Nine Creative Wedding Ceremony Seating Ideas

COVID-19 is challenging brides and their wedding planners to host their friends and family while maintaining a safe social distance. This safety need poses a unique challenge for during the ceremony when guests want to pack in together to experience those precious moments when you and your partner say I Do. If you’re not going to be married in a place of worship, and are taking a precautious approach to your upcoming nuptials, we’ve got nine ideas for creative seating arrangements. These layouts will give you some flexibility in separating guests and be one more unique aspect of your once-in-a-lifetime event.

1. Seat Your Guests in a Circle

This format will create an intimate feel and won’t subject anyone to being in the back of the room and standing on their tiptoes to see your first kiss. You can also space your seats comfortably apart so that your guests aren’t bumping elbows. When planning your circle, make sure to leave a center aisle for you and your bridal party to enter the space.

2. Full Square

Similar to the circle, but possibly easier to accommodate depending on your venue space, consider an open box format. You will still create a warm, inviting space, and will be surrounded by loved ones on all sides.

3. The Open Semicircle

Do you love the idea of 360-degree seating, but are planning a ceremony on the ocean shore? Or in front of a gorgeous vista? Go with a semicircle seating arrangement instead.

4. Spiral Seating

If you’re going to go circular, why not make it fancy by creating a winding spiral pattern? This option is ideal if you have about 50 to 100 guests and can keep your spiral reasonably sized without creating too many rows.

5. Use Large Poufs for Your Boho-Chic Ceremony

Forget hard and uncomfortable wooden benches or banquet chairs. Make your indoor space feel cozy and inviting with oversized pillows and poufs spread around the room for your guests.

6. Hay Bales for a Rustic Wedding

Drape comfortable, soft blankets or sheets over haybales at your gorgeous pastoral or chic barn wedding. By incorporating nature into your event, you create a natural, homey, natural, and sentimental environment that will remind everyone of what matters most in life—the connections we form with one another.

7. Driftwood Logs

Are you loving the idea of non-traditional seats, but planning a beach wedding? We see your challenge and raise you driftwood logs. You will need to do some scouting with your venue or wedding planner, but if you can find large, round, and smooth logs, and enough of them, you can cover them in soft blankets for a cozy, and well-spaced seating arrangement. If you’re getting married at sunset or in the evening with a crackling fire nearby, this arrangement will be one your guests will never forget.

8. Tree Stumps

As an alternative to driftwood for those planning on being married at the edge of a lake, or in a romantic Shakesepearesque forest, tree stumps offer a comfortable and comfortably distanced natural seating.

9. Picnic Blankets

Picnic blankets offer an alternative approach for outdoor weddings that will help keep families and dates socially distanced. Ramp up the picnic-feel by placing on each blanket a few glasses of wine so your guests can raise their first toast to the new couple as you walk down the aisle.

COVID-19 doesn’t have to stifle your creativity or make it challenging to create an intimate, once-in-a-lifetime wedding event. With love and a little creativity, all things are possible.


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