9 Tips for Planning a Budget-Friendly Baby Shower


Whether you are a soon-to-be aunt or grandmother, a cousin, or a best friend, if someone special in your life is about to welcome their first little angel into the world, you will want to throw a baby shower that is worthy of this once-in-a-lifetime arrival. If budget is a concern, do not put too much pressure on yourself to incur significant debt just to throw a memorable celebration. There are many, simple ways to control the costs of a baby shower, without compromising on the quality of the affair. Follow these tips to save money while still impressing all of your guests.

Host the Party at Home

If you have the budget, holding a baby shower at a restaurant or local venue with a reputable caterer is lovely. However, it will cost you more than hosting guests to your home. A talented stationer can help you create a few signature day-of stationery pieces, such as menus, place cards, and game cards to turn your backyard or living room into a classy party venue.


Build a Guest List Strategically

Have a candid conversation with the bride regarding the guest list. Your total number of guests will make a significant impact on the total cost of the event. It’s possible that the mom-to-be will have multiple showers thrown for her (one by friends, one by her siblings, one by her mother-in-law, possibly even one by her co-workers). Make sure everyone she wants to celebrate with her is invited, but only to one shower. By not duplicating invites you can keep your guests and your budget in check.

Offer Appetizers or Food Stations Rather than a Sit-Down Meal

Not only will you spend less on small bites, not having a formal sit-down meal will encourage party guests to mingle during the whole party.

Plan a Dessert that Doubles as Party Favors

Work with a confectioner to build a custom-themed dessert table or candy buffet. Not only is it a fun way to offer your guests dessert, but by putting out small bags or boxes, your guests can customize their own take-home candy favors.


Choose In-Season Flowers

Describe your color theme to your florist, and then ask about in-season flowers that will complement your vision. Obtaining flowers locally and in-season will be more affordable than flowers that need to be transported to your hometown.

Choose a Single Musician for Your Entertainment

A four-piece band or a string quartet would be a lovely accompaniment to any event, however, if you are working with a fixed budget, consider a single violinist, or a talented harpist. For an intimate gathering, especially if held at your home, a solo musician will still add a beautiful ambiance to the setting.

Simplify Party Games

Save money on entertainment by planning simple games that only require minimal supplies. For example, you could ask everyone to place a bet as to the exact date and time of the baby’s arrival. Play Pictionary with baby-related topics, or challenge guests not to say the word “baby” during the shower. Instead of giving prizes to the winners, let participants know that winners earn bragging rights.


Limit Your Bar Menu

If you will be serving alcohol at the shower, offer a limited menu of wine, beer, and one signature cocktail, rather than stocking a full bar. Even if you choose to still have a bartender on site, a limited beverage menu will be more cost efficient than a broader offering.

Keep the Focus on What’s Important

Remember that the purpose of the party is to celebrate the arrival of a special little one. No matter where you decide to make budget-conscious choices, the mom-to-be will be thrilled to have an opportunity to celebrate her new baby with those she loves most.


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