Seven Wedding Planning Myths Busted

Wedding_Planning_Myths_BustedThink your wedding dress has to be white? That rain on your wedding day ruins everything? That you must have exactly as many bridesmaids as groomsmen? Well, guess what? We are busting these commonly held wedding planning myths and giving you the facts about how modern brides are planning personalized, gorgeous, affordable, once-in-a-lifetime affairs while still adhering to the most valued time-old traditions. Here are seven busted wedding planning myths—and the facts.


Myth: Brides Must Wear White.

Fact: We love white gowns, but let’s face it—white is not everyone’s color. Plus, any speck of dirt or drop of wine will ruin your investment. Pastels and jewel tones such as golds and silvers make outstandingly beautiful, non-traditional wedding dresses. Or, be bold and wear red or even black like fashion-maven Sarah Jessica Parker did when she wed Matthew Broderick.

Myth: You Should Spend at Least One Year Planning Your Wedding.

Fact: Take whatever amount of time is right for you. If you know you want a small, intimate wedding with immediate friends and family only, you may just need six months to plan. If you envision a lavish destination wedding, you may need eighteen months to coordinate the details. Regardless of your vision, don’t feel locked into the idea that 365 days is a mandatory engagement waiting period.


Myth: Rain Will Ruin Your Wedding Day

Fact: While rain may cause you to execute your backup plan if you had planned for an outdoor reception or ceremony, many cultures believe that rain on your wedding day is a fortunate omen. Also, a rainy wedding may give you unexpectedly Insta-worthy photos of you and your honey saying your I Dos with a rainbow in the background. Love!

 Myth: You Can Save Money with DIY

Fact: For an event as important and spectacular as your wedding, let experts do what they do best. Pinterest may have you believe that you can create your own tablescapes or DIY your wedding favors, but you don’t need to add the stress of crafting perfection to everything else you have going on during your engagement. Plus, you’re not likely to reduce costs if you have to purchase and repurchase supplies because you’ve never sewn gemstones on a veil before. A valuable vendor will work with your budget—no matter what it is—and can guarantee the quality of their final product.


Myth: You Need the Same Number of Bridesmaids as Groomsman

Fact: You don’t have to ask your bitter cousin Janice or your friend Debbie from college that you haven’t spoken to in ten years to be in your wedding party just to match your fiancé’s number of ten groomsmen. If you have an odd number in your wedding party, you can organize the processional to accommodate your odd numbers. For example, ask each groomsman to walk down the aisle with a bridesmaid on each arm (winning!) or ask your MOH to walk down the aisle by herself. After all, she is a big deal.

Myth: You Must Invite Everyone to Your Wedding Who Invited You to Theirs

Fact: Create your guest list based on your budget and your wedding vision. You may have attended weddings for former college friends, co-workers, or distant cousins, but that doesn’t mean you have to invite them to yours. If a larger guest list means you can’t hold your wedding in the intimate venue of your dreams (or it will put you into debt) then only invite those individuals to share your special moment who matter most to you.


Myth: You Need One Cake to Feed all Your Guests.

Fact: You can choose a four-tiered cake if that’s what you want. However, if you prefer the idea of giving your guests more options for their evening sweet treat, saving on cake cutting fees and offering your guests a one-of-a-kind favor to take home, then consider a dessert table or candy buffet instead, or in addition to a small cake for just you and your bridal party.

Final Advice: There is no right or wrong way to plan a wedding. The most important thing is that you are beginning your new life with the person you love. All other details and choices are your own and should be right for you.

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