Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Friends, Family, and Your Love

There’s a special feeling in the air on Valentine’s Day. Whether you are single, dating, engaged or married, there is an almost tangible feeling of opportunity lightly dusted with the scent of rose petals and cocoa beans.

We. Love. It.

We love the red and pink stuffed animals, heart-shaped everything, flowers, candy, jewelry, and little handmade children’s Valentine’s cards with glued lace accompanied by Sweet Tarts.

One of the aspects of V-Day that makes it so delightful—no matter your age or relationship status—is the gift giving. Valentine’s Day provides a precious opportunity to pause and show your love and appreciation to all the people in your life who matter most, including our spouse, bestie, niece and nephew, or even your co-workers. To help you share the joy of this timeless tradition, we’re bringing you customizable gift ideas to share with the loved ones in your life. To customize your gift items, visit our sister company, Periwinkle Designs.

For Your Hockey Mom Sister

There is no greater love than that of a parent who spends her Saturday mornings at 5 a.m. ice time. Customize a shirt for your sis with your niece or nephew’s number and team colors.

Customizable hockey mom t-shirt

For Your Best Friend and Book Club Hostess

Pair a set of these adorable stemless wine glasses with a bottle of her favorite vintage. They’re perfect for hosting your squad and are a good reminder that best friends are just as important as any romantic relationship when it comes to adding value to your life.

Customizable stemless wine glasses

For Your Little Gymnast

You can customize this sweet t-shirt with your little girl’s team colors, and it will remind her to be proud of who she is and what she accomplishes on the floor because Valentine’s Day can be just as much about female empowerment and the bond between a parent and child as it is about coupledom.

I'm not Short I'm a Gymnast customizable t-shirt

For the Techy Man in Your Life

This mug is perfect for the man in your life who spends his nine-to-five glued to his screen and cannot start his day without coffee. Give him a subtle reminder to laugh, and take a break every once and a while with this customizable coffee mug. We think a coffee mug is an unexpectedly sweet Valentine’s Day gift, and just as thoughtful as more traditional gifts.

Customizable coffee mug My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open

For the Teacher, Office Assistant, Coach, or One Person in Your Life You Simply Can’t Live Without

Everyone has that one person in their lives who can somehow manage to turn a disaster into an opportunity and rein in even the most seemingly insurmountable tasks. Use this Valentine’s Day as a way to say “I see you, and thank you” with this customizable “Chaos Coordinator” cup. Fill it with his or her favorite candy. We’re partial to heart-shaped chocolates and Necco Wafers.

Customizable reusable plastic cup. Chaos Coordinator.

If you’re inspired by our gift guide and ready to add to cart, click here to view more customizable products available from Periwinkle Designs. Then message us for pricing.


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