Creative Wedding Chuppahs

In a traditional Jewish wedding, the ceremony takes place with the couple standing underneath what is traditionally known in Hebrew as a “chuppah.” The literal translation is a “covering,” however this marriage canopy is laced with symbolism and tradition. Typically created using square silk or velvet cloth and four staves, today more modern interpretations of the chuppah consider this beautiful ceremony element to represent the home that the bride and groom are establishing with their marriage, and the one they will live in throughout their lives.

We are all about taking modern approaches to age-old traditions and personalizing every component of a wedding to make it meaningful and unique. That’s why we love these creative approaches to the traditional chuppah. If you’re looking for inspiration as you plan the elements of your wedding day ceremony, check out these beautiful creations.

An Ornate, Flower and Crystal Chuppah

This chuppah is as elegant as it is magical. We love the dripping rows of crystal and the cascading flowers. We imagine the hanging chandeliers will supply the perfect, romantic mood lighting and make the bride and groom feel that they are in an entirely private moment.


Rustic and Whimsical

This chuppah proves that you don’t have to build an ornate structure to create something elegant and romantic. We love the simple wooden beams juxtaposed with delicate silk fabric. This chuppah keeps all eyes on the beautiful couple and offers a traditional, yet modern vibe.


Suspended Petals

The magic in this chuppah lies in the creative way it looks like the vertical petals are suspended in mid-air, as if they are trickling down from that gorgeous red rose canopy and trailing along the beach sand, creating a delicate aisle for the bride. With the blue sea as the background, the red roses pop perfectly.


Floating Greenery

Wedding florals and stationery concepts that emphasize greenery are still popular as we head into the Fall of 2018. That’s why we love this floating chuppah that uses a layering of draping green leaves and fronds to create a magical, natural, and unique chuppah for the bride and groom that proves that simple colors can be anything but simple.Green_Chuppah

An Ombre Color Explosion

This ombre chuppah provides an explosion of cheerful, swoon-worthy color. We love how the hues slowly evolve from sunset oranges to deep reds, to blushing pinks, and bold raspberries. The flowers look like they are falling over one another to be front and center to help the bride and groom celebrate their wedding. Something tells us this chuppah was not the only colorful wedding element the bride and groom chose to incorporate into their special day.


Lasting Memories Captured in Photos

This chuppah is the perfect example of how to customize a wedding element that is personal and meaningful. Rather than being affixed to the ground, this couple chose a more traditional approach of having attendants hold the chuppah over their heads. By looking up, the couple sees what appear to be photos and personal mementos of their lives together, allowing them to be surrounded by love and loved ones on their special day.


What are some other examples of creative, unique, and outstandingly gorgeous wedding chuppahs you’ve seen? Share your thoughts here or mention us on social media.

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