Five Modern Wedding Invitation Designs that We love for 2020

The latest trends in wedding invitations mirror the latest trends in weddings themselves (obvi). It’s all about creating a look that is seemingly effortless and entirely unique. We’re bringing you five of the hottest trends in wedding invitations for 2020 and showing you how to execute each one in a way that will leave your guests awed and amazed. Pin these to your wedding fantasy Pinterest board, because you’re about to be wowed.

1. Vellum Envelopes.

The semi-transparent nature of vellum creates an almost ethereal quality. We love seeing it used in stationery suites, but be unexpected by choosing vellum envelopes. Here, we created invitations in shades of blue that almost have an antique, nautical feel. They include delicate vellum envelopes that encompass the design and hold it all together.

Photo by: Jill Swirbul Photography

2. Gold Foil Accents

Gold makes any invitation announcement glimmer. The tradition of gold wedding rings dates back centuries, but adding gold foil elements to wedding invitation script, designs, and accents create a modern, bold statement. In the wedding invitations pictured below, we used gold foil on charcoal matte envelopes, and to make bold brushstrokes throughout the wedding invitation suite. The overall look screams dancing in the city, and a love that lasts a lifetime.

Photo by: Jill Swirbul Photography

3. Glitter

Glitter is not a new trend when it comes to weddings or wedding invitations. Still, we’re expecting it to be an impactful accent in 2020. The key to glitter is to use it sparingly to accent a design, not overpower it. If a guest opens your wedding invitation, and a pool of glitter topples out of the envelope onto his lap, then you’ve overdone it. In the example below, we’ve used glitter as a physical touch along the border of the response card. Glitter also shimmers from the square envelopes, making them shine like a diamond.

Photo by: Jill Swirbul Photography

4. Non-Traditional Shapes

In a year when every bride wants to stand out effortlessly, nothing says non-traditional wedding like an invitation not shaped like a rectangle. For this winter wedding, we designed an invitation with a scalloped edge envelope. The inside revealed a marble-edged invitation suite with a custom monogram. It was all held together by a frosty and sparkly snowflake adornment.

5. Bold Colors

Wedding suites will always have a place for blushing pinks and traditional black and white. 2020 promises bold, moody, and deeply emotive color pallets splashed all across couples’ invitation suites. Check out the black, white, and Champaign wedding invitations below. They are as bold as they are unexpected and as fresh as they are fabulous.

No matter what theme you’ve chosen for your wedding, don’t expect to find what you’re looking for in a sample book. Talk to the experts at RSVP to me. Every invitation is custom created and designed just for you. Visit our website to see more inspiration.

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