How to Take the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

Thanks to social media, spreading the news that your SO finally popped the question is as easy as hitting the share button—however, it requires the perfect photo of the rock. How can one best show off the glimmer and glam of their engagement ring, and express in imagery the elation of knowing they are going to marry their one true love? Read our engagement ring selfie tips for our expert advice.

Light it Up

The proper lighting is everything when it comes to photography, especially when your goal is to showcase the intricate facets of a perfectly clear, clean diamond. The best light does not mean the brightest light, however. Your best lighting choices involve filtered window light, shade, or a slightly cloudy sky. Also, stick to one lighting source, either indoor or outdoor. Mixing the two types can create an orangeish hue that will detract from the clarity of your ring.

Get Yourself a Manicure

If you knew that the question was coming, you might have already prepped your nails with a glossy, shining coat of color. If not, and your nails look like you have been gnawing on them like it’s your last meal, run, don’t walk to your closest nail salon. If you can’t wait 24 hours to share the news with your closest friends and family, give them a call or send them a text, but when it comes time for the big reveal to your hundreds of followers, wait for your mani to set.

Let the Ring Shine

If you plan to reveal your ring with a gorgeous close-up, experiment with the best angle to show off your ring’s exquisite detail. If, for example, your ring is set in a delicate antique band with stones intricately placed in the band, consider a slightly angled shot. If it’s all about that two-carat solitaire diamond, try a head-on shot.

Carefully Select Your Background

You wouldn’t take your wedding photo in front of a dingy storefront, so why would you take your engagement ring’s reveal picture in front of your stained coffee table? Choose a simple, non-distracting background in dark tones to let your ring pop.

Get Fancy with a Prop

Especially if your friends, family, and followers won’t suspect to learn of your engagement, consider an unexpected surprise reveal by using a casual prop. For example, a photo of you holding a coffee cup, or a book, or a long-stemmed rose. Your followers will immediately catch sight of your gorgeous token of love and realize what it means—and start blowing up your comments.

Resist the Urge to Zoon

Even if you have the latest iPhone with the highest-quality camera on the market, you’re not going to capture a pro-quality shot, so don’t try to get too fancy with your camera’s functions and filters. Avoid zooming in on the ring, which could result in some lost detail or make the photo look blurry, and go 100 percent #nofilter.

Showing off your engagement ring is about announcing to the world that you are in love and have chosen the one person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. It’s worth the time and effort it will take to capture the moment beautifully, so that every year when the moment pops up in your Facebook memories, you’ll be just as thrilled as the moment when you said “Yes.”

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