Should I Send Formal Invitations for an Informal Commitment Ceremony?


At RSVP to me, we’ve built our reputation on designing perfectly suited wedding invitations and day-of stationery that align with the scale, theme, and vision of our clients’ weddings. From glimmering opulent affairs to tropical, toes-in-the-sand destination weddings, to rustic chic barn weddings, our artists can accommodate any wedding vision—even if your event is designed to be just as special, but a bit less formal.

What is an Informal Commitment Ceremony?

While many desire a wedding ceremony that follows valued religious traditions and sanctifies the union with their home state, other couples, for a wide variety of reasons, are choosing to celebrate their love for one another in front of friends and family, but without the formality of a specific religious ceremony, and without signing paperwork at the county courthouse.

Types of non-legal, commitment ceremonies may include:

  • A Unity Ceremony – This is a broad category of non-legally binding commitment ceremonies that allow couples to demonstrate to their loved ones their long-term commitment to their relationship. Unity ceremonies can be conducted utilizing a variety of symbolic gestures. For example in a Sand Ceremony, similar to the gesture of a unity candle, a couple pours sand from respective containers into one to demonstrate the permanent comingling of their lives.
  • An Exchange of Vows – One of the most meaningful symbols in a wedding for many couples is an exchange of vows. In a non-legal commitment ceremony, the couples have the freedom to express their love in their own words and are not restricted by formal prayers and statements that align with religious or cultural traditions.
  • A Commitment Party – Instead of an engagement party, some couples are choosing to hold a reception style celebration that unites friends and family to celebrate their years of commitment to one another, and the years to come.

Should I Send my Guests Formal Invitations to a Non-Legal Commitment Ceremony?

You want your friends and family to recognize your commitment ceremony —no matter its rituals and customs—as a formal, meaningful rite of passage in your lives, so treat it with all the celebratory recognition it deserves. The best wedding stationers are experienced in creating a wide variety of event invitations and day-of stationery. Work with a stationer who understands your motivations, your vision, and your values. We’ll help you design an invitation suite that conveys to your guests what your ceremony is: a celebration of love, unity, and your commitment to one another. We’ll also help you use appropriate terminology to describe your event and reinforce etiquette protocols so that your guests will be prepared to celebrate with you in style.


To find inspiration for commitment ceremony invitations and day-of stationery that add formality to your informal ceremony, view our invitation gallery. At RSVP to me, we fully support love of all kinds and are honored to be a part of any ceremony that recognizes and celebrates the lifelong commitment of two people who have chosen to live their lives side-by-side.


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