7 Wedding Planning Details You Can’t Overlook

You ordered the cake, your MOH picked up the flowers, and your sister is in charge of getting the card basket to your reception vendor. You feel like you’ve crushed the wedding detail planning checklist, but could you possibly be forgetting something tiny (but crucial?) Don’t forget about these seven wedding planning details that are too often overlooked.

1. On-Site Signage and Directions. Don’t assume your guests will know where to park, where to pick up the reception shuttle, or which is the diamond ballroom as listed on your invites. Ask your stationer to help you outline detailed directions in your wedding invitation suite and talk through options for creating on-site signage so that your guests don’t miss a moment of the proceedings.

Photo Credit: Jill Swirbul Photography

2. Special Pre-Wedding Outfits for Your Bridesmaids. Say thank you to your bridesmaids with special robes, t-shirts or sleepwear sets for the night before and morning of your big day. Not only will they appreciate the thoughtful gesture, but you and your squad will also be photo ready when your photog arrives for the day.

3. A Rainy Day Contingency Plan. Whether you are planning a beach wedding and outdoor reception or only need to worry about your guests getting from a parking lot to the ceremony without getting drenched, make sure you have a plan in place for inclement weather. We’ve provided everything you need to know about building a rainy day backup plan here.

4. A Floral Trim for Your Big Entrance. What photo does every wedding guest crave sharing on Instagram? The unforgettable moment when the bride appears in the doorway to walk down the aisle. Talk to your florist about adding a floral arch or another decorative element to ensure everyone’s snap is picture perfect—and that you are framed like a princess when your groom sees you in your dress for the first time (*swoon!*).

5. Escort Cards. You put the time and effort into creating a seating chart. Don’t forget to provide your guests with cues for where to sit. Your stationer will be clutch in helping with the card creation and ensuring this critical detail perfectly matches your theme.

6. A Designated Point Person. If you have hired a wedding planner, consider this item checked off your to-do list. If not, do you really want to be fielding questions from your caterer during your post-ceremony photo shoot? Designate one of your bridesmaids as your trustworthy point person and give her deets to all your vendors so she can answer questions and help with last-minute coordination while you enjoy your day.

7. A Guest Book. Not only will a guest book confirm who attended your ceremony and reception, but it will also be a lifelong keepsake you and your groom will cherish forever. Choose a customizable guest book that is worthy of becoming a wedding day treasure.

These may be seven details, but they are seven impactful elements that will help you to meet your goal of hosting the wedding of your dreams, and ensuring your guests have the time of their lives too.


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