How to Throw a Heartfelt Virtual Bachelorette Party (7 Tips)

Your bestie got engaged and named you her M.O.H. Then—BOOM—pandemic. If the bride and groom are like many quarantined couples, they pivoted and either rescheduled their wedding for next year, or they have decided to host a small, intimate ceremony now with immediate friends and family, with a lavish reception to follow when we’re all allowed to gather in groups greater than ten. Either way, your girl still needs a bachelorette party.

Nothing will stop you from planning an all-out, crazy girls weekend in a few months when the government lifts recommended travel restrictions. In the meantime, we bet the bride could still use some time with her girls to celebrate her nuptials, even if we are all still quarantined. What follows are seven ideas for throwing an heartfelt bachelorette party—virtually.

Still Send Printed Invitations

This is a bachelorette party, not a weekly meeting of your employee engagement task force. A calendar invite with a Zoom link will not do. Work with a stationer to design printed bachelorette party invitations that will arrive at your guests’ homes to legitimize the event and give it the attention it deserves.

Send the Bride a Bottle of Wine

Ask the bridal party to chip is so you can send the bride a bottle of wine or champagne to enjoy during your virtual soiree. Encourage all your bridal party members to purchase a bottle of their own so that you can all toast to the bride as if you were celebrating together.

Send Gifts in Advance

Traditionally, many bridal party members will bring a small gift for the bride to her bachelorette party. Remind everyone to mail their gifts in advance or chip in on a group gift. We like subscription boxes, like FabFitFun, a personalized wine glass, or something for her to wear during the event, like a tiara and sash.

Play a Game

Bachelorette parties are notorious for their games. Who says you can’t play virtually?  If you all will be imbibing and no one is driving, games without physical materials like, Never Have I Ever, Two Truths and a Lie, and Who Knows Her Best will make for an uproariously fun evening.

Get the Bride’s Partner Involved

A bride whose special day has been hijacked by a pandemic needs to feel all the love. Ask her fiancé to record a special message of love and appreciation and surprise the bride by sharing the recording during your virtual get-together. Plan to have tissues on standby.

Coordinate Your Outfits

Show the bride that even if you can’t be together in person, you are still her squad. Order custom shirts for your bridal party members and surprise the bride with coordinated attire when she logs on to your virtual party.

Order the Bride’s Favorite Cuisine (for Delivery)

If you could take the bride out for dinner, where would you go? If her favorite spot is offering takeout, Uber Eats, or Door Dash, send the bride her favorite dish, and encourage all the (local) bridesmaids to order dinner for delivery too. After all, it’s a party, so treat yourselves!

No matter what details you ultimately decide, what’s most important is that your bride feels connected to her bridal party and supported. Social distancing shouldn’t make anyone feel isolated, especially a bride preparing for the most important event of her young life. Virtual get-togethers may not replace the value of an in-person event, but they can do much to bring friends together and give us all an opportunity to release stress with people we love and trust.


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