Seven Ways to Throw a Virtual Birthday Party

Millions of people will be spending their birthday following the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order. While we all must do our part to flatten the curve and help minimize the devastating loss of life from this deadly disease, Spring birthdays in 2020 simply won’t be the same. If you want to help a loved one celebrate their birthday from the safety of their home, but still feel the warmth and love of friends and family members, follow our tips below to throw a virtual birthday party.

1. Find a Virtual Venue. Many businesses are finding creative ways to stay relevant, even if not as profitable, during the pandemic. If you are planning a birthday or a little one, consider partnering with a party venue such as SkyZone, which is offering virtual parties for up to ten tiny participants. Via a Zoom video conference, the party host will lead the participants through some fun physical activities, with everyone safe at home. Activities include Simon Says, trivia, dance battles, and of course, singing of happy birthday to the special guest.

2. Host a Virtual Theme Party. Who says you have to cancel that Gatsby-themed birthday party? Tell your guests to join you via video conferencing in their best attire, with their favorite martini in hand, as planned. Catch up, tell jokes, and play music. What’s important is that you see one another (and your fabulous costumes) and toast another trip around the sun by someone special.

3. Stream Your Entertainment. If you were planning a festive birthday party for your child with an experienced magician, clown, or singer, ask the entertainer if he or she would consider live streaming the show to your guests instead.

4. Throw a Parade. Set your guest of honor in a thrown (and by thrown, we mean a folding chair) in the center of your front lawn, and at a designated time, ask friends and family to drive by in decorated cars to honk, wave, and send happy birthday wishes from a safe distance of at least six feet.

5. Host a Virtual Game Night. Many kid and adult games are available for virtual play, including Trivia, Never Have I Ever (both adult and junior editions), Two Truths and a Lie, and Heads Up. You can also DIY Pictionary, Charades, or host a scavenger hunt where guests need to search for everyday objects within their homes.

6. Netflix and Birthday. Invite your party guests to download Scener, an app that syncs Netflix for remote participants and allows you to video chat together while you watch your favorite movies, just as if you were viewing in person. So, break out all your favorites (after all, it’s a birthday), like 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, and Dirty Dancing.

7. Send Paper Invitations. Invite friends and family to your virtual event with real, tangible, paper invitations. It will legitimize the festivities and show the birthday girl or boy that you are still giving their special day all the fanfare and attention it deserves.

2020 may not be remembered as our best collective year, but it doesn’t have to be remembered as the year in which birthdays were forgotten. Go big from home this year and bring the most important people in your life together to celebrate the big day. Cheers!

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