Seven Questions to Ask When Choosing a Wedding Stationer

Photo credit: Jill Swirbul Photography

Your wedding stationery, including your save the date announcements and formal invitations, is the first aspect of your wedding that you unveil to your guests. That means your stationery sets the stage for your big day, including the theme, tone, mood, and feel your guests should expect when they walk into your ceremony. That means your stationery must be on point and choosing a stationer is one of the first and most important decisions you have to make once you set a date. As you are evaluating options in your search for your stationery soulmate, keep this short list of questions on hand to ask all your prospective partners. The answers to these questions will help you identify the best fit for your wedding planning team.

1. How long have you been in business?

You only get one chance to make a first impression with your wedding stationery, which means you will want to choose a reputable, established, and experienced partner. Even if you love your friend who claims to be “crafty” go with an expert you can trust.

2. Do you offer consultations?

You wouldn’t show up to have your hair done for your wedding without first ensuring your stylist can create the look you want, right? The same expectations should apply to your stationery. Choose a partner who offers on-site consultations and makes the time to understand your vision, show you samples, and collaborate with you on a plan.

3. Do you create custom designs or sell premade suites?

No bride wants to choose a stationery package that isn’t unique and can’t be customized to fit her theme and circumstances. Ideally, you’ll want to select a stationer who is a graphic designer. He or she should collaborate with you to design a custom suite and can offer limitless options for paper, envelopes, scripts, colors, and tactile adornments.

4. Do have experience building stationery that aligns with the theme I have in mind?

This is your follow-up to question number two. A stationer who builds custom invites—but only in one style (think: hand-painted calligraphy in a classic watercolor style—no modern touches, no ability to work with custom photos, and no other script options) won’t be able to accommodate anything specific you have in mind.

5. Do you create day-of stationery or invitations only?

There is much more to wedding stationery than the invitations. There are save-the-date cards, escort cards, thank you cards, favors, table signs, menus, programs, and dozens of other custom signage and notes you may want to produce. All your stationery elements should match perfectly, which means you will want them created by a single source. A vendor whose offering is limited to invites only won’t be able to address all your needs.

6. Can you work within my budget?

The best wedding stationers can always accommodate your budget and will work with you on choosing materials and packages that fit your needs within your budget.

7. Can you assist with addressing and mailing my invitations?

What bride has time to address 150 envelopes and run them over to the post office? Choose an expert who offers all-in-one services.

At RSVP to me, we have been helping couples build the wedding invitations and day-of stationery of their dreams for over ten years. Every piece is customized and handmade. There are no books to flip through and no limitations. Contact us today and let us help you design the stationery of your dreams.


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