Moving? Six Cute Ways to Announce Your Move.


It will break the hearts of your friends and family when they find out life is leading you on a new course—and one that’s away from the place you have called home for years. Fortunately, saying goodbye to one home address does not have to mean saying goodbye forever. Show your friends and family that you value their place in your life and that you plan to keep in touch (and no, a group text will not suffice). Send custom moving announcements with a style that is all your own. Here are six cute ideas for breaking the news about your big move.

1. Incorporate a Cute Photo. Send postcards with a photo of you and your spouse or family outside your new home (or saying goodbye to your old house). Or make it fun and quirky with pictures of you and your SO standing among piles of boxes, rolling paint on new walls, or holding the keys to your new home.

2. Make it Personal. Take the time to include a hand-written note with your moving announcement. Too often we rush through life with only brief text messages and social media likes as a way to keep in touch. Take the time to write a few lines to everyone who receives your announcement. By making your moving announcement personal, your recipients will value your friendship and understand how important it is to you to keep in touch.


3. Incorporate a Map. You will want to include your new home address, but why not make the announcement more interactive by adding a map? Whether you moved across town or the country, including a “We Are Here” visual offers a creative, engaging touch.

 4. Include Your Pet. Let Sparky be the one to break the news. Include a photo of your fur baby in his new digs and let him be the one to make the big announcement.


5. Turn Your Announcement into an Invitation. If you’ve only moved across town, turn your moving announcement into an invitation by throwing yourselves a housewarming party and inviting all your closest friends and family. Not only will your guests learn about your big news and have your new address, but they’ll also get to see your new place (and you!) in person.

6. Make it Interactive. Announce your move with a mystery your friends and family need to decode. We love puzzle cards to announce everything from birthday parties to weddings, to moving announcements (customize yours here).


Are you looking for more unique ways to share your latest news? Visit our photo gallery to see examples of custom invitations and stationery from baby announcements, to save-the-date-cards, to holiday greetings. Then, contact us today to schedule your consultation!


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