May is Date Your Mate Month. Celebrate All Month Long with These 31 Great Date Ideas.

He wooed you, he pursued you, he won you, and he wed you. Whether you have been married for five days, five years, or fifty years, couples must always put the time and effort into making time for one another. And no, texting from upstairs while he’s downstairs in the man cave does not count. We are talking quality alone time (read: a date, just like you used to do before you were Mr. and Mrs.). May is national Date Your Mate month, so to help you get started celebrating this valuable month-long holiday, we’ve compiled 31 date ideas—one for every day of the month.

31 Date Ideas for Date Your Mate MonthMovie Double Header. That way, you each get to pick a flick you want to see (and you get double the popcorn).

Paint and Sip. Sign up for a painting class—the kind that walks you through your painting step by step and serves you wine and cheese.

Volunteer. Find a cause that matters to you both and volunteer for an evening. Whether you are rebuilding homes or delivering home-cooked meals to those in need, you’ll both feel good knowing you are doing good—together.

Take Each Other Out to the Ballgame. It’s May, which means baseball is back. Whether you live in a city with a Single-A, Double-A, or Triple-A home team, or decide to grab a bleacher spot at your local high school, be sure to bring extra cash for a hotdog and Cracker Jacks.

Drop Everything and Go to Lunch. Couples who both work often find it difficult to carve time out of their busy days for quality couple time, especially if they also have kids. No matter how busy your work day gets, commit to taking one lunch date together this month. Even if it’s only a brief 30-minute, casual grab-and-go, you’ll both feel rejuvenated when you return to the office having spent time together.

Drive-In Movie Night. Go classically vintage by finding the nearest drive-in and snuggling up for an evening flick. Theaters that show horror movie classics are our faves.

Sign up for a Wine, Craft Beer, or Distillery Tour. The craft beverage market is booming. No matter where you live, you are likely to find friendly proprietors of locally sourced beverages. Just make sure you Uber or Lyft to and from the tour so you can enjoy responsibly.

Enjoy a Day at the Spa-ahhh. Treat yourselves to a couples massage. You both work hard and deserve some much-needed R&R.

Dine Al-Fresco. Spring is in the air, and it’s the perfect time to enjoy a meal outside at a local park. Bonus points if you can find one of those classic woven picnic baskets with the two-sided lid.

Place a Bet. You gambled on each other and won. Take a bigger risk and enjoy a day at the track or the casino, or hit up Atlantic City if you are a native New Jerseyan like us. And remember, the Kentucky Derby is May 4. Mint Juleps on you.

Hit the Links. Golf fanatic? Never played before? It won’t matter as long as you’re together.

Rock Climb (Indoors or Outdoors). You two are partners for life, so push your limits with the one person you trust the most holding your lifeline (literally).

Plant a Perennial. Leave a positive lasting impression on the Earth. Plant a tree, some flowers, herbs, or go big with a whole vegetable garden. Then, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor year after year.

Try Out a New Recipe. Cooking a meal together is an ideal way to unwind after a long day of work. Challenge yourself to something outside of your comfort zone, or indulge in a family tradition.

Visit a Museum. Embrace the arts and culture-up with a trip to a museum of your choice. Art museums are inspiring choices, but if you’re more of a sports hall of famer, that counts too.

Visit a Comfy Coffee Shop. Whether you chat together or quietly indulge in your favorite novel or podcast, take time out together at a cozy café of your choice. Get in the mood by listening to Landon Pigg’s “Finding Love at a Coffee Shop.”

Go Antiquing. It doesn’t matter if you collect antiques. Spend an afternoon in your nearest quaint country town browsing vintage antique shops. We guarantee you’ll find something that catches your eye and reminds you of your Date Your Mate challenge.

Go for a Hike. Fresh air, sunshine, and spring breezes will help lift your mood as you enjoy the feel-good benefits of an outdoor hike.

Try a New Restaurant. You know that one place in town you’ve never been to because it’s just a little too far out, or you’re not sure if you’d like it, or you just haven’t been there yet? Make a reservation. No excuses.

Enjoy a Night at the Theater. When was the last time you saw a live production? Exactly. Whether you hit up the bright lights of Broadway or a quaint local playhouse, expand your horizons with something new.

Sign Up for a 5K. Whether you walk or run, committing together to completing the course will keep you both motivated. Choose a Charity 5K for added community benefits.

Go Ice Skating. Yes in May. We know you didn’t find the time to do it in December. Check out your local parks and rec center and find an all-season indoor ice skating facility. Holding hands while you make circles around the rink is totally eighth grade, and it gives us all the fees.

Plan a Game Night. We’re thinking Scrabble or Monopoly. Big asterisk on this one, however. If you’re both ultra-competitive, maybe choose a game where everybody wins, like Hoot Owl Hoot!

Get Locked Inside a Mystery Room. Many mystery room companies allow teams of two, but it’s also fun to make new friends by joining some other couples on their date nights and working together to get unlocked.

Walk on the Beach. Even if it’s cool and cloudy, there is just something quintessentially romantic about holding hands during a slow beach walk.

Go Back to Where it All Began. Revisit the place where you fell in love, met, or had your first date. It could be your college campus, a local fine dining establishment, or dive bar. If you met at a party in a friend’s basement, just make sure to let him know you’re stopping by to recreate the memories.

Check Out a Local Street Fair or Food Festival. Find an arts and crafts fair, a Cinco de Mayo celebration (we see you half priced Margaritas), or a local culinary carnival and enjoy all the sights, sounds, smells, and samples.

Enjoy a Live Musical Performance. Whether you prefer Motley Crue or Mozart, find a live performance you will both enjoy, and that will leave you humming happily all the way home.

Tour a Zoo or Aquarium. You’ll feel like a kid again, though if you have a kid, it may be hard to sneak out without them being jealous, so plan to bring your little one home a stuffed orangutan and maybe some Skittles.

Purchase Some Local Produce. Stroll through your local Farmer’s Market and pick up some locally-sourced products. #farmtofork

Go for a (Bike) Ride. Whether you choose a city tour or some back country roads, you’ll feel like you’re living in a romantic comedy movie montage. Cue “Walking on Sunshine.”

Enjoying Date Your Mate Month shouldn’t feel like yet another stressful commitment on your time. Think of it as a perfect excuse to say no to outside pressures and yes to remembering all the romantic reasons why you fell in love and said I Do.


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