It’s Thanksgiving, So We’re Looking Back at the Origins of RSVP to me

In honor of Thanksgiving, we’re taking a minute to look back on everything we’ve done in the last 11 (WOW) years at RSVP to me. Really, what better time to reflect on our own origin story than on a holiday that launched some of America’s first traditions?

To give you just a quick snapshot of how RSVP to me came to be, it really was a ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ type of thing. When our founder, Kelly Adams, was getting married over a decade ago, she couldn’t find anything that she loved. At the time, wedding invitations were so boring, and she couldn’t stand to sit and go through books and books of totally cookie cutter designs. She felt VERY uninspired. So, feeling pretty helpless, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She made her my own invites, day-of stationery, and everyone who came to her wedding and found out that she was the visionary behind it all, was super impressed.

After fulfilling a few orders for family and friends, she didn’t look back. And now, after years of carefully crafting invites for weddings, Bar/Bat mitzvahs, anniversary parties, bachelorettes, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday bashes, Kelly has become an arbiter of exceptional stationery and RSVP to me has found its niche as a distinguished, contemporary paperie boutique.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing clients since our beginning, and we are truly nothing without their kind words of support, smitten smiles and ultimate satisfaction and admiration. Knowing we’ve nailed a client’s vision for their special day, be it a whimsical, grown-up fairytale wedding or a polka-dotted pop of color party for a peanut’s second birthday, is our greatest success, so we will always put in the time to make it happen.

Everything we do at RSVP to me is totally custom and specialized to each and every client. Kelly’s worst memories from her own quest for invites included being limited to color swatches, paper finishes and fonts in huge binders, so she made it her mission not to put any of her own clients through that lackluster experience. Never has and never will.

Last month, we were fortunate enough to spend the day with the incredible titular cinematographer of Rob Adams Films, and though it wasn’t the easiest thing to do (who enjoys talking about themselves 😏), we put together a great behind-the-scenes look at our business. He did a phenomenal job capturing what we do and how we stand out in a very cluttered invitation market. Couldn’t have asked for a better partner in making the magic – and it was fun to dress and glam up for the day. #celebritystatus for a minute!

Take a peek and peep some of our favorite invites of all time!



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