Ring Shopping Together? Tips to Get the Rock You Want!

When you’ve found the one, you just know. If you’re a practical person (read: SO not into surprises), you value the chance to decide together when you’re ready to take the next step and say I Do. If you’ve determined as a couple to get married, then it is just as practical to shop for the rock together. Not only can it be a memorable experience, but it can also ensure you get the engagement ring of your dreams. Here are five tips for selecting your dream rock when engagement ring shopping together.

1. Do Your Research. You may already have in your mind the type of ring you want, but before you start shopping, do some in-depth research. Learn about the Four Cs (that’s cut, clarity, carat, and color), the different cuts (princess, emerald, round, oval, cushion, marquise, Asscher, radiant, pear, and heart), and band styles (yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum, and rose gold). Also, do some research about the factors that impact cost, which leads us to number two.

2. Set a Budget. Creating a budget is a step you’ll need to take together. Whether your fiancé is paying for the ring or you are both chipping in, agree in advance on a budget and do your best to stick to it.A general rule of thumb states that a buyer should spend up to two months of income on an engagement ring, which means not only do you need to set a budget, you may need to spend a few months setting money aside toward your ring fund.You don’t want to start your new lives together buried under credit card debt.

3. Start with a Shopping Plan. There are many jewelry stores to visit, and you owe it to yourselves to visit more than one. Make a list of all the store you want to visit. Don’t feel like you need to shop and choose a ring in one day either. You can draw out the shopping experience over a few weeks or months to be sure you have considered all your options and are getting a good deal on your investment.

4. Try Them On. How could you not, right? Seriously though, don’t be shy. Trying on engagement rings is like trying on a cocktail dress. One may look better on the hanger (or in the display case) than on you, especially when you consider carat size, color, and cut as critical factors. Try on lots of different styles, even ones you don’t think you’d like. Something may surprise you.

5. Communicate Openly. Be honest with one another at every step of the process. Of course, the ring should be something that you love since it will be your possession, but if he’s paying, you may need to compromise. By being honest with each other and communicating candidly at every step of the planning, budgeting, researching, and shopping process, you’ll both end up with a treasured possession you will adore forever (just like you adore each other).

After you purchased the ring, contact RSVP To me so that we can help you design and send the perfect engagement announcements or save the date cards to all your friends and family.


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