Steal These Royal Wedding Tips for Your Big Day

The United Kingdom and the United States are waiting with bated breath for the moment we catch our first glimpses of the newest royal princess. On Saturday, May 19, humanitarian activist and former American actress Meghan Markle will say I do to Prince Harry of Wales, youngest son of Charles and Diana, Prince and Princess of Wales. For centuries, citizens around the world have thrilled at watching Brittan’s royals marry, have children, and attend public events in devastatingly fabulous fashion, adorned with free-form fascinators. From the oversized chapeaus to the streamlined gowns, to the elegant tuxedoes, the royal Britts know how to make a statement when it comes to formalwear.

For those who woke up at 4 a.m. to watch Diana wed Charles, and Kate wed William, Meghan and Harry’s wedding will serve as the next opportunity to find wedding day inspiration from the family who has laid the foundation for what is classic, elegant, romantic, and inspiring. If you’re looking for inspiration for your big day, you don’t need to wait for your prince to come. We’ve compiled six royal wedding trends that you can pull off yourself to feel like a queen on your wedding day.

  1. Rock a Tiara. Who says you have to be royal to wear a tiara? We think a little bit of glimmer can add a romantic, elegant touch to any wedding dress. Whether you decide to go veil or no veil, a little sparkle on your crown will make you feel like the princess-for-a-day you are. Just make sure to keep your tiara classy by keeping it minimal


  1. Include Myrtle in Your Bouquet. This royal wedding tradition dates back to Queen Victoria. The Duchess of Cambridge’s understated bouquet included a sprig of myrtle too, which symbolizes love and marriage. What new bride wouldn’t want to honor her commitment with such an iconic emblem?
  1. Choose a Detailed Dress. Princess Kate’s dress rocked the wedding world, and the public has big hopes for what we’ll see from Meghan Markle. Choose a dress with elegant—but not overdone—details. Think sleeves of lace, a subtle glimmer of rhinestones, or satin buttons from waist to neckline.


  1. Choose a Flavored Wedding Cake. Chocolate and vanilla cakes will always have a place in wedding receptions across the nation, but if you want to apply a royal touch to your dessert, seek inspiration from Prince Harry and Meghan. Experts are predicting the couple will treat their guests to a full-flavored banana wedding cake. Choose a bold-tasting creation of your own for your big day. 

Pro Tip>> Add a one-of-a-kind cake topper for a photo-worthy finishing touch.


  1. Skip the Big Bridal Party. When Kate Middleton walked down the aisle, she was accompanied only by her sister Pippa. The royal tradition states that brides are to be attended only by flower girls and page boys. For Markle, insiders are reporting that she will not be accompanied by a maid of honor, so as not to have to choose any one close friend over another. If you’ve been stressing about which of your besties to make your MOH, take a cue from the royals and let your girls know you want to celebrate your big day with all of them equally, with no titles needed. 
  1. Add a Royal Flair to Your Invitations with Hints of Gold. The royal wedding invitations for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were printed on a thick, eight-by-six-inch white card that featured the Queen’s stamp in gold with the text written in black. Harry and Meghan’s invitations were designed with the similar use of gold on thick, ivory cardstock with a touch of gold in the royal seal. Let RSVP to me create your royal-inspired wedding invitations. Contact us to start planning today.


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