Unexpected Textures
Some of the most pleasantly surprising trends in 2019 wedding design surround handsome grooms and their groomsmen. We predict a movement toward expertly-tailored three-piece suits that pair different patterns and fabrics in unexpected complementary ways. Expect to see groomsmen with mix-matched ties, socks, and pocket scarves united by an underlying thread of color.

How to Adopt the Hot Wedding Design Trends of 2019
Are you ready to make the 2019 trends of the season your own? Start by contacting RSVP to me to design your custom wedding invitations and day-of stationery. The wedding invitation is the first revealed wedding element that will give your guests a sneak-peek into the one-of-a-kind event to follow, which is why your stationer can help you think through color pallets, themes, and textures that will carry through the rest of your event planning process. Also, if you know you want to incorporate a statement wedding cake or lavish dessert bar into your reception, our sister company, Sweet by RSVP to me, can help you tie it all together with a dessert table that expertly complements your theme and its elements.

We look forward to designing something trendy and stylish with you in 2019!


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