The 8 Hottest Wedding Trends We’re Predicting for 2018

You want your wedding to be timeless, but trendy, memorable but modern. We understand your desire to plan a wedding that is entirely unique, but that also follows current conventions and executes some of the most innovative ideas coming out of the wedding planning industry. That’s why, to help you plan a fashionable wedding that is all your own, we’ve compiled a list of eight of the hottest wedding trends that you can expect to see walking down the aisle in 2018.

1. Elegant Formality

We loved last year’s trend of boho, urban-chic ceremonies, but 2018 will see a return to formality. Think long, flowing trains, chandeliers dripping with crystals, male party guests in tuxedoes, and bubbling champagne flutes in everyone’s hands. 


2. Cascading Bouquets

When it comes to wedding flowers, we’ve seen it all, from single stem roses to small, tight bouquets of daisies, to lots of leafy greens. In 2018 we expect to see brides carrying bouquets of flowers that elegantly cascade out of their hands and trail down to their waists. Such gushing bouquets are aligned with the trend above of more formal wedding details and can suit any venue, season, or style.8_Wedding_Trends_2018_Cascading_Bouquets3. Silver and Chrome Metallics

Move over rose gold. 2018 is all about silver and chrome metallics. Expect to see these accents on stationery, at place settings, and even in bridal party footwear. These cool materials pair exceptionally well with nearly any color, which means you can easily include them in any color scheme.

8_Wedding_Trends_2018_Silver_Metallics  4. Drip Cakes

Even baked goods have their trends. Whether you choose a simple layer cake or an extravagant four-tiered work of art adorned with edible gold flecks, expect to see icing instead of frosting that drips down the sides in a calculated, casual manner.

5. Color Schemes with Navy as their Star

In 2018 we expect to see bold color pallets that soften with navy as their foundation, rather than black. Navy will be a star throughout 2018, as we’ll see it paired with silver and gold in the winter, raspberry and peach in the spring, fuchsia and jade in the summer, and burnt orange and deep red in the winter.8_Wedding_Trends_2018_Navy

6. The Warehouse Wedding

2018’s version of the barn wedding will be the warehouse wedding. The newest trendy venue will take advantage of open, industrial spaces that can serve as a blank canvas, and offer a raw, underdeveloped contrast to the white silks and rose petals that will temporarily adorn their interior8_Wedding_Trends_2018_Warehouse_Wedding

7. Crystal Clear Glass

Minimal meets elegant when it comes to transparent elements. Expect to see (through) such trendy wedding accents as glass vases, crystal chandeliers, mirrored jewelry, and floating glass votives. This trend also supports the rise of industrial wedding venues mentioned above. Imagine saying your vows on the top floor of a newly renovated building with floor-to-ceiling windows that let you and your guests gaze upon the horizon.

8_wedding_trends_2018_Glass_Accents8. Small Wedding Parties

2018 is all about quality over quantity. We expect to see fewer bridal parties of 20 plus members that need their own limo bus to arrive at the reception, and more couples asking just their two closest friends or their siblings to stand beside them at the altar.


As you continue to plan your wedding, stay on top of the latest trends by subscribing to our blog. We’ll keep you informed of wedding etiquette, color trends, and stationery must-haves!


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