10 Absolute Must-Haves on Your Wedding Registry

Whether you will be moving in with your true love after your wedding, or you’ve been living together for years, every couple needs a wedding registry. Couples have been procuring registries since Marshall Field’s (you know it today as Macy’s) created the first widely used wedding registry in 1924. Over the decades, while customs for engaged couples and their living arrangements have evolved, there are still critical must-haves that every two-some should add to their registry. Make sure you include the items below when planning what you’ll need for your new life together. 

A Coffee Maker. Yes, even in the era of Starbucks, every home needs a coffee maker. Even if you don’t drink coffee yourself, it’s a must-have when entertaining guests—which you’ll be doing a lot now that you’re living in wedded bliss.  

Bath Towels. Even if you have towels today, be honest, couldn’t you use a fresh set? If a day at a home good’s store isn’t your idea of an exciting Saturday, then let your friends and family do the shopping for you. Choose an indulgent set of towels that will last for years. The warm, soft, fluffy kind. 

A Set of Old Fashioned Glasses. The lesson of the coffee maker applies here too. Even if you don’t regularly indulge in cocktails, a set of old fashioned glasses is the perfect bar accouterment when hosting distinguished guests (like your new in-laws).  

A Blender. Power couples-on-the go need quick, nutrient-packed breakfasts. A blender will allow you make strengthening protein shakes and heart-healthy smoothies. And milkshakes. Just saying. 

An Electric Kettle. Who has time to wait for the water to boil? Choose a rapid boil electric kettle. It’s perfect for all the ways you use hot water, from flavorful tea to hearty oatmeal.  

Cake and Knife Servers. Not only will you turn to these helpful tools on every holiday and birthday for the rest of your happy lives, but you can give them their first use during your reception when you cut the cake. 

Luggage TagsFor couples who already have a well-appointed home, invest in something practical that you’ll need as soon as the day you leave for your honeymoon. Quality luggage tags will last a long time—at least until you upgrade to a bigger home with a few extra bedrooms 😉 

A Wine Decanter. A wine decanter is another must-have home item for couples ready for some serious adulting. These helpful tools aerate red wine for optimal taste. Umami! 

A Grill. Who said a wedding registry was restricted to inside the home? Pick out a quality grill with the essential features and start treating your friends and family to backyard barbecues at your place. 

A Throw Blanket. Throw blankets are perfect for cuddling couples. Upgrade your snuggling with a quality throw for your new home. 

With the ten items on this list, you and your new spouse will be on your way to creating the perfect home for a life filled with love. Make sure you send all your guests thank you notes for their thoughtful registry gifts. We can help. 

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