Six Must-Haves in Your Purse on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day will bring together all of your favorite, most-loved people. Being surrounded by everyone you love is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which means you must be prepared with everything you love as well. There are six must-haves that you cannot leave home without if you want your wedding day to be perfect. No matter what gorgeous clutch you select to match your dream gown, make sure you pack these six essential items inside:

Your Lipstick. If you want your wedding day photos to be perfect, be prepared to apply, and reapply, and reapply your lipstick. You will be sipping, noshing, and kissing all night long, so you will need to refresh your perfect pout. If you plan to have your makeup done by a pro on your wedding day, plan to purchase the lipstick he/she applies so that you can take it with you.

A Compact Mirror. Your loved ones will be telling you all night long that you look simply fabulous, but you’ll want to see for yourself. A small compact mirror will help you spot-check your hair and makeup throughout the night, especially after you cry during the ceremony and during the reception speeches. Also, make sure you choose an MOH who will tell you honestly if you have mascara on your cheeks.

Tissues. Need we say more? And we don’t only expect that you’ll need to dry tears of joy on your wedding day. Plenty of grooms break down and cry too. Be prepared to share a tissue with your new hubby to ensure you both remain camera-ready.

Headache Medicine. The last thing any bride needs on her wedding day is a bothersome headache, but with all the stress and excitement of marrying your true love, it could happen. You could also end up with pain from your amazingly gorgeous but impractical shoes. No matter the cause, be prepared to dull the ache with an OTC painkiller—and make sure to limit your alcoholic drinks accordingly.

Breath Mints. Not only will you be kissing your fiancé turned spouse all day and night, but you’ll also be hugging, dancing with, and close-talking to friends and family. Make sure your breath is delightfully fresh with some refreshing mints. We recommend mints over gum to ensure you’re not smacking and chomping in photos and videos.

A Stain Stick. White picks up everything, and let’s be honest, if you plan to celebrate your nuptials hardcore, there will be makeup, food, and drinks flying all over the place. Keep a stain stick in your purse in case you need to blot away any small smudges or spots that end up on the front of your dress.

Think of your wedding clutch as your go-to emergency supply kit. You won’t need your car keys, your supermarket discount card, or all the other small gadgets and supplies that float around the bottom of your purse and that you never use. No matter what else you bring (yes, yes, your smartphone and charger are necessities), make sure you bring these six must-haves so that you can be worry-free on your wedding day.


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