Seven Wedding Trend Predictions for 2020

2020 is going to be epic. It’s a new decade and brides doing it their way in non-traditional, modern, socially, economically, and environmentally responsible ways. If you’re planning to say your I dos in 2020, you can expect the following seven trends to be hot all year long.

Micro Ceremonies

Today’s brides want their weddings to be intimate, relaxed, and personal. Expect to see micro ceremonies in which couples say their vows in front of a small gathering of forty or fewer friends and family members. Micro ceremonies also often mix modern and traditional elements together for an event that is unique, memorable, and as aesthetically cozy and cherished as possible.

Non–Traditional Wedding Gowns

In line with ceremonies that characteristically fit the bride and groom, expect to see brides choosing gowns that buck the trend of traditional flowing trains and full bodices for pantsuits, non-traditional colors, and sundresses. In the era of social media, where everyone is trying to stand out, brides are desperate to design a wedding that inspires for its progressive nature.

Co-Selected Wedding Rings

Modern brides want to choose their entire wedding ring set, which means working with their spouse-to-be to select the engagement ring and matching his and her wedding band sets. This modern approach fits the practical nature of couples who are dating longer, living together, and sharing expenses before they commit. From a ring design perspective, expect brides to follow trends set by their favorite celebs, and trend back toward yellow-gold bands, art deco style designs, and cushion-cut, hand-mined diamonds.

Relaxed Florals

Yes, the trend toward informality will extend to botanicals in 2020. It wouldn’t fit for a demure bride in a pale yellow eyelet dress to carry a cascading bouquet of calla lilies, freesias, roses, and gardenias. Expect instead to see relaxed, even slightly unkempt bouquets that make us think of the first time a boy pulled flowers out of his mother’s garden to give to his sweetheart.

Eco Weddings

Couples who truly want their wedding to have a lasting impact are designing days that are environmentally sustainable and ensure a focus on the significant impact we all make on our community. Eco weddings leverage responsibly sourced materials, including fabrics, foods, and flowers. They eliminate what are sometimes seen as unnecessary flourishes (think birdseed thrown haphazardly at the newlyweds) and are even pledging to work with their vendors to ensure their ceremony and reception are zero-waste events. Now that’s something to celebrate.

Textured, Messy Updos

Soft, waves, low ponies, and classic adornments were hot in 2019. Expect to see brides taking the natural, effortless hair look further by adding simple touches that fit their casual aesthetic, such as a braided leather headband, a small sunflower tucked behind the ear, or a woven ribbon tied into tresses.

Vegan, Free-Form Dining

The rising trend in vegetarian and vegan diets mean brides and grooms are looking for caterers who can design meals that all guests will enjoy. Also, we expect to see fewer sit-down, limited options such as chicken, beef, or fish, and more buffet stations, grazeable snacks, and cocktail and hors d’oeuvre offerings. Such a laid back atmosphere will fit in better with the casual venues and settings that couples are choosing.

No matter what you choose for your big day, let RSVP to me design custom wedding invitations that expertly align with your theme. Whether you want a laid-back beach vibe, a rustic barn wedding, or an all-out traditional black and white affair, we promise to design custom stationery for your day that will set the stage for the one of a kind event to follow. Contact us today to start planning.


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