2017 Winter Wedding Color Themes

This winter, wedding color themes are heating up with cool combinations that will make brides blush and guests tear up. For brides looking for inspiration to help them choose the wedding hues that will help them stand out while walking down the aisle, we’ve compiled three of the most breathtaking winter wedding palettes we’re expecting to see this season.

Romantic Rose Gold and Warm Bronze

We’re predicting winter brides to gleam with metallic shimmer this winter. We see blushing combinations of pale pinks, plump raspberries, rose golds, warm bronzes, cool creams, and comforting sandalwoods adorning bridal parties this season. These romantic colors are perfect for icy winter evenings, as they bring a subtle hint of spring to long dark days. By pairing glimmering metallic colors with warm blushing tones, you create a perfectly romantic, perfectly feminine, perfectly memorable combination. This lovely color pallet makes us think of blind dates, the first snowflakes of the season settling on clean smelling pine needles, and a signature burgundy lipstick that leaves lovely lip marks on effervescent glasses of champagne.


Rare Gemstones of Green and Gold

Weddings are a time to celebrate the unique love between two soulmates. Emeralds are a perfect symbol of love, as they symbolize balance and peace, while gold wedding bands are ideal symbols of durable permanence and unending commitments. This winter, we’re seeing green and gold wedding color pallets that perfectly honor these natural elements and remind us of all that is pure about true love. This winter, expect to see brides walking down the aisle surrounded by natural shades of olive green and jade, metallic golds, and comforting cocoa browns. These color pallets make us think of sweet dates on picnic blankets, fireflies in mason jars, and honeymoons spent exploring green hills, rocky cliffs, and never-ending horizons.


Deeply Thoughtful Dusty Blue, Aromatic Lavender, and Blithe Bubblegum

If you think winter weddings mean moody, dark colors, think again. This winter we’re expecting to see dreamy colors in dulcet tones of pale periwinkle, purple, and pink. Such hues are romantic, feminine, icy, and stunning. Such colors offer uniquely winterized tones of typical wedding shades, making them perfect for brides who want to take a new approach to the traditional and expected. This introspective color pallet makes us think of wool gloves slipped over cool fingers, ice skating on frozen ponds, and the once-in-a-lifetime, blushing moment of love-at-first-sight.


Need more creative inspiration? If you want your wedding invitations to be unique, but you need to see some breathtaking examples to help you choose your theme, click to view a photo gallery of some of our recent creations to help you decide the hues and tones that are the perfect combination to send you down the aisle in style.


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